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April 02, 2008


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Ew. I'm still trying to figure out what it is exactly that an 8-year old needs to remove from her "bikini area" with wax...


I've been amazed at how you manage to read so many books while having a job, a wife, and a child. Either you're a speed-reading meth addict or you're one of those people who only requires an hour of sleep per night.

I feel like I haven't read a book since my daughter was born...3 years ago!


What is wrong with these mothers? How could they do this to their children?


1. It's the B vitamins that's behind the pee, I'd bet. Stress vitamins do that, and they have the higher B levels.

2. $3K on a crib? I hope it puts the kid to sleep for you. For that, I'd pay even more.

3. I can't even get started on that article. What would an 8-year old be removing with wax exactly? Unless her mother's been feeding her some hormones so she'll grow breasts early and be sexy, too? Yoiks.

Mama Nabi

I am SO PROUD of Peanut - not the rolling her eyes part but the 'duck' one. Too funny.
That McCain quote is way over my head - I didn't even know that show existed until last week.
Radioactive pee can be useful - toddler, dark bathroom, don't want to turn the light on lest the harsh lights make the said toddler cry... of course, I don't know if LN would be willing to be my guinea pig to this theory.
Either MetroDog has been shoving edamame up his nose or Peanut's getting pretty versatile with her licking. Poop one? Yeah, both dogs and toddlers seem fascinated by their poop and expect you to feel the same way.
And... I have too much to say about that article. None too kind. There should be some kind of legal action against vapid airheads reproducing. The 8 year old getting a bikini wax thing is mind boggling... I don't get it. I couldn't finish the article... it was too sad.


WTF?! I'm 29 and I've never gotten a bikini wax, microdermabrasion, or professional highlights! Is it me or is this another coming sign of the apocalypse?


I live in SoCal, "The OC" actually. In the same community as the "Real" (and I use that term loosely) Housewives on the Bravo TV show live.

I am a SAHM wondering how I'm going to raise my 2 girls without an entitlement attitude. But please don't let my address fool you; I shop at Old Navy, had PB&J for lunch today, and bought a used car last year because that's what I could afford to pay cash for.

It's frightening to see not only parents who want to be their kids friends, (I don't want to be my kids' friend; I'm her parent dammit!), but even more frightening/disgusting to see women doing that to their young girls.

To say that it's society's fault is wrong. Yeah, it's on TV. But my kid doesn't watch it. Nor does she own "Bratz" dolls, or get her nails painted. Does she ask? Sure. Does she get it? The answer, is no, sweetie. That is for adults....

Thanks as always for the thoughtful insight!


Oh. My. God. I couldn't even get through that entire article. That is truly disgusting and sad for those little girls.

And ditto on the Bratz dolls.. I hate those skanky looking "dolls"


What exactly does an eight year old have to wax off? I'm disturbed beyond all reason.
I'm pleased to see some anti-Bratz comments here. I was starting to think I was the only one who hated those damned dolls.


My children are not allowed to own Bratz Dolls...or the Barbie My Scene dolls. I can't even imagine what some parents are thinking...waxing an 8 year old...isn't that child abuse?


The "whatevah" girl is HILARIOUS. Although when I saw my friend's 4 1/2 year old say the same thing - and not in a joking, egged on way - the other day as part of a battle of wills, it sort of terrified me.

That article is so sad. Those girls have virtually no chance of making it into adulthood (or even their teen years) with intact self esteem or self worth. They're being taught by their mothers in their prepubescent years that their faces, bodies and hair(s?) are bad, wrong, unattractive and shameful. Isn't that what child abuse does? Maybe someone should call Protective Services.


when I was 10 I was getting microbicycleabrasion.


Your daughter isn't the only one picking up choice phrases lately. Our 2.5 year old neighbor is also fond of "who stepped on a duck?" and has taught it to my husband. He is inordinately pleased by that one. So far Ada hasn't caught on.


Why should the Peanut have to learn how to use three separate controllers? Get a Harmony remote! DH got one and now I can finally turn on the stinking TV/Xbox/whatever without having to figure out which of 6 remotes to use (geez, I can't believe I'm delurking to plug a gadget).

Jeremy Neal

Man - I wish I would have printed this post and taken it with me to the thinking room. Thanks for the reminder to take my vitamins - it's more fun when yellow and blue make green. I like the duck comment - when my daughter was in kindergarten she told her teacher that she had to shake the lilly and drown the barking spiders. I am with you on the TV thing - it is my only saving grace to get work done at home. As for the eye rolling...wait until she becomes a teenager and say, "But dad, I'm a woman now." WTF happened to my little girl is the only thing that will run through your mind. Great post! -Jeremy @ Discovering Dad


On that girls thing. What is up with the girls underwear? When I was a kid there were Grandma underwear, ladies underwear and girls underwear. The last two are now indistinguishable. Can the Grandma's be far behind?

This really isn't appropriate on a Daddy blog is it?

And you haven't seen this -- you should. Lots of people should.


I'm so glad you like Iain Banks - he is my favourite author and lives not far from me. I am, however, far too awestruck to ever approach him in person! All his books are good, both the science fiction and his other stuff. Try The Wasp Factory - his first and still probably his weirdest.


The day our 4 year old figured out how to load a DVD, and then select the right option to get the episodes to play, was one of the greatest days of my life. But the joy only lasted 48 hours. Now instead of the 4 year old waking us up at 5:30am to turn on the TV, the 3 year old wakes us up at 5:40am complaining about his brother's viewing selection.


If it's any consolation, I didn't like Carey's new book either. From all the hooplah, I was expecting it to be MUCH better. Lush Life is next on my reading list.


What can an 8 year old have that needs waxing?!!? My gosh, how can they put their kids through that! It hurts like hell to get waxed...I can´t imagine how that hurts for a kid who´s basically having her skin pulled, ´cause there´s nothing else to pull.

And the trauma they´re causing them...uggg

The duck comment had me laughing for a while.

About the remote, it was so much easier when all you had to do was press a button and "turn the wheel" .


Ummm... normally I'd agree to the popular opinion on prepubescent waxing, but my 9 year old looked like Frida before we had her brows done. I'm all for letting kids be kids. Unfortunately kids were being kids and starting to make her self-conscious about her rather prominent unibrow.
One parent's perspective

denise k.

OMG...just hearing someone mention French andouillette makes me want to puke. I don't know how the French eat that stuff. It smells like a steaming pile of feces!

I feel badly for those girls who are undergoing these absurd beauty treatments. It's certainly a new phenomenon.

My girlfriends and I have a theory that all women should go through that awkward, ugly duckling phase during their adolescence. That's what builds character and self-esteem!


It's so upsetting that we are raising a whole generation of girls who think that how they look is more important than what they do with their lives. Not only do these "beauty" treatments sexualize little girls, its an easy way to teach them that this is what they should be spending their time doing instead of growing their minds. It's really sad.

Thought you might find Peter Segal's rant about the Dr. Seuss movie interesting:


Little girls are developing secondary sexual characteristics at an alarmingly young(er) age these days. Some people say it's hormones in food and milk, others say that this culture's sexualization of children actually makes their bodies react. It's probably chicken or egg. But it's not inconceivable that an 8 year old would have pubic hair. Sad, but not inconceivable.

jessica mathers

Why do little girls even know what this stuff is? Someone give them a damn book already - like, Anne of Green Gables, not Gossip Girl - and tell them to go climb a tree.


"Bratz Dolls - training little kids to be proto-hos, one child at a time."

Forget that, get out and RIDE!


Looking forward to reading Lush Life also. I heard the author interviewed on Terry Gross talking about the book.


Thank you MUCH for the book mention, dude. Really appreciate it and hope you likey. Muah.


dude. I have 3 girls. I'm so afraid! Be very afraid!!

the mad momma

I agree - little girls are developing earlier these days. but that is no reason for them to do something about it. at 12 i'd think studies and games and friends should be more important than a waxed pubic area...or threaded eyebrows.

sure kids are teased - all of us have been teased abt acne and hairy legs - but we survived it... i'm sure they will too.

its scary if the parents feel otherwise.


Those poor little girls. What is with people in general that they make such a big thing about the outside?

Do they want their daughters to turn out 'exquisite' outside & a whole bundle of neuroses &/shallow as a summer puddle inside?

Do people THINK any more? Apart from thee, me, & a goodly number of your commentors anyhow.


Stories like that make me thankful that I have a boy!

And the boy has learned to curse! My going-on-three year old learned the f-word, probably from his parents way back when we didn't think he could really remember anything we said. The good news is that he only uses in the proper context--only in the car when be cut-off by another driver. The first time I head "F-ck!" coming from the back seat, I was both mortified and proud--it WAS contextually appropriate. I guess we should be glad that he only says it in the car, when only his parents are around!


oops, hit post before I spell-checked. Excuse the typos...


Geez, here I thought the parents of one of my 2nd grade daughter's classmates were nuts for getting their daughter a pink Razr cell phone of her very own. BIKINI WAX?!?! WTF?


The "whatevah" video is cute but a little scary. The half life on the cuteness is probably another few months.


The joke was hilarious and spot on for most guys I know.

I was looking for a spa gift for my wife last year and I ran into a few places that cater to teenage girls have spa parties? Who is paying for all this stuff?!!


More terrorists: Did you see the NY mag story on HM? What got me was the eighth grader sending the pornographic cell phone video to a boy she liked.... what is going on up the hill? I am embarrassed to have any association with the place.


maybe these moms are overreacting to their own mothers not letting them play with makeup.

My sister and I would sneak into mom's make up, and my sister would do me up, 80s style, much to my mom's chagrin (I won't repeat what she said I looked like, lol)

My deal is my girls can play with makeup, but they have to wash it off before going out the door, unless it's the kind of makeup you can barely see

the highlights, and the makeup artists I could see as high-end fun, but seriously, a bikini wax??? wtf. There was a similar post on BitchPhD recently, I think that article was in the NYT though... yep, it was: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/fashion/28Skin.html?_r=4&hp&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin


Good God, WHY did I click on that article?


Oh, yeah -- the eye rolling starts that early, as well as the "attitude." You know, the one we thought they wouldn't develop until they were teens?

It was great to meet you!


I have 3 sons....at 3 and 4 years old, they were still stuffing cheetos in the VCR.

This "media crazed" beauty crap for little children is ridiculous.

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Steve M

I agree with Iain Banks. A friend of mine swore by him, and I've read about 5 or 6 of his books over the last year. Refreshingly well-written sci fi.


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Hmmm, sounds like she's sennidg you pretty mixed signals. Maybe you should (in an appropriate setting) sit down and talk to her about this. Explain that you like her and that you're cool with being friends but you feel like there's some deeper chemistry between the two of you, and that you've been finding the signals she sends a but confusing. Worst case scenario things get awkward and there's no more flirting (which isn't much of a loss if it wasn't leading anywhere) and best case scenario you get together and ride away into the sunset lol. Good luck!


Thanks for posting this Will. I often get fetruratsd attending meetings (or reading forums) where it's clear that everyone has already made up their mind one way or the other and are only generating comments to support their positions. You did a good job of distilling and reporting the conversation in a fair and readable manner. Our local media should take note.

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