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January 16, 2008


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Yikes, that is not a good picture of Katie Holmes. But, of course, the Peanut is adorable. I also love the questioning/scared look on MetroDog's face.


Hands down, The Peanut.


Definitely the Peanut. No question. Also, she has much better sunglasses than Katie Holmes. Just saying.


Peanut is adorable and I love the new look. Katie, or should I say "Kate" is an alien pod person and there isn't really any comparison.

I love your dog in the background.


My 3 1/2 year old son becomes possessed at the mere mention of a haircut. Watch me pull out the bubble bribe tonight. I'm even desperate enough to drop them off at the little kiddie salon ahead of time, just to make something work. Congrats on the milestone. No doubt, the Peanut is cuter than Katie Homes.

Linda B

"Carol Channing's corpse" -ok, that is hilarious.

Love Peanut's haircut. Te glasses make the look.

Katie who? Shoot...


MetroDaughter looks way cuter. Katie Holmes doesn't look like Katie Holmes - the Body Snatchers will do that to a person.

Mama Nabi

THAT is Katie Holmes? Hmmm... OR is that really a picture of Carol Channing's corpse?
FABULOUS, Peanut. Of course, she wins hands down. No question about that. DUH.

Olivia K.

Classic MD. I love the fact that you can make arcane literary references but still know who Sally Hershberger is. You truly are metro.


The Stepford Alien, Couch-Jumping CruiseMonkey-married Katie Holmes wishes she looked an iota as good as the Peanut does. Maybe if she prays hard enough, Xenu will make it so. Next Thetan level, here she comes!

BTW, love the description of the Peanut's previous hairstyle as "Sally Hershberger-meets-Chewbacca." :)


You are a seriously funny motherfucker, MD.


For some reason, the expression on your dog's face in the background cracks me up. Meanwhile, the Peanut is as adorable as ever!


Peanut. No contest.


aw, I love the new hairdo. It's much classier than the bangs on that woman. She actually looks like the spawn of Katie and Carol.

Angie in Texas


(*BTW, my almost 8 year old told the hairdresser the other day: just a little from the bottom . . . and can we fix what mom did to my bangs?!) busted by my own flesh and blood!


Weird. I thought that was Anna Wintour. Not good for Katie!


Bubbles and videos? I'm going to have to try that tactic on my 4 y.o. He's starting to look like a member of Spinal Tap.

Brina V.

I'm a single 25 year old girl living in Chicago. What does it say about me that the Peanut's haircut is 20 times more stylish than my own? She's beautiful, MD.

And what the hell is happening to Katie Holmes?


Ok, Lil P is cute and all but I think my favorite part of the photo is MetroDog's "Wtf?" look in the background.


Katie Holmes is really starting to scare the hell out of me. Is it me or does the girl looks totally brainwashed? Poor thing!

Peanut wins hands down!

Motherhood Uncensored

HAHA on Mama Nabi.

Peanut is much less mannequin like. And that's a good thing.


Man! Hands down, the Peanut takes it! First, she looks like an actual, live human being, as opposed to the vaguely droid-like vapid thing that Ms. Holmes seems to be employing lately. Second... shit, I just can't get past the fact that Mrs. Cruise looks so fucking awful. Damn! Just a dressed up train wreck...


Seeing a photo of Peanut with MetroDog always makes my day. Could the two of them be any cuter?


The Peanut comes in first, the French bulldog second, THEN Ms. Holmes. Congratulations on getting the kid to the salon! We had our first professional haircut just weeks ago, too.


THAT was Katie Holmes? I thought it was Angelica Houston!

Driver B

Peanut. OBVI.


How bad is it that when I first read the title, I thought it said "Who POOPED it best?" Yes, I do have a small child. :-)
Anyway, the answer is Peanut, of course!


I can't believe how much the Peanut has grown up! She's absolutely beautiful, MD.


The kid, cute. Willy Wonka, not so much.


Peanut all the way, AND she looks human, not like a emaciated space alien robot.


WTF? I can't believe I haven't heard of your blog before. You seem cool so let me ask you, "is 2:50 p.m" too early for a toddy?


Why, Peanut, mais oui. KH is scary. And how has she aged twenty years since marrying TC?


I admire your courage, MD. I don't think I'd ever put my daughter's picture up against Katie Holmes. God only knows what kind of crazy searches you're gonna get now!

And of course, the Peanut wins, hands down.

Robot Dancers

The peanut definitely wins...
Katie will now haunt my dreams, trying to slice me to bits with her razor sharp cheekbones.


Like you even needed to ask...


What a silly question! Of COURSE Peanut rocked the 'do! I have to say, Peanut and MetroDog are AWESOME! That picture is hilarious!


Katie Holmes looks WAY better than Peanut. Katie is THE fashion icon for American women and married to a V5 Scientologist!

Ha! Just kidding. I just made up that V5 business.

Katie looks like an alien!


Peanut is rockin' the stylish bob...even MetroDog knows that!
Katie? Well, I honestly don't have a single word to say about her.



the dog is hilarious. he looks worried about the corpse next door.


Man, that's the scariest photo I've seen of Katie Holmes in awhile. She looks more like Posh Spice every day...Nice work getting Peanut's hair cut.

Jane K.

The look on your dog's face is absolutely priceless!


Sorry I haven't been around much, 4 kids with a weekend husband makes Betty cranky and very busy.

Now, did you even have to ask??!! Peanut is stylin' but then again, she's always been stylin', having a stylin' dad and all, how can she not?! Hope all is well with you!


You have a stylist?

pnuts mama

i'd have to slap anyone who would suggest that your daughter resembles that freak show. i'm totally not even kidding. that's justifiable slapping.

i read that same post for that salon and considered it- just to have any professional figure out wtf to do with our pnuts rats nest. homegirl didn't seem to inherit either of our hair genes, lookin more like grandpa than anyone else.

i'm lovin' those side-swept bangs!


I totally LOVE the Peanut's new hairdo. Maybe I'll take this photo with me the next time I have an appointment with my stylist!


Peanut's adorable but it's the dog who keeps attracting my gaze. What a cutie!

I finally caved and cut my almost-2-year-old's hair myself, just a few days ago. It's curly, though, and very forgiving (thank goodness)...


The Peanut wins hands down. Mrs. Cruise looks like a slightly warmed Anna Wintour but Peanut gives the look sass extraordinaire.


OMG. Could the Peanut and MetroDog be any cuter together? That photo is awesome!

Shannon Best

I'm gonna have to say Peanut has the most adorable haircut this side of the Atlantic. You go girl!
Shannon in Austin


Adorable kid, cute little doggie... but what really gets my attention?

DAMN! You have some good looking floors, man.

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