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May 28, 2008


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katherine Mauricio

I would like to be woken up. Period.


Wake me up!

Welcome back...you've been missed! Also, I love the new design.


Wake me up! I have things to say. Of course anyone who knows me would know that.


Wake me up, and bring me a telephone. I want to order every type of food that is my favourite, say my goodbyes to people other than my husband on the phone, call a couple others to tell them how much I've always despised them, and a lawyer to draw up my final will.
I want to see my husband a last time, and tell him I'll haunt any other person he dare dates.
Also, tell him I love him, and to not spend money on a fancy urn. I want a coffee can, Big Lebowski style.


Interesting question. I'm not married and don't have kids so I think that I'd just want to die in my sleep and never be woken up. I wonder if I had a wife and kids, would that change my thinking?


Wake me up!

It is romantic. I would want The Man and The Boy to be able to say good-bye to me and I'd want to say good-bye to them, too.


Wake me up, before I go, go.



Do NOT wake me up! I want to die peacefully in a coma.


Wake me up.
My dad died suddendly when I was 16. And of course being a typical teen there wasn't a lot of "I love yous" and appreciation expressed. More than 20 years of life later, that's the only thing I'd change.


Definitely wake my ass up!

Every single moment is precious. Why cheat myself out of the last ones?


I would want to be woken up.


Woken up.


Oh definitely wake me up. If both scenarios ended in death, I could bring closure to some things. Get some things off my chest.


WAKE ME UP! My skin is crawling a little just on the hypothetical that someone wouldn't let me know! I'm a control freak and it's my life dammit!

Wake me up before I go-go.

Mama Nabi

Nice new banner - clean...

Ah yes, wake me the hell up. Depending on how much time I have left, I may want one last meal... one last hug for LN... and a quick note for friends and family.

I think because I've been on both ends of not being able to say goodbye to a loved one and having had the time to say a final goodbye to another loved one... and I did prefer the latter. It felt... clean.

(heh, I said "clean" twice in this comment - well, now three.)

wake me up so i get a chance to say goodbye to my husband and kids


i'm one of the annoying people that need to know everything: will i be in pain if i wake up or heavily medicated? would they slip me back into a coma afterwards or would i be stuck to die on my own? and how long would i get? can i just be woken up and not told that i was going to die because really, that's such a mood killer. there's an excellent chance that i'd waste my last moments whining and being mad and bitter about being woken just to be told that i was going to die and who wants that to be their last memory of a loved one? though you'd hope in my last moments i'd get over it and i do understand being able to say goodbye...this is hard. maybe yes. can that be my answer?


If I was going to be coherent, I'll wake up for the family.

Chief Family Officer

I would definitely want to be woken up. For my own sake and especially for my family's sake. My friend just lost her husband in an accident and I keep thinking how awful it's going to be for her kids to grow up without their dad.


I think If I got woken up, I'd just cry a lot and it would be upsetting for everyone. If I'm asleep, they can say their goodbyes to me anyway without me screwing it up. cause If I woke up in hospital only to be told I was about to die again, I would not be in a clear state of mind to 'say goodbyes' and 'plan funerals'.


wake me up! i'd want to say my goodbyes to my kids and my family. . . all that lovey dovey stuff and also i'd want to have some kick ass ikura, good ole kimchee chigae, some really good indian food - cuz normally it gives me such bad heartburn that i want to die - and then. . . i'd want to be put back into that coma to die peacefully


wake me up!

Rogue Mama

Wake me up before I go-go, I say.


I get the points people are making about having closure. It's good for the other people in our lives. However, it's worse for the person who has to go through it. So count me in for NOT wanting to be woken up.


Do not wake me up! I have been praying for a quiet peaceful death (when it is my time). If I haven't already let my loved ones know how I feel then I am a schmuck. If they haven't let me know how they feel then I must be an idiot not to have figured it out. And it won't matter at that time as I am dead. Hopefully people who love me would want me to have an easy death and would let me go. I really don't need the emotional stress of a long goodbye when I am dying. And I have left notes for my family members listing things they did that I thought made them special. Let them find those notes after I am gone and be surprised and pleased.

Mr. X

Wake me up. I have to tell my wife where I hid the rainy-day slush funds.


wake me up dammit!

Tyler Durdan

I don't think I'd want to be woken up. Isn't passing away in a coma everyone's ideal way to go?

Rachel C

Wake me up!

I'd want to chow down on some steak fries and chocolate truffles...and BBQ chicken pizza. I think my family would deserve to say proper goodbye to me to give them closure, and I'd like a chance to tell everyone how much I love them.

Jenn Benn

Wake me up!


Let me sleep and pass away. If I were to be woken up, I would hate to head into death with the pain of knowing I could never see my husband again weighing so heavily on my heart.


Wake me up. Order some booze. Call up the strippers. And let's have a party!


I watched that episode and thought and thought about it. I would want the opportunity to say my goodbyes. To tell everyone around me to make sure they lived every day of their lives. To ask them not to be sad when they thought of me, but to remember my sarcastic sense of humor, my parties, and my craftiness.


On one hand, I think it's selfish. I wouldn't wake up Misterpie to send him into shock and panic like that.

On the other hand, if it were me, I'd want to tell my child I'd always love her and how very, very special she was and how glad I was to have had the time I did with her. But then, without a child? I think the spouse would understand that and be the one making that call anyhow, so without her, I wouldn't want to be woken. It's only because I'd want her to know those things that NOW I'd say yes.

(waffle much, kp?)

And PS - loving the new banner update.


wake my ass up!


What a gift to have one last chance to communicate with family and/or friends. You might need to say:
I love you.
I'll miss you.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.

Ten Feet of Steel

I'm not a parent or married, but I'd still like to be woken up. On the practical side, there's stuff that I would want to do/say, since even happily single people have loved ones (and hated ones). On the more philosophical side, I think facing death is a huge part of our stay in the universe. I think I'd want to experience that, rather than slip into oblivion having missed what is, ironically, a huge milestone in life.


Wake me up! Then shut the door for some last minute bone-age.

But seriously, I would WANT to say goodbye to my kids and I agree it would be the best thing for them too.

Heather K.

Without question, wake me up. I would need the closure as much as my family would. And I would cherish every possible moment with them, as I do now, even knowing about my impending death. I'm not about to skip out on 2 hours of time with my husband, daughter, Mom, Dad, brother, sister, nephew... because I might have to endure some bad news and potential pain... small price to pay, my friends.


I'd want to be woken up... I would want that opportunity to tell my people how much a I love them... damn, now I'm all teary... curses!

Kris T

As a person who has fought cancer at 26 and won, I think if you had asked me then, I would have said Wake me up before I go go.I hadn't grown up yet and was very needy for approval and love. At that time it was all about me

But 14 years later and married to a wonderful, funny but realist,slightly pessamistic Brit. think it's a cultural thing, I don't know a Brit who doesn't think the worst first.

Now I'd say leave me be. That being said this is forcing me to write down my final wishes (for the second time) and also write down all the passwords to pay the bills online for BritHubby.


No doubt about it, wake me up!!! I would want to say good bye to my husband and remind him how much I love him. And having the last words I hear be him telling me how wonderful I am wouldn't be a bad way to go...


I'm with you MetroDad. I'd want to be awakened - even with the sadness. No closure for those left behind would be worse!

UGH. Now I need a laugh.


As long as it isn't painful, wake me up. I'd want to tell my family goodbye and how much I love them.


Let me sleep. The people I love know I love them, and I know they love me. The pressure of making those last hours count would probably make me miserable.

Although the idea of calling the people I cant stand and getting the last word in is very tempting.


Ok now I have Wham stuck in my head. Am I the only one?

And hell yeah, wake me up before I go go.


I can't imagine not being able to tell my son I love him before I die...definitely wake me up!


Personally I would rather not be woken up. I have a feeling I would be a basket case and never give anyone any peace if I was told I was going to die hours before it happened.


Woken up...for all the reasons you stated. Plus, my husband doesn't really know where our money is, let alone all the account #s & passwords. I'd be able to remind him where I keep everything & the password for it all.

I love the idea of a last meal, too. ;-P I actually tried to postpone my c-section in March (it was scheduled for a few days later, but I went into 'pre-labor'), b/c we were supposed to get hamburgers & sweet potato fries the day I was admitted to the hospital. I made him take me to get the burger as soon as I was released from the hospital w/ our 5 day old daughter in tow.

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