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January 03, 2008


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Hilarious as usual. I just saw Juno and LOVED it! Very quirky!

JJ Daddy-O's Baby Momma

Santa brought Little Mary Sunshine an Irish Dancing Barbie. This was lame on so many fronts. A. Being married to an Irishman, whose country's major cultural output (of late) is a style of dance that involves Never Moving Your Arms, and B. Barbie.


Favorite depressing song: Anything by Damien Rice, particularly 9 Crimes.
Resolution: Stop being scared and start taking more chances.

I'm glad you're back!

Rattling The Kettle

You gonna eat the foie gras together with the chicken, or separately?

moe berg

welcome back.

now that i'm here at my desk after 3 weeks off, i've been listening to a lot of 'waiting for my real life to begin' by colin hay.


New Years Resolutions:
1. If a certain tool would make a job easier, just go and fucking buy it already.
2. Build a 1Kwatt kickass soundsystem. Any hobby that involves woodwork, soldering and sphincter loosening Techno Basslines is the hobby for me.
3. Get muddy with the sprogster more often.

Paige Jennifer

Right, so I work for my dad. I've been his employee for almost a decade. And his partner, I work with him but I don't technically work for him. The Friday before Christmas, us three Jews congregated in my dad's office for my quasi review and a presentation of a bonus check - something I've never expected and always felt uncomfortable taking. I must have uttered a gazillion thank you's before backing out the door like a pageant winner, waving a curled hand and dabbing tears as they rolled down my cheeks.

Either you're an appreciative person or an asshat. Sounds like you have a few asshats on your payroll.

Danielle M.

Welcome back, MD. I missed you! Glad to see that even in your seasonally depressed state of mind, you're still as funny as every. Happy new year to you and the family!


When I was 25, a college friend passed away. The Scientist had just come out. It reminds me so much of that time, and specifically of how self-conscious she was about a scar on her face from one of her surgeries. I listened to it over and over for weeks.


My resolutions sound depressingly banal after reading your exotic, urban ones. (To #1, I say, "Suit up!" in the wise words of Barney Stinson.) I'm trying to cook two new recipes per month and give up soda, except for a monthly celebratory root beer float as a reward.

Missy Keenan

Lost My Driving Wheel by the Cowboy Junkies; This Woman's Work by Kate Bush


I am still trying tog et out Thank yous for my kids. But seriously I think we need to teach our kids more about gratitude...

To depress me? Just start playing the "Shindler's List" soundtrack. Yeah, then I am down...BUt it doesn't take much


Right on, Susan: Anything by Damien Rice. Sheesh. I saw him in concert and he was plodding along on the piano and just stopped, mid-song, and said, "Fuck it," and grabbed his guitar and launched into a new song. Might have been a rehearsed moment, but even *he* seemed unable to stand the melancholy anymore.

MD, I'm sorry that your younger employees are all a bunch of etiquette illiterates. When did basic human interaction and courtesy become the exception to the rule? I must have missed that memo.


Favorite depressing song: "Not Pretty Enough" by Kasey Chambers. Great between-boyfriends music back when I was single.


"Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails
"Serpentine" by Ani Difranco
"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

Just finished the Murakami book. Great read. Been meaning to check out the Min Jin Lee book too.


Wow, those are some depressing songs. I just played all 5 of them. Sounded good though -- anything would sound good to me right now since I've listened to my kids playing "Wanted: Dead or Alive" about 10,000 times on their Rock Band game in the past week.


Our company had a rough year too. We didn't have any formal Christmas party and nobody received any bonuses. All the kids in their 20's were bitching and sniping about it until one of the older managers heard them and loudly tore them a new one.

He yelled at them they should grow up and stop seeing bonuses as just another part of getting paid. Bonuses should be for hard work and rewards for a job well done. Here he was, an older man with a mortgage and two kids. If he wasn't complaining about not getting a bonus, why should these young snotheads?

After he was done, everyone in the office over 30 gave him a standing ovation.

Brandon R.

Don't even get me started on the younger generation. I work in advertising with a bunch of recent college grads. I've never seen a generation with such a sense of entitlement. When my peers and I started out in advertising, we knew how hard it was to climb the ladder so we busted our ass every day. These days, if I ask one of the kids to stay past 5:30, they give me attitude. Unreal!

Rachel E.

Favorite depressing song: All I Needed to Say by Michael W. Smith. (From my contemporary Christian music days - how embarrassing - but it came out right after my sister died suddenly and hit home. Still does.) New Year's resolution: To try to understand my 11-year-old daughter better - I feel like I never know what the hell I'm doing with her. BUT! I have at least taught her to be grateful and to show that gratitude. What do you say when you get something from someone Emma? Thank you! What do you say when you get something from someone that you already have Emma? Thank you! What do you say when you get something from someone and you don't like it Emma? Thank you! I'm sorry your employees weren't more thankful - they will be after they read your post today I bet! (Hi D!)


Is it wrong that my new year's resolution is to stop being so nice to everyone? I feel like I've been a doormat for the past few years and I'm sick of it. No more niceness on my part until I start getting some of it back!

Angie in Texas

what a bunch of self righteous ass hats! i can't stand working with 20 somethings (and it seems to me a LOT of them have that attitude).

resolution: decrease my carbon footprint (which is gonna be easy as pie 'cause right now it's twice the national average . . . but it's something i know'll get done). =) is that cheating?

depressing songs:
closing time - tom watts
another lonely day - ben harper
personal favorite slit-ur-wrists-song: do what you gotta do by roberta flack


Been tempted to delurk a few times before, but saddest song request pushed me over the edge.

Anything by the Tindersticks will definitely do the trick. One of my favourite songs -Tiny Tears- was featured in The Sopranos (episode 12, season 1).


Thanks for the book suggestions... I'm in dire need of a good book! Haven't read a grabbing one lately. Happy New Year!


"Every Day Is Like Sunday" by Morrissey. Definitely depressing.


yeah please be careful with the pregnant question. Someone asked me once and I not only never ever wore that outfit again (which, that morning, I thought looked really nice on me) but I never went back to that chinese restaurant again (it was someone who worked there who asked me) which sucked because it was the best yet least expensive in the area.


Great post, but that cheap booze line hit home. That's something I take to heart, or liver as the case may be.


Regarding the Korean Death Stare...freaking hilarious. My mother had one of the all-time legendary KDS faces. One look from her and all of us kids would be frozen with fear. It even scared the piss out of our father. I'm glad to hear it works on kids today. I've got to start practicing mine.


You listed most of my favorite sad songs. Here's a few more, song title followed by artist followed by album:

1. "Tears of Rage" - The Band, "Music From Big Pink".
2. "I Shall Be Released" - same, same
3. "November" - Azure Ray
4. "Atlantic City" - Bruce Springsteen, "Nebraska"
5. "Jungleland" - Bruce Springsteen, "Born To Run"
6. "Down By The River" - Neil Young
7. "Suicide Medicine" - Rocky Votolato
8. "Strangers" - The Kinks, "Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt One"
9. "Country Feedback" - REM, "Out of Time"
10. "These Days" - Nico, "Chelsea Girls"

I could make you the best sad mixtape ever. I make one every year, but due to global warming, I guess, my seasonal depression is at an 8 year low.

Jamie E.

Nothing would make me happier than if your New Year's resolution was MORE POSTS! How about it, MD?


I've been having the winter blues also these days and have been listening to A LOT of depressing music. Your song choices are awesome. Can't wait to add them to my rotation. One can only listen to so much Belle & Sebastian. Thanks, MD.

Megan M

Hmm . . . I used to work overseas where we got bonuses twice a year -- but they were seen as part of our compensation package, and not as a gift. Just like we didn't say thank you for our salaries, we didn't see a need to say thank you for our bonuses.

I will fault them for not thanking you for the hand-chosen gifts, though. I get a gift card from my boss at the end of the year, and I say thank you for that.

the new girl

You wrote January 2007.

That's some serious jet-lag, brother.

Happy New Year MD & Family


That should read January 2008, big guy. Don't worry. I think I've already done it on a check or two.

My resolution? To stop correcting people on their blog.


MD, you're a rocking boss. I don't know anyone who got a bonus this year.
All time depressing song is Sam Stone by John Prine.
The Santa threat works like a champ, I totally understand.


Whenever I need a good cry, I put on some Joy Division.


The people you gave a note, present, and check to didn't even say thanks? That's just messed up! I knew New Yorkers are supposed to be rude, but that's taking things too far. I could see if you were the CEO of a company with 400 employees, maybe you wouldn't get many responses to a holiday card or something. But 10 employees?

I'll stop gasping for air now. I'm sure you already get that I'm shocked and appalled. And you sound like a great boss--need an editor?

Kate C.

Ack! After Dark was my least favorite Murakami EVAR! Oh, well, I can't expect you to have perfect taste in everything. ;)

Check out our foie-grasful NYE!

Glad you're back and "Sae-hae boke mahn-he pah-du-sae-oh!" (I hope I spelled it ok.)


saddest song: by kd lang...the entire album ingenue (especially 'wash me clean')

I accidentally saw jeff buckley in concert right before he died. phenomenal.

new year's resolutions: keep things in perspective...bon bon chicken - good. crap employees - not worth it.


You should try kd lang's version of "Hallelujah." Jeff Buckley's version is a little too whiny-bitch.


Depressing song/Artist:
"Tower of Song" by Leonard Cohen.


Favorite depressing song: Travis - "Pipe Dreams"

New Year's Resolutions:
1. Get the hubby fluent in ASL
2. Bring my mom here (or go to her in Jamaica)
3. Graduate from college
4. Get knocked up

The hubby is a huge fan of Neil's reviews, via Ain't It Cool, Fark and the ilk. By the way, make sure you read Neil's review of "300".. it had me in stitches.

Happy New Year to you and yours (and don't worry about those ungrateful asshats that you have working for you. It's another sign of the country going down the crapper).


Dude, the path to happiness is paved with cargo pants. Don't fight it.


I was so looking forward to the Santa pic...we took our first one (company holiday family day thingie) and he is screaming his head off, understandably b/c we were waiting on line for about an hour, ran out of snacks and tore him away from the random Snowman costume dude that he was OCDing on. So by the time he saw what we were waiting on line for he was FURIOUS. But it's documented much to my husband's embarrassment and horror (me, not so much). Next year we'll try the non denominational Rockettes line up instead; he likes pretty girls.


Loved your new year's resolutions, MD. Sorry about the ingrates working for your company. Seems to be the trend these days. I chalk it up to poor upbringing.


MD - great resolutions. I'm making a Tyler Florence fried chicken recipe this month. Saw it on Food Network and it had my mouth watering! That's as far as I've gotten on resolutions.

It's hit or miss when you have young employees. I think they do have a huge sense of entitlement. Luckily for me, my one employee is a 20-something, and he's amazing. Very thankful! Works really hard and is always going above and beyond. I bought him an iPod Touch, because he rocks! So, they are out there, but in smaller numbers than the world needs (tried to hire his buddy last year, but he was more of what you've experienced, so I said no).


I think this is the year foie gras will be banned in San Francisco. I guess I'll have to book a flight on Jetblue out to the east coast. See you soon!

Happy 2008.

ps...i've been reading for awhile, my resolution for '08 was to stop lurking on blogs and start commenting =)


My wife took a sushi-making class a few years ago. I think it was because she was afraid I was going to bankrupt our family by eating at Sushi Yasuda once a week. It's great though. Every Saturday morning, I wake up early to buy the fresh fish. Then, we invite a few friends over and have these massive sushi feasts. Care to come over some time? I'll shoot you an e-mail.


That is a great list of depressing songs, MD.

When my mother passed away several years ago, we played Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" at her memorial service. Needless to say, whenever I hear it now, I burst into tears.


I received a cash bonus at work during the holidays. I walked over to my team lead, as he's the one that signed the card, sat in the chair near his desk, looked him in the eyes and said, "thank you." He replied, "you know it wasn't actually MY money, right?" So, uhm, apparently few know how to receive OR give.

Jessica F.

It's completely inexcusable that your employees did not thank you for their bonuses. In "the old days," it would have been de rigeur to send a hand-written thank you note. Now, I guess it's too much to even expect a thank you e-mail.

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