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March 04, 2008


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I always hoped my two daughters would enjoy fishing with me. When they were little they did but when they became teenagers, they decided that there were funner things than waking up early on Saturdays to go fishing with dad. Hopefully, one of them will marry a fisherman.


So cool that Peanut had a blast her first time skiing. I can't believe you took her despite the hangover. You're a great dad.
My dream is to take my 2 kids (almost 4 and 1 y.o.) to my home island of Tahiti. I have such awesome memories of spending the day at the beach swimming, playing in the sand, and discovering tiny crabs, snails, sea urchins and other ocean wonders. I can't wait to take them lagoon fishing and for them to discover how amazingly tasty fish-caught-right-off-the-ocean is.


I also love skiing and just finished taking 2 of my 3 daughters (9 & 7) with my Dad to Colorado skiing. We hit Steamboat last year and Keystone this year. The girls love it--they are getting good too. Last year we took them to Disney World and a month later took them on this Steamboat skiing. No one asked to go back to Disney but they look forward to skiing every year!


After all that, I'm so glad that she had fun and avoided major injury. Because that would have been a total buzzkill.

I don't think my dad has really ever forgiven me for giving up piano lessons for competitive gymnastics. I never did make it to the Olympics, or even a full ride to Stanford, and an Asian without a virtuoso instrument is like a day with no sunshine.


more about this party please??

did anyone just see john and kate plus 8...figure that- 8 kids on a plane to park city utah, skiing, skating, the works. insane, but so cool!


I grew up in a ski family so I think it's great that you're getting Peanut up on skis at such a young age. Our family motto is that as long as they're toilet trained, they can go up the mountain.

My wife is pregnant with our first child. I can't wait for the day that he goes skiing for the first time.


Rock climbing.... this is the year I am taking my son rock climbing.

pamela j.

I loved doing ballet as a girl so I'm hoping my daughter shows an interest in it. So far, she's a total tomboy and thinks ballet is for sissies. She is SO her father's daughter. Odds are that they'll end up going to monster truck events together.

Busy Mom

Will you take me skiing, too? I've never been.

Molly Chase

Ohh...I learned to ski at 2 1/2 (also with a probably-very-much-hungover father) and loved it so much I once almost dropped out of college to move to Utah and do it all the time.

Now, here I am with a 2 1/2 year old of my own, in Washington D.C., with nary a ski lift in sight. I wish like hell I had taught him to ski this winter.

And I want to hear more about the party too.


I remember getting on skis for the first time during my teen years and being a nervous wreck. I was so sure I was going to break my neck or worse, make an ass of myself on the slopes. So we’re going to try to expose the kids to skiing, ice-skating, swimming, etc. at an early age.

Traveling is up there as is sharing my love of good food. But both my husband and I can’t wait to pack up our telescope & ice chest (which will be chock full of ingredients to make campfire chigae) and take our kids camping.

Anne Glamore

I'm thrilled that my boys share my love of music, but where in the hell did their white asses learn to appreciate rap? And when did they start saying, "Yo, G" instead of "yes, ma'am?"

That's coolio that Peanut thought skiing was beast!


Oh, skiing!!! That is also something that I did as a young child, and hope to do with my two girls. I thought 3 was a bit young, but now that Peanut has done it....we'll give it a shot.

As a child, I always hated carrying all the crap that goes along with skiing, and my mom would say if I couldn't carry my own equipment then I wasn't old enough to ski. I shut up real quick, and learned to love the mountain.

In addition to skiing, I want my girls to play an instrument (piano is my hope) and also tennis. I'm not into those body conscious sports like gymnastics and swimming for girls. It's hard enough to be a young girl without parading around in a bathing suit or leotard for sport.


I grew up in "the hood." My mom was a single parent and there was never much money for us to pursue any of our interests. As a child, I never skiied. I never went swimming. I never played tennis. We rarely did anything.

So, in an interesting twist, I find myself learning all these activities at the same time as my kids. I honestly don't know what is more enjoyable: the fact that I'm trying all these new things for the first time in my life or that I get to experience them together with my children. I'm loving it.

BTW...a friend of mine recommended your site to me. I didn't even know there was such a thing as daddy blogs. Keep up the great work!

Papa Bradstein

That's awesome, MD.

What joyful activity do I want to share with 3B? The only thing I have to show him is how to write his name; he already loves to pee everywhere.


THREE hours?! Good god, MD.

What activity do/did I want to share with my kids? Skiing. And they love it, but if I had to make a three-hour drive for them to do it they would've learned to ski on the nearest steep hill.


Our boy is going on 27 months old, now. I look to the day I can introduce him to some pristine single-track and a beautiful hardtail mountain bike of his own with excellent lines...*drool*


All of my kids learned to ski at 3 years old. And I sit in the lodge. There isn't much else to do here in winter. But I haven't been skiing myself in 20+ years and I was never good at it.

But next year my youngest will be 3.5 and we are going to take ski lessons together. I fully expect that he will surpass me in a matter of hours and I will be left alone consoling myself on the magic carpet.

Brave Astronaut

A victim of my own procrastination, I am now 40 years old, while one son is 3 and the second is 2 months old. I am so screwed.

I would like my children to show some natural athletic ability, but they won't have inherited any from either Mrs. Brave Astronaut or me.

But I can see myself in the dugout, coaching little league. Arguing calls with the ump, hitting him with my cane . . .

Perhaps they can support their aged parents in the lifestyle in which we would liked to become accustomed.

Mama Nabi

PEANUT is DARLING in her ski gear!
I remember LOVING ice skating (don't know if I still can) so I'm looking forward to that... traveling - now that's something I can't wait to enjoy with LN.

Paige Jennifer

My parents met over a pair of ski gloves so it was inevitable I'd be a snow bunny. At three, my dad strapped Snoopy Skis to my feet, put me between his legs and with my arms wrapped around his thighs we snowplowed our way down. I quickly graduated to a more independent state, sometimes sharing a mogul run and other times venturing off on my own. No matter what, we always regrouped in the lodge for some hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, when I was 8 my dad was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease that affected his balance (as in he doesn't really have any). We hit the mountain one last time when I was fourteen but with his health deteriorating, it marked our last ski adventure.

My dad has been sick for so long, I really can't remember how he used to walk. But I will never forget how graceful he was on skis. Mountain memories are the best so give Peanut as many as you can muster.


That's awesome. Maybe we'll see her at the Winter Olympics or at the X-Games in the future.


You're such a great dad, MD. It's uplifting to see so many fathers so involved in their kids' lives these days. Every time I read one of your posts, I can tell how much you truly enjoy being a parent.

Chris Austria

I wake my children up to play tennis at first they hated getting up so early but now they are the ones getting me up in the morning. And golf, don't even get me started...


Gorgeous post, man. Awesome. Should submit it to a magazine.

I hope my 2.5 yo daughter someday loves to read. I'm such a nerd.


man, it's like my childhood all over again, except my parents willingly hopped on skis and learned with us. I started around three and apparently spent the whole time riding the chair lift and refusing to come down the slope.


Loving the post! Peanut is so adorable up on skis!
As for my daughter and soon to arrive son, the activities I hope they enjoy just as much as their mum are:
- mountain biking
- rock climbing
- ice skating(or hockey, I'm not picky)
- snow boarding
I was hoping to get my girl out on the ice and on the slopes this year, but my midwife talked me out of it. Probably a wise move.


What timing! I'm a huge junkie of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (on Discovery) and they just took their sextuplets skiing at 3 too. I totally want to show my girls these types of experiences too but I'm horribly clumsy and non-athletic. Hopefully they'll like painting and crafty stuff one of these days... Oh, and I'm dying to live vicariously through their ballet class experiences. (Yeah, my childhood was pretty sheltered. Sigh.)


Wait, have to get over the Josh Hartnett thing first.........

Ok. Um, no specific activity in mind unless you count looking forward to girlie time with my three year old daughter. But one thing I really wanted for my two kids to "get" from me is my love of reading. So far, their favorite place is the bookstore. So I guess I'm good. :D


Tap dancing.

I started lessons when I was 3 and continued through college with a minor in dance. I can't wait to see my daughter's little hyperactive body in a leotard, tights, and shiny black patent tap shoes.


I enjoy cooking with my kids. Well, my son just squishes stuff, but my daughter digs Jamie Oliver style. It's cool. I can't wait to go ice skating with my kids...I took my daughter, but that didn't end up with a happy ending. Note to parents: lollipop build kids have a high center of gravity so wait until their bodies have some sort of understanding of limbs. My son though, he's gonna be a rad hockey player. I just know it.


"...where I ended up giving him a man-hug and saying, 'keep doing what you're doing, man.'"

Oh, Lawd. That's good stuff. I'm usually the one to say stupid shit like that after a bottle of wine, but thankfully not to anyone who used to date... you know... J.LO.

Peanut is adorable on her skis but I really love the helmet hitting best.

I'm with MN... travel. As much as possible.

A Daddee

All the way from Malaysia.... so we don't ski; though that's no excuse.

I have a 3+ yr old girl, too.

I have always enjoyed inline skating. Even though this mid-30's pair of knees are starting to wear out (prob due to poor squatting form) I would also like to just go for a simple mountain-bike ride with her, if skating is a bit too early.

I also have a 2mth boy now... Can't wait for the day we can rate female passers-by together...


cooking too. Actually I've been doing it with my 4 years old and we love it. Last Sunday we baked a strawberry shortcake with almond flavored whipped cream. The best part was looking at her while she was eating it, the cream creating a huge smile all over her face.
I can't wait to introduce her into the secrets of real sophisticated Mexican cuisine, like "chiles en nogada", if you know what I mean.


Good God, MD, is that kid just going to keep getting cuter and cuter? I just want to eat her up!


My youngest started just before her 2nd birthday, at 3yrs she was in lessons all day Sat and Sun. She was so tired by Sunday afternoon that she would make a round trip in the Gondola because she had fallen asleep. Now years later she is a racer and about to enter a ski academy to train full time while attending school.


I absolutely love ice skating; similar to you with skiing, nothing is better than putting on my iPod and circling an outdoor rink.
I am thrilled that my four year old recently showed interest in ice skating and he and I have been sneaking in a few Sunday afternoons together at the local rink. He's a bit slow to catch on to it, but it's such an amazing feeling watching him enjoy something that I love.


OMG I am SO doing this w/my kid. I learned relatively late (13) and have not kept up with any of these sports/lessons my parents threw money at in an attempt to well round me. But the boy is turning 2 on Loving Day and he's trying to find ways to contort himself (ex: handstands). So why not down a ski slope?


that was so sweet! i would love to work out brain teasers, word games & puzzles with my kids, and hubby is yearning for some cricket fun. if I had had a baby girl, it would have ben shopping shopping and more shopping!!!

creative-type dad

That tapping the helmet "Top Gun" move is pretty funny.


Two things - It is very cool to watch your daughter fall in love with the same books you did as a girl and re-read them. Similar - we watched The Princess Bride together over Christmas and she thought it was the funniest movie ever - she's quoting movie lines with us.

Rachel E.

I wouldn't say that doing hair and makeup is an "interest" or "hobby" of mine but when my daughter was born I couldn't wait to do all of that girly stuff with her. She's eleven now and we still play Beauty Parlor.


Ever since my two sons were born, I was taking them camping and fishing. It was such a great thing to do together as a family. Now that they're both teenagers, one son has NO interest in anything related to the outdoors. The other can't get enough of it.


We camp regularly with our 3 girls (11, 9, and 3), and it's really a lot of fun. Their dad makes sure they're always moving and exploring, and I make sure we choose a camp ground that is popular so that they'll find a few friends to hang out with. Being pulled away from your possee on a perfectly good weekend? Tragic. However, finding new friends lessens the sting. I also think being flexible and allowing the older girls to bring a friend with us will keep camping fun for them.

If it were up to hubs he'd take our newborns camping, but I have a strict "the kid has to be old enough to keep herself out of the campfire" rule.


My son is 4 months old, and I'm really looking forward to drawing and coloring with him. I know that's something that every kid does at least a little bit, but as an artist, I can't think of anything more fun than sitting on the floor and coloring with my boy. I hope he likes it as much as I do.


You've inspired me, MD. I'm an avid skiier and I kept hearing people tell me that I shouldn't get the kids up on skis until they're at least 5 years old. I never should have listened to "the experts." After reading your post, I'm taking my 4-year-old to Butternut next weekend. Thanks!



Also, hanging out at foul beer and reefer jazz clubs in the East Village... oh wait. We done that already.

Nothing But Bonfires

God, I wish my drunken party memories ACTUALLY involved P.Diddy, rather than me just hallucinating that they did.


I'm not having kids for a long time, but I sure do like it when my dad takes me to Chicago to go see the Blackhawks. He's taken me to go see Neil Young and REM and Rammstein, too.


For me, it's karate. I started it as an adult, not a kid, but maaaaaaan, I cannot wait to put my daughter in a gi and get her out there. My husband asked what I would do if she didn't like it and I had total failure of the imagination. How could any child of mine not like karate? Genetically impossible! But then I had to do that good-parent follow-your-bliss thing where I told him I would love her no matter what she does. Which I will. But I'll be crushed.

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