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April 08, 2008


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Angie in Texas

OOOO yeah! #1 Baby!

Bacon is proof there is a god.

Jealous . . . have a great trip!


Who was the hottest TV mom? I read on ESPN that Bill Simmons voted for Elyse Keaton. Who would you vote for?

Mama Nabi

I know, I know... you asked your male readers. But I have to confess... I'm CRAVING some bacon right now.
My mom does this operatic rendition of Patti Page's "Changing Partners" at every karaoke opportunity and has rendered me permanently traumatized. Hence I was not able to watch ALL those video clips floating around. :-) Just kidding - I only found one floating around.
Tennis, anyone? Have a great vacation! And spa visits. What, not taking a car seat along for the trip as well?


As a vegetarian woman.. the bacon bra makes me a little ill... it looks like peeled lady!

What can I ask ... I've taught English to some really lovely Korean girls.

Have you been there much? How connected to Korea do you feel, as opposed to being an Asian American. How are the two identities connected, or are they the same?

I live in Ireland, where only in the last ten or so years so we have people from other countries living here, up til then it was 95% white Irish Catholics.
So we as a country have very little experience of the concept of other cultures becoming Irish, as it were.


That bacon was raw, so I'm going to have to pass on hungry.


MD. I just have one question: Who do you suppose will be with Peanut while you get pampered like a lap dog?


My question is this: How old is MetroDog?


Amazing resort? Private island? Is it PSV in the Grenadines? If not, try it.

Byrd Man

Do you think your Mets will even make the playoffs this year? Especially the way they looked against my Phillies today?

Backpacking Dad

Um. Horny.

But I don't feel good about it.

Question: Bobby Flay or Mario Batali? That's it. Just pick one. You can set other parameters if you wish (best to drink with, more feared in an alligator wrassle...)


im not a guy but the sound of a bacon bra sounds disgusting, if it were raw itd be slimy and smell gross and if it were cooked it would be greasy and gross. ok a question, how do you know so many famous people\how do your friends know so many famous people?

Rachel E.

What would your ideal profession be? Are you doing it now? If not, why not?

BTW, bacon bra? SO. DAMN. FUNNY!


Question MD: Would you consider a partner for MetroDog in near future?


I have to go to a karaoke party in a few weeks and I'm nervous as hell. I've never sang in front of other people before. What are your top 5 karaoke songs?


You cannot be worse than this chick -



This one is personal:
You own a Frenchie--can we hear a few funny stories about your dog (he/she's a Frenchie there HAVE to be some funny stories there!) and maybe see some pictures?!!


Do you and Bosslady have free passes for any given celebrity? For example, if my wife is out one night and she sees Clive Owen, she is officially allowed to cheat on me with him. Likewise if I happen to run into Jessica Alba. Who would you and Bosslady choose?


Are you and Bosslady only planning to have one child? I have an almost 1.5 year old boy and the hubby wants another kid but I'm not so sure...


Dude, I know they're your friends. But come on!
I love your blog for its crisp writing and sensible perspective on parenthood.
But are you seriously recommending a site hawking $338 diaper bags and $28 T-shirts? Yes, I've read the blog's claims that it promotes "quality items not made by 6 year olds in sweatshops."
Like you, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. I have nothing against boutique shops that sell expensive stuff to parents who can afford them. But I get a bit nauseous when it's done with the self-righteous tone of "responsible consumerism."
As owner of an apparel company that may or may not be involved in international trade, you should have been more skeptical about such claims from the bloggers who think they know what's good for you.
Personally, I also tend to question the credibility of bloggers who openly and repeatedly hawk for free shit without returning them.


The answer to your question is yes.

Note, though, that cooking that bacon should be done wearing an apron. Having done it "al fresco," I can tell you that there are spots where you don't want bacon spatters.


Bacon Bra - Makes me feel...., mmmm...., greasy.


If it would have been cooked, but, mushy, not crispy, it would have been both. Otherwise I can't get behind covering oneself with raw meat. It's a waste of perfectly good bacon if it wasn't cooked up.

Oh yeah, I think Cool Mom Picks is good too. Do they wear bacon bras too?



I think you might just be a cool guy, disney dvds and all. :)


I loves me some bacon (have you seen the bacon flowchart?!) and was expecting hungry, horny, or both, but that... er, um... sorry. yuk.


Re: Bacon Bra, I was going to answer 'both' until I saw the picture. Now I'll go with 'neither.'

My question for you is: Can I come with you? I'll take the margarita pedicure. I'm not proud.


it sounds like fun!!! I must say I really enjoy reading your blog and even though I am a lazy cow when it comes to commenting, I do read and just want to say thank you for excellent wit, humor and making us all leave with something to think about!


A Milk and Honey Body Wrap?! U r so damn metro or too lavish =P But enjoy it! =)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

What is the most embarrassing concert you have ever attended.

Follow up: What was the best live show you've ever seen?


So ever since I saw the Kids in the hall last Saturday, I've been on a sketch comedy kick lately. So, what's your favorite sketch show ever if you have one.


Have a nice time MD,BL & P!
Will MetroDog go to doggy day care?
Q: Truthfully, would you prefer to have BL stay home or work? I don't think there's a perfect scenario as both are equally as hard. Interested in hearing your perspective. Thanks.
Go Mariners!!!!!!!


How did you and BossLady meet?


I hate that I missed it. If I rent the room again when I come up there later this month, you think you & LOD would do a reprise?

Hey! I just thought of a GREAT surprise wedding gift! Okay, maybe not great, but certainly unforgettable. Pack a karaoke machine!


That bacon bra is all sorts of wrong. Gah. Aaaanyway. What concert are you most embarrassed for having attended? Spill.


I prefer whipped cream on a woman to bacon... not that I carry a can of Redi Whip around. Remember the old Herb Alpert album cover? http://franklarosa.com/vinyl/BigImg/wc.jpg
All this is making me hungry. And giving me ideas for my Dad's House blog...


One more question:
When is BossLady going to have her own blog? Or does she already?


thought you might enjoy this one:



What do you think of "The Real Housewives of New York City" TV show? I have to admit I'm hooked but it all seems so over the top.

How did you decide whether to settle down and raise a family in NY vs. California?


I was having a debate with my wife about the 5 most surprising things to ever happen on television. I won't tell you our choices. We just want to hear yours.


What are some of the best things about living in New York?


i was going to ask you what is your fav color of crocs... but i know better!
seriously, what do you (as an insider) think is going to be the "i gotta have it" fashion statment this summer?

Janet b.

Who do you think is going to win this year's American Idol?

mr nice guy

bracon makes me horngry.


I'm just relieved to see the Bacon Bra is a raw bra. I had some concerns about how it would be prepared.

And the singing? Well, yes, there are pictures and video. Tell me, are we happy or disappointed our with our duet?


what do you think about this? as an asian-american too, i'm curious about your perspective.


ait jordan 11

Being a musician, I always thought it was just my inability to "tune out" the music and my internal criticism of its value. It seemed like everybody else liked it.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.


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