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October 31, 2007


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Cute beyond words, MD! Love the Peanut's costume and the look on MetroDog's face is just priceless!


Way too cute. But we need a picture of Daddy Warbucks Metrodad!

Booger dressed up as an In-N-Out worker: http://flickr.com/photos/renaissancegirl/1820028825/


So cute - love the joy in her face. At our house we were a giraffe and her wranglers - her costume was great, but ours was a t-shirt and fabric paint shortcut.


Our 3 year old was slated to go as a ballerina. Like Olivia, perhaps. Like Olivia, she changed her mind at the last moment and went as some kind of princees in purple. Maybe she was the pope at easter. Our son, who resembles a blond buddha, went as Chairman Mao.


Kidlet was Elizabeth Swann (from Pirates of...) but shipwrecked. Baby was a puppy (my reputation for outstanding costumes was shot this year due to lack of time). Hubby was Sir Ernest Shackelton, while I was Jane Austen.


Love the Annie costume. Also like your buddy's idea about Bjorn Borg. Both pretty funny.


That's so cute, but wow. You covered your HAIR? Your pride and joy?! Now THAT'S parental devotion...


What? No picture of MetroDaddy Warbucks??

Okay -- I guess in your defense, Asian Annie would steal the scene anyway. I mean, look at that smile! I can almost hear her laughing from here. But seriously, how does little Peanut even hold up that much hair?

Kate C.

AAGHH! Am dying at the idea of the idea of Amy Winehouse. Gin glass, stork's nest wig... tight something, fake tattoos. I love it!

And also Shackleton and Austen! Did you have penguin props I wonder?

And the Little Orphan Annie get up is past classic into sublime. It's the grin that seals the deal.


Cowgirl, jack sparrow and witch. Not much creativity around here.

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Too freakin' cute! Baby girl went as a sparkler.

James D.

The Peanut is totally adorable. Our kids went as elephants. Don't know why they both wanted to be elephants.


my daughter was super girl, my husband was clark kent (superman outfit underneath a suit jacket and shirt) and i was lois lane complete with press badges i made. lil' punkin's boots were the best part - they were red lame boot covers that I squeezed over her UGG boots.


my daughter was super girl, my husband was clark kent (superman outfit underneath a suit jacket and shirt) and i was lois lane complete with press badges i made. lil' punkin's boots were the best part - they were red lame boot covers that I squeezed over her UGG boots.

JJ Daddy-O

Dude, I can't believe you weren't dropping the Jay-Z rap while P-Nut was backing you with the "Hard Knock Life" chorus. Are you sure you haven't moved to the suburbs?


Our two year old son had a United States Post Office Letter Carrier outfit. It looked hilarious and of course as we made our way around the neighborhood the 'postal' jokes came from the woodwork.
Our daughter was a penguin, which looked just as funny.

jenne the niftywench

My daughter Cassidy turned her nose up at the kitty cat and fairy costumes i offered her. She decided she was going to be PunkRockGirl. said just like that. and she really was serious, at 22 months! i dressed her in black, with her lil doc marten mary janes and spiked her hair and put makeup on her.. and she word her 'Anarchy in the Pre-K" t shirt. it was awesome. :) Your Peanut is all sorts of fabulous. thanks for telling us about her!


new reader here, really enjoy your writing.

your little one is the cutest annie ever! we were crazy poor this year, so since we live in hawaii, i made my son a tiny pair of shorts, found a detroit tigers hat, and a hawaiian shirt, mascara-ed a mustache on him, and poof! instant nine year old Magnum PI! he won best costume at two differant things! lol sometimes poor is good! makes us more creative.


That Annie costume is straight up genius. My wife and I were laughing our heads off at this one. Well done, Peanut!


I've never commented but enjoyed your blog SO MUCH! Your little Peanut is somethin else! My daughter is 13 and in that way-to cool-for-school stage in life so instead of dressing her up...we dressed up our 6lb. shih tzu.He was a bouncer, complete with "Security" on the back of his little tshirt, sunglasses and we tortured him and gave him a mohawk..fun was had by all. Except the dog of course. He was pretty pissed.


our baby was a lobster. i asked every parent who opened the door to find us on his doorstep if he had any boiling water.

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