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February 05, 2008


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back in first grade, we had a day wherein we bring our favorite pet or plant and all students parade them in the hallway. We didn’t have any pets and I was too small to carry a potted plant.

so what mom did was catch a cockroach and put it in small glass jar for my show and tell. Embarrasing!!!!


I used to beg my mom for sandwich lunches instead of korean food lunches so she compromised by making kim bap with american cheese and bologna inside!

I was also always mortified by the my mom's ability to do the Korean squat anywhere, especially when she needed to find something in her purse in line at a store.


Oh, I forgot about the time when my dad and I were walking through a bad neighborhood that had a gang problem. The sidewalk was blocked by a large group of young men that didn't want to let us pass.

My dad puffed his chest out, put his arms out in front of them and belted "Ave Maria" in the loudest baritone ever.

The homies cracked up laughing and I could hear them imitating my dad all the way down the street.

Also when I was 5 or 6, my grandma made me pee into an empty kimchee jar when I was little. She used to save it and pour it around her garden. One night at dinner, while everyone was enjoying her food, she revealed the secret to her gardening success!

My cousins never let me forget it.

not telling!

Hey, I'm late to the party!

Well, coming from an immigrant family as well...here's one of several...and I apologize for borrowing my cousin's story. I have no blessings in telling this story, but it sort of illustrates the "did she not know..." factor.

My cousin came home and desparately wanted some Op (Ocean Pacific) clothing to fit in with everybody. His mom (my aunt) said she'd take care of it. And normally that would've meant they would've hit the local Sears and picked up some new threads (they were not poor as far as I can remember). To my cousin's horror, he came home the next day to find my aunt had personally sewn "Op" on all his shirts with her hands...and not very well.

Oyama Naku

This one is reverse embarrassment. When my son was younger, I'd take him everywhere. We had a favorite Korean Restaurant that we'd frequently go to, as they had one of the best BEEF BULGOGI. So one day, he announced to me in that high pitch child voice, "MOM THERE ARE SO MANY ORIENTALS HERE", and had a shock look on his face. I looked at him and asked, so what am I? For so long he thought that Mom is Causacian with an accent.

Oyama Naku

This story is about my husband (told many times at every St. Patrick's Day party), when 'he was a wee lad' (he's of Irish descent). His mum had some ladies over for high tea. That time he was not a happy camper for doing something naughty and was punished for the incident. Anyway, the ladies were asking how he was and if he would like a cup of tea. When he did not answer, they kept asking him. Finally, cranky Irish lad blurted out, 'I WANT A CUP OF SHIT'.

N. Suthard

What's the most embarrassing childhood memory caused by your parents or family?

It was my 9th and last birthday party and the theme was horses. I was in love with them and all I wanted at that time was a pony. So leading up to this party my dad thought it would be cute and funny to send little clues to school with me in my lunch box. So in the days leading up to it I got things like; horse hair in a bag, half of a badly drawn horse, the letters spelling out horse was spread out over a few days. Well the day before my party, I go to school and in class there is this strange smell. No one knew what it was or where it was coming from but it SMELLED. So we went to lunch and we thought the smell was following us. When we got to the lunch room we sat with our class and I opened my lunch box to have this very unpleasnt smell greet me. Can you guess what it was? Horse shit. It was at one point in a bag but the bag broke so it was all over my food and lunch box. Everyone in the lunch room was able to smell it and all the kids were quick to start calling me names. Needless to say, my father had just cursed me with a nickname that I'm sure will come up the day I die, Poo Eater.

He thought it was the funnest thing every. That was my last birthday, no one came and I was so upset that I did not leave my room the next day. There were no horses even there just pictures of them. What a let down.

So, the coke go flying?

Michael Nash



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We've all gone through the same difficulties as a child.


this is amazing. i want to go to the show at New Museum but it wasn't ltesid on their site's calendar. is this an invite only thing? or can i just show up on the 19th and get in?i've been running a daily blog, taking pictures with only my Zumi, for about 2 months now and i love everything the Zumi does. would love to see what others are doing with it.


Johanne Sharon and I have known each other for 45years. We grew up together, lost touch and renecnocted over the past 3 years. Your photos of Tara's engagement, wedding and these family photos are absolutely priceless. The candid shots are amazing. You truly have a gift for capturing life's moments and preserving them for all to see. Absolutely fantastic.


The Socratic method is the shrosett possible path between intelligent discourse and a pissed off boy/girlfriend.Short of, maybe, answering every inquiry with eff you, that's why.


Funny,,,,I just had to email Rodger at work to please call my phone so I could find it! Sam had it hdedin in the bath toys! I'm glad it's not only me! BTW thanks for your help yesterday! That was the problem!!

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