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March 28, 2008


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Why, Yes I did lose some weight but no, the hair cut isn't new. I washed it this morning though. =P


I've always appreciated it when you've introduced new daddy bloggers on your site. Glad to see that there are so many now, all aggregated in one place!


This is truly awesome. Now, if I could only get on it...

(And it's nice to recognized as someone who helped start the revolution! Viva Los Padres!)

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

Happy bloggin' anniversary, and welcome new dads.

Mommy blogs didn't do much for me but raise my blood pressure, so daddy blogs have kept me sane and made me laugh till I snort during my parallel journey through parenthood.


That's awesome! I really enjoy reading the Daddy blogs. I like to see the parenting perspective from the other side of the gender debate just because I *do* think there are some fundamental differences in how women and men tend to approach parenting.


Honestly I had no idea there were so many daddy blogs. I only read you and Greg. Thanks for providing links to others. I can't wait to check them out.


This daddyblogger Just found this blog, and the resources Metrodad mentions. Good to meet you all.

Untie! I mean... Unite!

Father of 3 under 3.5

janet b.

I love reading daddy blogs. The mommy ones are a little too cliquish for me. Besides, it's always refreshing hearing the opposite sex's take on parenting.

Jeremy Neal

Great post! I love the lead up and Alltop is definitely a blessing for us all. Congrats on sticking with the blog for so long, it's definitely inspirational to hear it. -Jeremy @ Discovering Dad


Congrats on being the #1 dad blog on AllTop, MD. Well deserved honor. Meanwhile, I've been checking out that site all afternoon. The aggregator is a great idea. Surprised nobody thought of it earlier.


I think you know this guy from Rice Daddies, but my favorite local guy is F-Bomb (http://www.fbomb.us/).


Go Dads!


I've tried to penetrate mom blogs clique now for a year, even been kicked out of one. Glad to see dad blogs getting some respect! Thanks for teh find and congrats on the blogiversary.

Mama Nabi

What do you mean, I look sexy today? Are you being sarcastic? What haircut? Now you're just mocking me, aren't you? OH, the weight loss... yeah, that's it. Hmmm, still not convinced... you ARE mocking me...
I do love daddy blogs. I remember when I first discovered this blog and Daddy in a Strange Land, I was so excited to have found role models, great ones!, for PN and encouraged him to check you guys out. Funny story - one of the posts that made me laugh out loud was the one in which you talked about feeding Peanut out of MetroDog's bowl... PN didn't get it and was quite sure HE was a better dad for condemning the act of feeding one's child out of the canine family member's bowl. Oh, the irony.
Thank goodness daddy bloggers are sticking around... otherwise I may still be clueless about the good dads out there!


It's nice to see a Dad blog out here! I'm new to the blog thing, but not new to the dad thing. I've just started my blog and am still trying to get the hang of it. It's kinda hard to know what to write when nobody vists. Anyway, thank you for allowing my url. Please feel free to give advice.


As I said, I'm new. Here's my url:

SciFi Dad

Well, since you asked, you've never mentioned me before...


I actually went through the list, and it's pretty good, except that it's got (what I consider at least) some pretty obscure ones and is missing Chag (Cynical Dad) and William (Poop and Boogies).

I already emailed them about those two; you can't have a list of dad blogs without them, IMHO.

Backpacking Dad

because you asked...



One of my fav daddy blogs is http://www.poopandboogies.blogspot.com/

Congrats on post #337!


My current obsession is Jeff Vogel, who creates video games and maintains this website on which he devotes a portion of the space to chronicling his fatherhood experiences.


Check out links to "The Story About the Baby" and "The Story About the Toddler."

Maybe if enough of us start writing him, we can convince him to get an rss feed!


When I started 3 years ago I thought I was the only one. It took me a year to realize that I wasn't. That's how long it took someone to find me I guess.

Hey, I was one of a handful of people that contacted Guy prior to the dad listing to get one started. You're welcome.

I love Popeye's biscuits.


Congrats on your posts! I have really appreciated reading a father's point of view as my husband is typical in his inability to express himself. You even noticed that I've lost 10 pounds AND got my haircut on Tuesday. My husband has not. Well done, MetroDad. Well done.


I met Guy Kawasaki at a conference in Cabo a few years ago. Great guy. Very approachable. Let him tell you the story about how he turned down the offer to be the CEO of Yahoo because it was an hour drive each way from his house.

He says it's the "second billion dollars" he missed that really pisses him off though.

If he likes you - you're definitely in. Nicely done, MD.


I'm finally delurking to say Bravo Good Job. Yours was the first daddy blog I read & still do. You're one funny dude.

Here's to another 337 entries...and more...


MD, you're definitely the Manny Pacquiao of the daddy blogging world, a compliment I don't drop lightly.

Working Dad

Keep groovin MD. I couldn't agree more about the fine balance about writing about fatherhood. Though no matter what you write someone will call you a wuss, and then three minutes later another person will call you a mommy basher.

moe berg

simon metz would like a little metrolove, if you would.


keep up the stellar output!


Hi, glad to have found your blog and post! I have a blog Dad's House - Dating & Parenting by a Single Dad. http://dadshouseblog.com

Thanks for looking out for other dads!

Naveen Bachwani

Happy Anniversary, MD.

Your's is the dad blog that reaffirmed my energies in maintaining my own, so much so that I just got a book published out of it!

(Read more: http://www.naveenbachwani.com/dad/)

Thanks for every thing...

Naveen Bachwani

Happy Anniversary, MD.

Your's is the dad blog that helped reaffirm my efforts in maintaining my own, so much so that I just got a book published out of it!

(Read more: http://www.naveenbachwani.com/dad/)

Thanks for every thing...


Whenever I a feeling a bit down, a bit like a crappy rubbish mum, I come here and read your stories and laugh and feel good. Not because you make me feel like I am better - but because you make me feel like I am normal!! thanks METRODAD and PEANUT and BOSSLADY. You lot rock.

Busy Mom

You don't look a day over 336, really.

How do you stay so young?

I'm gonna tell my clique all about you!

(Keep up the good work)

Dad Gone Mad

Bloggers with testicles are bad ass.


can I pimp my husband's blog?

also, I don't recall seeing Looky Daddy (might've scrolled on past) at www.lookydaddy.com


Sorry to tell you this, but "whatever" is just around the corner. My daughter pulled that about 2 weeks after she turned 4.


I'll have a 3pc and two biscuits for my homie next time. I just had some Popeye's a few weeks ago. I had not been inside one for almost 5 years. It smelled so good, so, so, good.


Since you opened the flood gates...


and that's "tapirs poop" as in the observation of my toddler of a stinky animal's favorite activity, not tapir's poop as in the product of said activity.

Yeah, I should have come up with a better name but Metrodad was taken.


The reason you are still here is because you're an excellent writer. Period.

Well, and you're funny as hell.

Thanks for the shout out to the dads. I have revived my dad blog. There's much better dad blogs out there but as long as we're sharing!



I rarely venture into the world of mom blogs. Those women can be scary! Actually, I do have a few favorites, but mostly I read dad blogs.

My own is celebrating its 4th anniversary this month. It's a fun hobby. I just enjoy learning from other dads, hearing the latest parenting news, and reaffirming my belief that this is the greatest job in the world.

Kevin Sturm

Found your blog through Alltop and loving the stories. Hoping to soon make the Alltop list at Next Gen Dads.


Here's to being a dad always trying to figure it out.

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