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October 31, 2007


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Sarah Marie

The Peanut is so cute I could just eat her! Happy Halloween!

I'm dressing up as Cher, circa "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves." It's all about the wig.


That is great. MetroDog's expression is priceless. He's all, "When did Carrot Top eat Peanut?"

We didn't dress up this year, despite my begging (again) to be surf and turf, with me as a little cow and the hubs as a lobster. I still argue that it would be nothing short of HILARIOUS. But, alas, it's a Wednesday and a school night, so there is no surf and turf for RA.


Brilliant costumes for the clan!

Joles went as a tiger. I was the pregnant woman with back pain, butt pain, cramps and hemorrhoids. It was a stretch.


Super cute! Our 21-month old was Yoda and my husband was Luke. I went as a doctor strictly so I could wear scrubs to work. :)


I went as Lisa Marie Novak.


that is the cutest.

Lola was VIVI Ornutia from the game Final Fantasy IX.

Of course she decided this on Thurs or Fri so it was a piecemeal costume:
what its supposed to look like:

Anne Glamore

Peanut totally wins. She even beats Drew's "Macdaddy" (pimp) costume. It took me forever to type this because I have a Halloween buzz AND a rep to protect.

Don't I??


That is awesome. For some reason, dead pirate wenches were popular amongst the (female) students this year.


love an asian annie. i always to be on broadway till my friend told me asians weren't allowed. this proves that wrong!

my oldest demanded to be a mosquito, inspired by randy kaplan (brooklyn kids musician). guaranteed he was the only mosquito in brooklyn!


so cute, and the dog looking at her is just so awesome.
we had Luke and Leia here.


hilarious. cyoot.

we were...halloween '06. hurray!


The look on your dog's face is absolutely priceless!


The Peanut is too darn cute! I love the fact that she went as Little Orphan Annie. Maybe one day she'll star in the Broadway production.


Too damn cute! Too bad you couldn't find a terrier wig for MetroDog though.

My favorite costume ever was when I went as a Freudian Slip... I wore an undergarment that had photos of Sigmund Freud ironed onto it.


Too freakin' cute! Baby girl went as a sparkler.


I'm 8 months pregnant so I put on a wedding dress and dressed as a shotgun wedding. Hubs wore a powder blue tux.



My boys were ninja and tiny ninja.


What, no picture of you all bald?


The little diva was a hula dancer with, and I can't explain why, an arrow thru her head. The get-up produced quite the series of enormous laughs in the neighborhood.


Petunia was Supergirl. She was planning to be little orphan Annie all year until she discovered the Superfriends about two months ago. Ah, well. At least she wasn't a princess.

Today, I am going to my belated office Halloween potluck as Amy Winehouse. People are either going to think I'm brilliant or have no idea who I'm dressed as.

Melissa B.

For about he 20th year in a row, my husband and I went as Sid and Nancy.


Since he's still too young to really know what it's all about, we got to stuff our 17-month-old into lederhosen and call it a day.


BabyGirl insisted on being Cinderella. We tried to resist but she had her little heart set on it.


I saw a Peanut costume at Ricky's and thought, oh wouldn't that be great for the Peanut. CLEARLY the MD household is more original than that! V. adorable + the dog is hot + the thought of MD in a skull cap is kind of gross, but also hot.

pnuts mama

that little orphan annie is friggin' awesome. our pnut went as lisa simpson, all her idea.

we hit a few houses in our lame-ass neighborhood, then went to a friends house in howard beach where the old school guineas still know how to party.

i couldn't believe it, but she totally rocked halloween! she loved going door to door, said trick or treat, thank you and happyween to everyone she saw. maybe it's the hormones, but it made me a little weepy with pride.


She looks like she's having a great time. Is that unadulterated enthusiasm or a sugar high?

My 4 y.o. little Spiderman ate more candy last night than he has the entire rest of the year. It took him almost 3 hours to fall asleep!

Paige Jennifer

Cute! Adorable! I bet she won't take the outfit off. Right? I don't have a kid but I know I'm right.


I think I am drowning in a sea of cuteness here....someone throw me a life preserver......

this is priceless.


TEE HEE HEE. This is the best costume ever. EVER. Too bad Daddy Warbucks missed the photo op!


I want that costume for myself next year! Where did Peanut get it? is it available in adult sizes? I LOVE IT!


Our son went as the tinman.

Rachel E.

So the bulldog is supposed to be Sandy?

My eleven-year-old went as Hannah Montana but everyone thought that she was Britney which really pissed her off. I told her to just show people that she's wearing underwear and then they would KNOW that she wasn't Britney.


I dressed up as a giant Kim Jong Il. No one got my costume, even thought I wore women's sunglasses/


He wanted to be a garbage truck, but his refusal to wear a costume resulted in the firefighter. The jacket and pants we sold as just a normal jacket and pants (and at not quite two getting any clothes at all on is a big struggle), and we slammed the helmet down on his head every time a door opened so it could be seen before he grabbed it and threw it off the porch. The bigger issue was that he didn't get the trick or treating thing and kept busting through the door to investigate people's houses and running away when we tried to get him out. Fortunately we stuck to neighbors we know well.


The midget went as a cowboy this year. He's strangely fascinated by them.

dutch from sweet juniper

please tell me the boss lady went as drunk miss hannigan in a gin bubble bath. hubba hubba, + all that gin!

Mama Nabi

(OMG - if someone did show up as Kim Jong-Il, I'd have totally laughed my ass off, Mikeymike.)
That, by far, is the CUTEST Annie I've seen EVER! Wasn't Sandy a fluffier puppy? I hope there're photos of Daddy MetroWarbucks.
I couldn't top my last year's Energizer Bunny costume for LN... I let PN get a dinosaur costume from Target... but next year, it's going to be my turn again.

Angie in Texas

AM went as an angel, but she wouldn't let me iron the word "irony" onto it.

JC was a ninja.

i was sober.


That might be the best Little Orphan Annnie costume ever. Soooo cute!


Any chance for a video of her singing in her costume??

the new girl

THEY are the cutest frigging thing I've ever seen.


One went as the guy from Scary Movie (13 y.o.).

One went as a clown (16 y.o.)

One will not dress up for Halloween. He thinks it's stupid (18 y.o.).

The last one went to work in his Phantom of the Opera costume, complete with a custom-made Phantom mask (21 y.o.)

Obviously, this is the most celebrated day in my household!

The peanut and MetroDog are priceless!

samantha Jo Campen

The. Most. Perfect. Costume. EVER!!!


So cute!!! Happy Halloween! : )


So this is what you do with all the bucks you're not spending on preschool!

I'm jealous. I tossed one costume to Grammy to make and bought the other at babystyle.

She rules.

SciFi Dad

That's awesome (but where's the photo of you?)

My daughter dressed up as a bunny and I was a (kinda creepy) clown. Pics are up at my blog.


Peanut is ADORABLE! I would have KILLED for a costume like that in my childhood, but my parents would never spring for the wig.

Ane was a ballerina (her choice) and Tad was a pirate (his father's choice after checking out the sale rack at Gymboree). I have pictures on my blog!


Son One was "Bond. James Bond" and Son Two was a Tootsie roll. It was his choice, but later he told me he needed to be "scarier next year." I told him he could be College Algebra, but he doesn't seem to fear Math like I do.
Last year our entire family went to Disney World for Halloween. We were a family of Aliens. We told everyone in the line with us at Space Mountain, "We are trying to get home."

creative-type dad

Oh man, that's just cute.


Shes's adorable!!

Mine went as Clone Troopers, and woe to anyone who called them "Storm" troopers!! So old school!!

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