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March 12, 2008


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First of all, I have to say that your monkey joke? Made me cry laughing. And of course I sent it to all my friends who are parents.

Second? My final meal would need to be the perfect sushi meal. Gyoza dumplings (fried), hijiki salad, the chef's selection of his best sushi, only with red wine, old growth, something really meaty (not sake). Yes, they don't go together. Who cares, I'm about to croak, anyways, right?

Linda P.

OMG, the Peanut is so cute, I could just eat her up!


That video is adorable. Lord, I miss having a toddler in the house.

Last meal? I think I'd go with a massive surf 'n turf special, huge sides of potato salad, and fried mac-and-cheese. It's like a white trash heart attack on a plate!


I'm with you on watching food-related shows on TV. What do you think about Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern? Fascinating? Or absolutely disgusting?

My last meal would not be so much a meal but a feast consisting of a big plate of hot wings, a mess of salt-and-pepper pork and a huge pile of kalbi. And maybe some spinach on the side to balance things out.


I have a similar fantasy as you. I'd love to one day open an oceanfront sushi restaurant somewhere in Hawaii. The fish would come in fresh from the boat and I'd chop it up right on the beach. How great would that be?

For my last meal, I'd have to go with my grandmother's homemade lasagna, a side of her meatballs, and a case of Anchor Steam beer.


LOL! I couldn't quite tell but is the Peanut eating McDonald's french fries while giving those instructions?

Last supper? Hmmm... Grilled rare tuna, barley risotto, asparagus, two cosmos, finishing it all off with organic french roast coffee and a hot fudge coconut sundae with real whipped cream from the Sundae School in Cape Cod...


Um, can I borrow Peanut to make some pasta for me? She is adorable and well on her way to superstar chefdom!

I recently had the most succulent braised rabbit dish that was unbelievable. Your mention reminded me of it once again... but for my last dish, I can't think of anything better than some good old-fashioned Korean comfort food. Jigae (at least 3 varieties), kalbi, etc.

Thank God you still hated RR in your dreams. I would have been disappointed.


If Paula Deen were my best friend, I'd probably weigh 500 lbs. God bless that women and her massive sticks of butter.

Last meal would be steak and corn barbecued in the backyard, surrounded by friends and family and a keg of beer.


Three words: Maple. Bacon. Lollipops.


Now I've seen everything.

Mama Nabi

What bucket? You boil your water in buckets?? :-)

I, too, come from a home where the greatest food memories are from various restaurants... like the BEST sweet & sour vegetables ever that we found at a Chinese restaurant in Bangladesh, the most scrumptious coconut sundae at an Intercontinental hotel in Bangkok (owned by Koreans), best cream soup in now-defunct hotel (it's Holiday Inn, now!) in Mapo-gu, Seoul...the sad part is that those restaurants are not within driving distance. :-(

Last supper? Sheesh, I can't choose... sogum-gui from this one restaurant in Busan (from 30 years ago!), sushi (lots and lots of shiro maguro and ika... ama ebi... mmmm), tangsuyook (Korean style), flan (from Agrabad Hotel in Chittagong, Bangladesh - best EVER!)...
GREAT. Now I'm starving.
Peanut's (who, by the way, is scrumptiously cute, smart, and adorable!) pasta is starting to sound pretty good now, even in a bucket.


My family has spent summers on a small island off the coast of ME for several generations. The lobstermen bring the lobster right to our house...and put it in the fridge for us if we're not home. We go down and pick mussels off the rocks in front of our cottage and dig our own clams. We then down several bottles of wine and have a feast! My kids asked me the other day what my favorite thing to do in the whole world... and this was my answer: Family lobster dinner on Chebeague Island.

Good luck with the diet experiment, MD! I sort of hope that it doesn't help so that you can get back to the business of eating! Better living through chemistry....

Paige Jennifer

Sweetie, I might have you beat - I have been known to road trip for up to eight hours solely for the sake of food. You haven't had a lobster salad until you've dined on the deck at Barnacle Billy's.

As for Rachel Ray (insert pre-vomit noises here), have you ever seen the infomercial for that pocket press thingy? The red head with the goofy gray haired dude following her around? She makes stuffed soup, a 'meal' of cream of mushroom soup and stuffing. She's more of a chef than the Rayster.

Now excuse me while I go fetch some eggplant parm pizza.


When my wife was pregnant, she would have these enormous cravings for those chicken curry puffs from Yank Sing. They were literally the only thing that she would eat.

As for my last meal, it would have to be at Georges Blanc in France. Best chicken I've ever had in my life.


Carne Asada Burrito from Roberto's in San Diego after a 3 hour surf session. Aaaahhhhhh. Nothing finer.


My brother used to hide packets of Sapporo Ichiban noodles in his closet because there was never any food in the house. If there was food in the house, you better damn eat it or it would be gone.

I remember mom, making as peanut would say, "buckets" of curry that we were expected to eat for the whole week.

To say that we are obsessed with food would be an understatement. My pantry is filled with food. You would think WW3 was around the corner.

Last meal would be this amazing Gryo I once had in Florence that was stuffed with french fries. Best ever!


So, um, how DO you cook fish?

I've got some talapia in the fridge and I'm not sure what to do with it.


"Thankfully, in my dreams, I still hated Rachel Ray"

Thank god for that.


For my last meal I would hook up with Peter Mayle and take a dinner tour of Provence. Wine, truffles, wine, souffles, more wine, quiche, more wine, desserts, wine, cheese...


Nothing But Bonfires

Metrodad, what a deep voice you have!

My last meal would be two soft-boiled eggs, perfectly salted, on some insanely crusty white bread, with lots and lots of butter. A tall glass of ice cold milk, and a molten chocolate cake for dessert, all gooey in the middle. And then a truly decadent cheese plate, with about 12 different varieties, all of them sharp and strong. With fig jam and tiny thin black pepper water crackers.

Oh my god, I have to stop. I'm starting to hate my stupid oatmeal.


Because I haven't gone to one in over a decade (due to health reasons,) I think my last meal would be at McDonalds. I'd eat two Big Macs, a filet-o-fish sandwich, 20 McNuggets, fries, a baked apple pie, and a strawberry milkshake.


My last meal would be one from my youth. My grandmother (RIP) was from the South and was the best cook ever. What I wouldn't give for one more fried chicken dinner with biscuits and gravy. Green beans simmered for hours and home grown tomatoes on the side. Now dessert would be toss-up between her fried apple pies or chocolate pie. Ahhh, my mouth is watering!


oh man, that is an impossible question - much like you, food makes me ridiculously happy. kudos to you for trying the crazy diet to improve your health; I don't think I'd last a day.

my last meal - hmm. my mind immediately went to sushi, Korean BBQ, melted brie, pho, a huge cheese plate, a whole table full of delicious tapas and wine... and I ended up with a big bowl of my mom's noodle soup with homemade kimchi and maybe some mango sorbet for dessert.

it's all about the simple things sometimes, I think.

Ian C.

There seem to be two kinds of people in this country: those who love Rachel Ray and those who hate her. Glad to know that you're the latter.

Last meal? I'd have to go with the $400 twenty-course tasting menu at French Laundry. I've always wanted to do it but just never had the dough.


The meatball parm hero from Frankie's Spuntino in Brooklyn. Best food I've ever had in my life.


Doesn't your mom cook good ol' Korean food? Seems to always stuffing their kids me that Korean moms are with homemade kimchi and making them go home with frozen bulgogi.

For me it'd definitely be my gran's Chinese New Year eve's reunion dinner feast. We always have a whole poached-to-perfection chicken, and nope, it's not just any old tasteless meat. You can taste the delicateness of the white meat, well seasoned with salt, pepper and sesame oil.

And pan-fried shrimps with salt and pepper, chicken soup with napa cabbage, homemade meatballs, wontons, fishballs and cooked quail eggs, sinful roast pork with that crispy crackly skin, broccoli and carrot stir-fried wih oyster sauce, and lastly there's steamed whole fish with salted veggies, ginger, green onions, chinese mushrooms and a salted prune. There. Now I miss home :(

And yep, the Peanut is adorable! I love how she says: "...and then you mix it up and eat it..." hehehe


oops a lil cut&paste error up there....it should be...

Seems to me that Korean moms are always stuffing their kids with homemade kimchi and making them go home with frozen bulgogi.



Oh my goodness, the Peanut is SO cute! Thanks for posting the video! My last meal would maybe be vegetarian moussaka from this Greek place, the Parthenon, in Detroit. I ate it there almost 10 years ago and haven't forgotten how amazing it was. While we're talking about food, I will be in NYC this weekend and was wondering if I could ask you for a recommendation of a restaurant (midtown or upper manhattan) that might have some good vegetarian options (I realize this genre is not your forte, but you seem well versed!)


My last meal? Hmm, toughie. I think it'd be a huge bucket of Boston Market mashed potatoes. I just... oh I just love them so much.

I totally wish that some of those chefs were my friends, particularly Paula Deen, Gaida DeLaurentiis, Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsey, all for extremely different reasons. But the food and conversations would definatly be interesting.

My last meal? Lobster from Cape Cod, with a fine steak,some steamers, and heck then some chicken Piccatta. I know weird combo but it's my last meal!


well. if you're going to have a second wife...

GIADA is a fine choice.

i mean...if you're a dude.

shes GORGEOUS! AND...her husband is a designer for Anthropologie. and as much as I hate that i can't afford anything there - that still is pretty damn cool in my book.


Oh, dear GOD. You had to mention the Salt Lick. MMMMMM! I grew up about 10 miles or so from Driftwood, TX (in a quaint 'burb called Manchaca, TX... it's pretty much Austin now...), and when I go home to visit, that's one of the first places I hit. Jeeeeezus, I miss it like CRAZY!

Of course, now, I'm in NC, and while they have famous BBQ here, I just cannot accept it as "real" bbq, because it's all pork here (with spicy, watery vinegar that they like to call "sauce"), and I grew up with the beef brisket. Got to stop... am drooling on keyboard... Gaaaah. Sometimes I think I'd do illegal things for some decent brisket here.

I'm also obsessed with food on television. I had a dream about Jamie Oliver the other night. And I read almost any food related book, and have been known to read cookbooks like they were novels. My husband (the German) *still* gets confused when he finds cookbooks in the living room, or on the nightstand. The German says, "But cookbooks go in the KITCHEN!"
You'd think he might have figured it out by now, but whatever. He gets to eat all the awesome stuff inspired by those cookbooks, so he can deal with a few out-of-place books.

As for my last meal, I'd have a chicken salad sandwich from Ruby's BBQ (with an RC Cola, of course), some Salt Lick brisket and beans, a few wings from the local wing place, a muffaletta from Central Grocery, a Berkeley Salad from Kerby Lane, mom's jambalaya and french bread, Tom Kha soup from the Thai Noodle House, and a Cafe au Lait and a beignet from Cafe du Monde.

Oh, dear God. I'd never be able to eat it all in one sitting, so I'd just have to plan for a three day buffet around my death bed. But that sounds to me like a hell of a way to go.


without a doubt, some purple rice and a big, steaming bowl of my mom's everything-homemade kimchi jjigae. YUM!!!


Peanut is cuter than cute. Ketchup is dis.gust.ing. You have raised my kinda monster.
My last meal: either a San Francisco burrito from Pancho Villa Taqueria with charbroiled chicken, black beans, lots of pico de gallo and sour cream or something I've never had before. A while back I ordered something that sounded improbable: Aji de Gallina, a Peruvian stew with walnuts and condensed milk and hot peppers. It was like seeing God, not just the dish, but discovering that there are more things on heaven and earth that are dreamt of in my palate.

Menchuvian Candidate

I'm just kind of hoping that my last meal will be unlicked by any helpful munchkins, whatever it is.


Is Bobby Flay any good at basketball?


Those food quotes are hysterical. I especially love the one about bacon and vegetables.

My last meal would be homemade Speckknödel (dumplings with bacon) that my Austrian grandmother would give me as a child. Would go great with a hearty Bavarian beer. For dessert, it would have to be this amazing chocolate cake I had from Laurent Duchêne in Paris. It was so good, I thought I had died right there.


Ok, MetroDude, I have to second the Carne Asada Burrito from Roberto's.... my husband grew up in San Diego and swore by these burritos. I, from the East Coast, had visions of Chi Chi's when he spoke of burritos! Until the day he brought me there... can I tell you that we ate them every day for five days and then drove home with six in the car!!

MetroDad, you should really check in to Red Rice Yeast to naturally help lower your cholesterol if the numbers aren't as low as you hope.... Red Rice Yeast is the natural form of statins and not something that will damage your liver. Thank your lucky stars that you have a medical doctor that is willing to go against the grain and attempt lifestyle changes before putting you on a prescription that could damage other parts of your body!

And without a doubt, Peanut is TOOOOOOOO cute!

My nieces put ketchup on EVERYTHING (yes, even plain rice).... my B.I.L. says it's a "Phillapino thing."


Peanut is too cute for words. I love that you put water in the bucket and wait for it to bubble. Look out Food Network... we've got a star host in the making!


I can't even think what my last meal would be, I'll have plenty of time to consider that on the mile.

Reading this post makes me wish I could convince my wife to follow her dream. She's enrolled in Cordon Blue twice, well almost three times if you count our near move to Austin and the phone calls she made. She keeps talking herself out of it and sits in front of Top Chef wishing she wouldn't.

Your kid is adorable.


Peanut is adorable! I love letting my almost four year old help in the kitchen. It's great to have someone who takes such an interest in food around. My hubby's not much of a foodie.
Last meal... I'd have to say, lobster, freshly caught and steamed in a big pot over a fire on the beach with mounds of melted butter (ah, to live by the ocean again!), giant shrimp from this restaurant in Aruba that my husband and I ate at on our wedding night, my grandfather's spaghetti sauce (I wouldn't even need the noodles, I'd just eat it straight out of the pot), my grandfather's birthday cake with boiled icing with a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia on the side... all washed down with a Guinness or two.
Okay, I'll stop drooling now.
Keep up the Rachel Ray hate. I just don't understand her popularity at all.

Lisa K.

The Peanut is sooo CUTE! No wonder you and BossLady are such smitten parents.

Last meal would definitely be my dad's bbq. The man is a master.

Ten Feet of Steel

I love watching kids and dads bond over cooking. Considering the foodie trends of the past decade or so, I suppose it's not surprising, but I would have thought it was weird as hell to cook with my dad. Besides, the only things he could make were omelets and hotdogs. Of course, my grandmother lived with us, and she did most of the cooking, so I did learn to make kimchi from scratch as a wee person.

My friend and his daughter started baking together of all things, and I find it strange and wonderful.

My last meal? An abundant spread of beef carpaccio, hamachi sashimi, and raw octopus with chogochujang (apparently, I like my critters raw), fried artichokes, tarte au citron (or you could just give me a bucket of lemon curd and a spoon with maybe a bowl of whipped cream), and a selection of a dozen or so single malts.

Of course, ask me tomorrow, and it could be something different.


God, this post touches home for me. My (very) Korean dad was not the warmest man. It was hard for him to be affectionate with me and my sister. But the one thing that we always bonded over was cooking. He loved to cook. It was his only real passion in life.

My fondest memories of him are the two of us cooking in our tiny little kitchen. Together, we would spend hours making dumplings or cooking sukiyaki together. Although we'd do it in complete silence, I never felt closer with my dad as when we were cooking together.

You're a great dad, MD. The Peanut is a lucky girl.

Papa Bradstein

Dude, food is on the collective bloghive mind, apparently. I just finished writing a rant that lumps all carnivores into one generalization, present company excluded, of course.

My last meal? Anything, so long as I get to eat it with Mama and 3B. (I'm assuming that Barky will find a way to get under the table to clean up our crumbs.)

Papa Bradstein

Also, the Peanut's instructions are awesome, although she forgot to include, "...while you munch on french fries."


Last meal??? The stuff of good prisons everywhere: chicken fried steak with tons of gravy!


I'm not sure what I'd want my last meal to be, but I did learn a valuable lesson from that video. If you want to stay slim and trim, and still be able to eat french fries, then bounce around on the couch while you eat the delicious fatty treats. Pass the salt!

Christine Le

My parents are restauranteurs so my entire life, I have grown up with having the best food ever cooked at home. Going out to eat was for special occassions like my parents' wedding anniversary, and we typically went to one of my parents' fellow restaurant owning friends' place.

I love growing up in a family where pretty much everyone cooks and we make pretty much everything from scratch *I, too, hate Rachel Ray!*, but I can honestly say, it's very annoying. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go out to eat, I'm comparing to how I would make it or how my father would make it or how it simply could be better. As a result, I am rarely satisfied.

As Peanut grows, I would suggest you teach her enough about cooking so that she can appreciate food, but man, don't let her become a chef! It's just torture because you spend more time thinking about the food than enjoying your meal! You'll end up like my family, discussing the meal while you're having it rather than talking about more pressing concerns like the baby girl's upcoming wedding!

Anyway, my last meal would be a BIG BOWL OF PHO, but made the way my family makes it. Then I'd eat up all the meat and marrow from the bones used to make the beef stock to make the pho. I'd have that bowl of pho, drink all the broth, and then I'd cool my mouth with a tall glass of soy milk. It's the most satisfying meal ever.

Edgy Mama

I just wrote yesterday about an amazing meal I had at a restaurant last weekend.

Pizza used to be my favorite food, but since I've had kids, whose primary food group is pizza, I'm kind of burned out on it. Does beer count as food?

A friend of mine has a similar genetic predisposition to high trigicerides and LDL. He's currently taking extra Niacin--basically a high dose of Vitamin B--and his numbers have dropped significantly. Might be worth talking to your doc about.


I'd want my last meal to be at this little restaurant my wife and I discovered years ago in Rome. Nothing fancy. It's just an old-school family-run restaurant where everything is made from scratch.

We go back there every few years to visit and before each trip, I make sure to diet and work out about a month before our departure. That way I can gorge on giant bowls of Spaghetti Carbonara, massive veal chops, and platefuls of lasagna.

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