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April 22, 2008


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My best suggestion on the baths is to refuse to give it to her.

PARENT: No bath today. No bath. No bath for you. No baths. Nope. No baths. No baths.



Baths!! I give my kids showers with one of those squirty things that looks like the one on your sink. My son (6) doesn't mind, my daughter (4) does! I tell her that she can take a bath with a beating or without one, her choice, then remind her that I'm bigger than she is.
Mohawks! WT parenting at it's best. In a day when schools are making kids adhere to a strict dress code, some parents have to find new ways to prove that they and thier children are white trash.
Sound of Music? Haven't gotten them to sit still enough for that one yet
Temper tantrums in public places....I think they know that you can't beat them in public.


Bath time= BUBBLES. Seriously, dudes...


Hello MetroDad. I've just started reading your blog and your entries are simply interesting with a touch of simple humour of the rantings & thoughts of a well, a metro dad. I'm not a parent yet, but I sure hope I'll be a mother someday and can just take life as it is with doses simple joys and appreciations of the little things that comes our way.

Bless you, MetroDad. You've made life seems easy & with a pinch of bittersweet.

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MetroDad: It Takes a Village: Questions for Other Parents
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