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November 05, 2007


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I would have loved to see the Peanut request Free Bird. Very cool!

And have a very happy birthday!!


Laurie Berkner in Carnegie Hall? Sounds amazing. Happy birthday, MD!

SciFi Dad

Free Bird, huh? I can understand your pride.

I've been working on getting the munchkin to scream "Play some Zeppelin, man" while imitating Shaggy's (from Scooby Doo) voice.

It hasn't gone that well yet.

6th Floor Blogger

hey, Happy Birthday. May you stay immature forever, it's a lot more fun.

Clare's Mommy

First let me say I love your blog and tell other parents about it all the time! I had to comment because we too saw Laurie Berkner in concert....except it was on a HOT day in Central Park this past Spring.....it was like Kiddie Woodstock! I have never seen so many toddlers/pre-schoolers dancing, and most parents were getting their groove on too! I am sure your "buzzing" made Peanut proud!


Your gig sounds better than the live action My Little Pony: World's Largest Tea Party that I took my two year old niece to. Although, I don't know which of us was more pissed that we didn't have floor seats in front of the stage. Creepy giant Ponies.

JJ Daddy-O

You beat me to it- I was going to wish you a Happy 3-9 when I noticed your birthday in your Babble profile last week.
Talisker / Rocky Road floats for everyone!


Any way that you can recreate that little bumblebee dance and put it up on youtube? I think it would be a surefire winner. Happy bday, MD!

Hygiene Dad

Between the Annie costume and now Free Bird, you could have the coolest kid this side of the Mississippi. You are definitely a great father.

Happy birthday, MD. One more year and join the ranks.


Vampboy LOVES Laurie -- good times.

And a happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday MD!

I love that you took your three year old to a concert. I started going to concerts that young and I've always loved it.

Busy Mom

Bumble Bee? Can't you see? Buzz buzz buzz buzz a buzz buzz...


I can't even imagine what a Laurie Berkner concert must be like. When they play her music in preschool, all the kids go completely insane and start running and dancing like crazy. Total chaos!

Happy birthday, MD!


happy birthday md!

Keep flapping those arms and buzzing ; )


I think the world would be a far better place if more dads flapped their my arms like little bumblebees while dancing around in circles yelling, "buzz, buzz, buzz!"

Ten Feet of Steel

Happy Birthday, MetroD! And I have to say, I'd be bursting with pride, too. You done good.

Mama Nabi

First of all, Happy Birthday... old man.
You rock. Really. Laurie Berkner in Carnegie Hall... wow. LN and I are jealous.


Free Bird! How classic. Kudos on demonstrating, yet again, how cool your kid is!

Happy Birthday. Many happy returns.


39 years young, MD! Happy birthday.

Nomadic One

Rock on, Peanut!! I totally understand, MD...as we prepare to see Ralph's World this weekend! One of my fav Munchkin moments was when I reminded her that we were going to the symphony one day last Spring and she looked at me and slyly asked, "Symphony of Destruction?" :)

Happy Birthday, MD!



I love how you teach the Peanut all these cool sayings, like, "these are not the droids you're looking for". Beautiful, man! Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great birthday. I'll have drink to you this week.

Cheers - Jrock


Have a great birthday, MD!


Happy birthday to you!

Papa Bradstein

Tell me you showed her how to hold the lighter so she won't burn herself as she waves it back and forth...and that you turned the flame down on it.

Happy Birthday!


Isn't it our true job as parents to teach our kids stupid human tricks? It really does make it all worthwhile. Happy birthday, MD!


Great image in my mind. I'll be smiling all night.

Have a great Birthday, my friend.

Chief Family Officer

I almost spit out my food when I got to the end of your post. That's sooooo funny! And Happy Birthday!


You guys saw Laurie Berkner in Carnegie Hall? That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. One more reason I wish I lived in New York.


Laurie Berkner kicks ass...after 3 kids, I think I may know all of her songs by heart.

Mrs. Davis

There aren't many things better than enjoying live music with kids. Except one more year of not being 40. Happy birthday!

creative-type dad

Happy Birthday!

And there's nothing funny about gangs of angry midgets.


Your post made me laugh in an otherwise quiet office!

Looks like I'd have to "upgrade" from dancing in the living room with my 3 yr old Caitlin, to going to a real concert!

Happy birthday!


As per usual, I enjoy reading your perspective on life, MD. Only you could tie in stage diving at a Jane's Addiction concert to Laurie Berkner at Carnegie Hall to some good old fashioned Lynrd Skynrd. Have a great birthday!

Jack D.

Hahaha! I don't know who makes me laugh more, MD...you or your daughter! Have a great birthday. 39 is a good one.


Happy Birthday MD from one Scorpio to another. I turn 32 today....and am so high on sugar that I almost don't care! Now, if only February could get here faster so that I can add wine and vodka to my celebrations once again....

Have a good day and happy birthday from Atlantic Canada!


Free Bird????.....that is funny.


I don't have any kids yet but I love coming here and reading about your life with the Peanut. You seem to get so much joy out of life and it's nice to see that having a child hasn't changed any of that. If anything, it just seems to have made life that much better.

Happy birthday, MD!


You're a scorpio? Man. What date? (My husband is the 9th.) Also, for next year, let me know if you want the "40 is the new 20!" logo I made for his pint glass give-aways. :-)

Paige Jennifer

Hmm....well, now I know how my parents felt when they took me to my very first concert - Donnie and Marie Osmond.

mr. big dubya

Little Dub has a karaoke set that he uses from time to time - I am trying to get him to say, "Hello, Cleveland!" but all I get so far is "V-land!"

39, huh? It's that time again? My, how time flies. I once had a poster hanging in my room that read: Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up. It featured a guy in shorts and Hawaiian shirt at a board meeting surrounded by stiffs in suits. I feel like that guy everyday.


This reminds me of when I was pregnant I used to put earphones on my belly and crank up the Zeppelin, Queen, Bowie, and of course Skynard. It has worked out well, LaLa is now 3 and I have many times caught her groovin in the back seat to these artists.

PS- LaLa goes insane for Laurie Burkner. "Play the catching song!!"

Happy B-day MD!


Part of me knew we were nearby on the birthday -- aka what's you sign baby -- track. Are you and ITSJ, too?

Happy birthday I was 38 last week and totally enjoyed NOT being 40 this year. I send to you a virtual Macallan and a copy of Barney's Version.


that was hilarious! My family loves Laurie Berkner. She probably would have tore up some Freebird.


I you wanna experience another amazing musical moment in your life, go to Carnegie Hall to see the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. It will change your life...

(there was an article on Dudamel on the NYT magazine last week)


Sounds like good times! The Peanut is certainly gearing up to be one rad kid. But then again, she takes after her dad -- you've been to the Fillmore; man, can you get any cooler!?! (And my absolute favorite band has kicked ass in Carnegie Hall too... and they don't usually allow rock groups into distinguished venue, so what does that tell ya about my boys? Bet you can't guess who they are).

Can't believe I've never heard of Laurie Berkner.. but then again, I'm not a parent and not currently nannying any kids. My head is full of Jean Piaget, though -- he rocks, in a different way!

Happy birthday, dude. May God continue to heap the blessings down on you!


We took the kids down to Red Bank a few weeks ago to see Dan Zanes in concert. It was like the Beatles, the Stones, and Elvis all wrapped up into one. I've never seen so many little kids go completely crazy at once. Can you imagine if he and Laurie Berkner ever played together? I think a million little toddler brains would explode!


Happy birthday, old man! My hubs turns 37 this week. He's a nice Scorpio too!


"As a wise man once said, "You're only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely."

childlike would be a better word. immature is so negative.


Sounds like a blast. We've got the Doodlebops live in Lexington tomorrow night. My two are giddy with anticipation. We are sure to rock it.


Holy crap! 39? I hope you weren't dancing too hard you old fart.

Do people still say 'old fart?'

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