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February 14, 2008


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MD - thanks for sharing EVOL...that added a sweet touch to the morning. Enjoy the Peanut's sugar crash when you get home!


Happy Valentine's Day to MD, BossLady, and the Peanut!

Ed Bacchus

Happy V-Day to you and the Boss Lady too. Very cute story and I stopped buying chocolate years ago. Mommy Bacchus requests Tulips each year.

Anne Glamore

So loving the film! Flowers for everyone!!!


Aw, now she'll have her very first memory of that special (sugar high) feeling Valentine's Day brings, followed by the (sugar) crashing disappointment that inexorably follows. How sweet!


Beautiful video, MD. You're such a romantic at heart. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Bosslady.


that man[who mad the movie] is pure genious..

pnuts mama

knew i could come here for some valentines day love- happy day to you three!

Veerle Herremans

Happy valentine's day! I've spend the whole day trying to make a cute picture of my 2 month old so I could surprise her daddy with it, but no luck she didn't want to smile. I guess it's not her kind of holiday ;-).


That sure beats the time I nearly killed my girlfriend's family dog the first time I met them. I left some chocolates meant for girlfriend's mom on my bed and we later found the dog ate the whole box.

Guess who had to walk the dog all night so it would poop that chocolate out?

Devra Renner

Your toddler offered to SHARE! You and Bosslady are doing all the right things.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours from mine and ours. : )


I've noticed that sometimes girls say, "Valentine's Day isn't a big deal." What immediately pops into my head is Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi, "ITS A TRAP!!"


That video was so sweet. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


You just made my night with that video - utterly brilliant, thank you.

Thalia is still trying to get into my overpriced chocolates from vday. I'm torn between eating them all because they're a fortune...and just giving them to her because I'm supposed to be dieting.

Mama Nabi

Well, one good part about a chocolate-high child is that when she comes crashing down, she comes crashing down... aw, I hope you guys had a beautiful V day...


Loved the image of your daughter bouncing of the walls.. yeah toddlers on a sugar high are quite something.. have one of my own.. so know what you are talking about.. Read some of your previous posts and they were so much fun..esp the embarrassing childhood tales.. will be back!!


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not that it matters, but:



where have you disappeared to, mr american kimchi?

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