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January 10, 2008


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i'll be lining up for tickets for Planet B-Boy:


Those kids are awesome!

Jason P.

Oh man, that Beat Street scene brings back fond memories. Back in '84, my brother and I memorized all the lyrics to Grandmaster Flash's song. We used to drive our parents crazy rapping it all the time.

Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can’t let the Streets beat you!


"you better eat those eggs before I break yo legs"

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Beat Street rules, but It's nor Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.


That YouTube clip makes me think of that South Park episode..."You got served!"


You're a spring chicken compared to me! :)

Ricardo Sergio

Blog is wonderful, an excellent layout.

Ricardo Sergio
Faça the Difference!


Those two kids are so adorable! I just want to eat them up.

P.S. I never even heard of "Beat Street" before. Heck, I was only 3 years old in 1984!


Is MetroBro single? Is he as cool as you?

I've got a cousin moving to NYC in a few months. She's Korean-American, smart, funny, and hot!

Tell those chinks that when they're done playing with their records, I want my dry cleaning back.


actually, it did win an oscar-- best shoelaces in a musical or comedy


aaaaawesome. I spent my late teens-early 20s as the DJ's biatch, schlepping crates of records all over the place, coffee houses for the early sets, then warehouse parties, and downtown clubs for the late-late-late sets.
These kids are better than most of the "main act" shitheads whose egos I stroked in the name of bettering the boyfriend's "career". Too bad he sucked so much at it, 'cos I guess in retrospect it was pretty fun.


You're not old...

"Beat street-King of the beat I see you rocking that beat from across the street!"

Or am I old too?

Loved that movie.


Hello! I *lived* Beat Street everyday...in my bedroom.

And if you want to see some more cool stuff that the "next generation" is doing, just go onto youtube and search "Korean hip-hop dance"

Check it:

my boyfriend Rain:

and this:


This from the guy who still owes me 10 bucks over that bet about what was gonna be the bigger movie - "E. T. " or "Krush Groove"?


Have you seen the Korean Beyonce?



I had break dancers like that at my bat-mitzvah. Old Skool Rap channel on Sirius rules - my hubby plays name that tune.

Those kids rock!


I was pretty excited when i saw this and that the title said they were korean. they are japanese though!

Papa Bradstein

Dude, what you need to do to feel young is get onto Facebook and...oh, really? ...never mind, then.

Papa Bradstein

Oh, and the kids are amazing, but what I really want to see is that vinyl collection behind them. Of course, I'd need Vampdaddy to explain to me who half the artists are, but still...


I used to wear parachute pants. In public.


Okay that's it, instead of sending my half-Asian kids to piano lessons, I'm signing them up for DJ-ing 101. Too cute.


Under the name M.C. Shadoe I made a name for my self on the tough suburban streets of south colonie, NY. On and On 'til the break of dawn. I may have owned more parachute pants than whit...tough call.


OMG, was that Rae Dawn Chong? What the hell ever happened to her?


Wow, talk about flashback. I used to love that movie. We would hunt down cardboard boxes to make dance squares... oh to be young and lame!


Ah yes, 1984. I was a freshman in High School and totally crushing on a pimply-faced guy with a mullet and hot red parachute pants. And a boom box that didn't fit in his locker. Wow--We.Are.Old. I still liked Breakin 2--Electric Boogaloo better. I know what I'm renting this weekend...


I love how the little boy looks like his mind's wandering when he's scratching.


I'm crushed that someone else beat me to the Krush Groove punchline. My friends and I made a point of being there early on opening night...I guess we feared everyone else would recognize its cinematic brilliance and it would be sold out!


so will we be seeing Peanut scratchin' and breakin'?


Wow. That all brings back memories. Grandmaster Flash. Rae Dawn Chong. Beat Street...

My husband used to "break" (before we knew each other). Last week, he insisted on giving us all a demonstration. When he attempted "the worm," I think he may haver ruptured a disc, but I was laughing too hard to help him.

Chris K.

"Koreans take what you make...and we make it better! Boo yah!"

I'm totally stealing that line. I love it.

Angie in Texas

god i was hoping when i linked to that video that i wouldn't recognize it! (thanks for making me feel old MD!)

Angie in Texas

oh and BTW, to the Anon. Coward who made the "chink" comment:

koreans are not chinks. neither are japanese. get your racist labels right, freak!


Thanks for this video, MD. I love it. I think I've watched it over 20 times so far and I've passed it on to all my friends. These kids are so darn cute!


My kid is SO doing this. I need to live through him dammit.


Beat street was brilliant -- but nothing captures the cinematic genious of "Breakin'" and "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"!


Little Asian kids bringing the funk! Too cool for school.


What's the correct slur for Koreans? In high school, my chink friends use to call our Korean friends goli? kimchi?

My friend in college always incorrectly called me a gook in college, and I constantly had to reteach the stupid nigger that the correct term is chink (unless you're fat where the correct term is chunk).

just some gook

gook is the correct term for koreans, it dates back to the korean war, han gook = korea in korean language, it was mistakenly used in the vietnam war b/c americans didnt know or care about the difference in vietnamese and koreans,

you mean rae dawn chong was NOT nominated?!

Mama Nabi

Those kids are so adorable - and they certainly do kick ass.

Ah... 80's... good times.


These kids are even cooler than Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem.


MD, I hate to break it to you, but there's a slight error in labeling that needs to be corrected. Although those 2 kids are amazing and phenomenal on so many different levels, they are in fact Japanese.

I, like you, feel incredibly happy that children of the next generation are taking something I did in high school, college and a bit after, to a whole new level. True turntablism isn't dead! :)

Shannon Best

I LOVE mixtapes.....STILL. Monie Love, Eric B and Rakim, Grand Master Flash.....My husband doesnt understand why I keep my mix tapes. He says the tapes "hiss"........lol.


That is awesome. The only problem is, it makes my kids look so damn lazy. I mean, they're 9 and 11, so why aren't they burning up the turntables?


Now, I have a reason not to sell my turntables and records! Gonna pull them out of the storage closet so my little Pogi can wax the vinyl!


I'm with Papabradstein--I wanna know what amazing collection is behind the kids! Looks like they have more than enough to practice with. As for the lazy comments--they probably were asked to do that 50 times for the camera and got bored after the 3 time. Love the post + Beat Streets clip!

New York Kids Club

lisa k

Man, I'm totally going out to buy two turntables and a microphone.

With Filipino and Korean blood, how could my kids NOT become djs?


Brooklyn in da house!
Beat Street is a classic.

But WildStyle is even better.

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