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September 04, 2007


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I can only imagine what the cowboys thought of you, MD! My family immigrated to Dallas from India 15 years ago. You can't imagine how cruel some people were to us. Thankfully, we made it out of there.

JJ Daddy-O

The fridge, which had been making a "mmmmmm....KLIK" sound decided to up and die on Saturday a.m. of Labor Day weekend. No service place in their right mind open on a holiday weekend.

The only benefit is that we defrosted enough hot dogs (why did we have so many in our freezer?) to feed a small village on Labor Day.


You can actually just get your protein from Soy. You dont even need chicken or fish. Dave Attell is one of my favorite comedians, I went to see him once on my birthday and he just got trashed the whole set and yelled out crap to the audience. I heart him.


re: empty threats: dude. the sh*t doesn't REALLY hit the fan until preschool. it's ABMAC. absolutely machiavellian.

re: travelling w/ babies: you jinxed yerself twice, mr. "operation impregnation".

re: hair loss: wow! you're like a postpartum new mom! WOOT!

re: books & music recs - looking fwd to the johnson releease. right now, coetzee's disgrace and vollman's royal family are on my nightstand. i heard a song called jane fonda by mickey avalon on my teenaged niece's ipod - it's catchy and has a beat i can bounce to.

moe berg

i guess the good news is that you and barry diller aren't in the market for the same sort of supermodels. you dig?


as a Texan.
Dallas is not Texas.
Yes it's a TV show.
Yes they say it's Texas on the maps.
The rest of us Texans would just as soon drink piss from a boot as set foot in Dallas.
Please visit West Texas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio or even god forbid Houston before writing off Texas because of Dallas.

That being said...
Dallas has some kick ass radio. KHYI streams online. The morning dude plays great americana.

The new Ray Willie Hubbard is really solid. Brett at KHYI will turn you onto bunches of new stuff.

Does it mean I'm old that I'm still listening to Squirell Nut Zippers and Le Chat Lunatique

Check out Pandora. it will guide you right. sometimes.

good luck with docs. Skip the anal probes if you can. Some places just shouldn't have uncontrolled bleeding when you are 32.


M.D. here is my fool proof method of a break from the world of empty threats. This program only works from Thanksgiving thru December 25th but it's a an evil genius plan if I've ever seen one. Step one: child is naughty/misbehaves/argue's whatever...suddenly you, M.D., receive an urgent call on your cell phone (set to vibrate, of course) from one Mr.S.Clause. You answer and remark that "yes, Santa, the peanut did just (insert infraction here) that. Oh no, Santa you really wouldn't put her on the naughty list would you?" This is a strategy that is guaranteed to work thru and inclusive of age eight. As your little one grows older you can refine the conversation to a point where you might find yourself, one Christmas Eve receiving phone calls where you must respond in mock horror, "Oh no, Santa, the presents are being taken off the sleigh?" Of course you are completely on your own on December 26th but you've had about five or so weeks of relative piece. You'll be thanking me for this one come holiday time.


Next time you're in Dallas, drop us a line. We can get some NYC via osmosis and Beck and The Peanut can shake out their sillies. Then we can hide in your suitcase on the trip back. No, seriously...get us out of here!! What, too much?


Texas, man it's another world down there. I was starting to wonder about you. Sucks about the chicken/salad diet. I'm sure if penguins tasted good, we'd eat them. So, I doubt you want any. Sushi is probably your best bet.

You're probably safe on the Peanut and flying. I flew all my life. Once you're used to it, it's just a way of life.

ps. The White Stripes have that catchy tune, Hey There Delilah, which has been stuck in my head all summer. They're okay. I just downloaded Mat Kearney. Besides that, most of it's a dud.


Unfortunately, your authority to comment about popular music was forever sacrificed with "love-in" you evidently had at the Justin Timberlake show.

...and I thought you liked good music. Terrible.

I spent Labor Day where you should have been - watching the Bears spank the Volunteers with 71,000 of my dearest and closest friends at Memorial Coliseum. Watching the Southern folk deal with People's Park, the hip hop blaring from the PA system, the drunk trust fund fraternity guys from Atherton, etc. was a treat. Come out for the USC game. We have the talent for a Rose Bowl year.

Lastly, Soulja Boy is a bit raw but take a listen to the Travis Barker remix of "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." I was at Travis' house when he was laying down the new beats - it is dope.

Actually, the Travis Barker remix of the Rihanna Umbrella song is the best song of the year. Play the original and then play his. It's ridiculous.

Go Bears.

the mad momma

sorry to be the party pooper here and i love the way you can laugh at yourself, but all the best with the cholesterol. its not funny dude!


I'm always guaranteed a laugh around here when you post. Glad to hear the peanut is becoming a world class traveler - here's to wishing her a future willed with travel and adventure.

As for new music, try the band Stars. They're out of Canada and totally kick ass. Their newest album, In Our Bedroom After the War has to be one of the best I've ever bought. Fantastic singing, awesome instrumentals, you can actually understand what they're saying and not only that, but the lyrics make sense. Hot damn! They have major talent.

Have a great week!

sarah cho

a band i'm diggin lately is OneRepublic, especially the tracks Apologize and Stop & Stare. welcome back to the internet!


Throw kanye west's new album into the pile of new music that sucks. his album leaked last week and everyone already has a burned copy including yours truly.

and how in the heck do you manage to have a full-time job, a toddler, yet still have time to juggle three books for recreational reading? Is the bosslady pulling double duty?!


Dude, if that hair tonic is going to expire send it my way. I finally got sick of my hairline retreating down my back and shaved my melon. It actually looks pretty good, but then, I'm handsome.

Music- Stuff that I've been enjoying over the summer (some of them are "old" by now- you know, like 5 months)

Cold War Kids
Josh Ritter
Joshua James
The Fruit Bats
The Feeling
The Fratellis
Fionn Regan
Brett Dennen
Under the Influence of Giants (I haven't taken the song Mama's Room out of my rotation in a year)
Belle & Sebastian (the entire album 'The Life Pursuit' has also been in my mix since it came out a while ago)
The Beautiful Girls

I'm also digging the latest Wilco

These bands I've come across singles and love them, but I've been too lazy/busy to look into them further:

Until June- Sleepless
Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
The Kooks- Ooh La


Sometimes, I feel like Jennifer Aniston telling Brad Pitt, "If you don't spend more time with me, I'm leaving you" and having no idea that Angelina Jolie was waiting in the wings.

LOL! That was pure genius! Loved it!!


1) Your hair-loss woes? The word schadenfreude springs to mind...
2) Nair. That's all I'm sayin'
3) Music, as a concept in itself, peaked in 1986. So don't worry if you seem out of date.
4) Your body is reacting to the lack of Popeye's Fried Chicken, nicotine, and THC. Really, you should have seen this coming.

Jonathon Morgan

That's totally how I feel in the non-Austin part of Texas -- and, theoretically, with the right camo and another 50 lbs, it would be possible for me to fit in.


I've kept my trimmed, well maintained facial hair for the past five years and it seems like every month the brown/red hairs are slowly becoming gray. DAMN!

This Labor Day weekend was spent with Wine, Dancing, and Crossing Streams.

Angie in Texas

hey, hey now! as a texan, i'd like to agree with dan and re-state that dallas isn't 'really' a part of Texas . . . it's like an entire town who's a caricture of itself. san antonio is GREAT.

me thinks the peanut has a future as a lawyer . . .

Jenny B.

I hate when you go that long without writing, MD! More posts please! This was hilarious.

6th Floor Blogger

personally football just doesn't stand up to baseball. Fall means playoffs for me, then maybe I'll glance at a football game or two. What makes it worse is talk radio, at least with baseball you have something new to talk about, with football you have to talk about the same game for a week.

I've been looking for new books to read. I assume by your 12-year old giddyness that you'd recommend the books you mentioned, but what are they about?

Anne Glamore

1. Everytime I post pics of my husband, people accuse me (nicely) of robbing the cradle. Let me trumpet it here - his whiskers are GRAY! GRAY!

2. The boys are way into Sean ("Beautiful Girls," sung like a reggae Chipmunk) and White T's "Delilah." Me, I'm waiting on Lyle Lovett's new one and Shirley Manson's solo, which I realize are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum.
3. Re sharps near pubes: Last night our dinner table conversation disintegrated into a discussion of which boys had cuts on their willies and how they got there, but I left in disgust so can only say: Be careful-- apparently it's hard out there for a dick.

Stay healthy!


Spent the Labor Day weekend drinking way too many beers and eating way too much barbecue. Three straight days. Wouldn't be surprised if MY cholsterol went through the roof over the weekend.


you're so right about dallas, md. having lived there a few years ago, i think it's safe to say that anyone under 250 lbs is a manorexic. never saw so many big people in my entire life!


Labor Day weekend? Spent it grillin' and chillin.'

Oh, and breaking my washing machine. And sopping up oil from my car.


Mama Nabi

1) You'd look fantastic (I'd almost say 'sexy' but that's Bosslady to decide... and I'm almost as afraid of Bosslady as you are) with shaved head and salt-n-peppa beard. Really.
2) If you were to keep taking the hair cocktail, would the baby come out hairy?
3) You mentioned one of many reasons why I don't like to visit my in-laws in TX.
4) Yeah, not looking forward to LN's first flight ever being 15+ hours... nice way to introduce air travel to a toddler. What's Peanuts secret?


Musically it seems that one of the big problems today is just the sheer volume of material that is being released. That said, there is still a lot of great stuff out there.

TV on the Radio (if you haven't heard it, last year's Return to Cookie Mountain is the best album of the past few years - it's in a class with Scary Monsters-era Bowie).
Wilco (new album is pretty great)
The Rakes - given your fixation on your hair, you'll love their song "The World was a mess but his hair was perfect." The rest of their album Ten New Messages is also pretty great.
Black Moth Super Rainbow's album Dandelion Gum is like gooey, yummy freak-folk trip hop. They're opening for Flaming Lips this fall, if that gives you an idea of their aesthetic.
For a groovy chill with a hint of world beat, try The Sea and Cake's excellent album Everybody (hints of bossanova, West African guitar, beautiful melodies plus Archer Prewitt's wonderfully oblique lyrics)

That's my hodgepodge of recent listening. Not all of it is super-new, but it's all fairly recent.


ps - our sixteen month old loves the Wee Hairy Beasties, which features John Langford of the Mekons with Kelly Hogan and Sally Timms (a very Americana/punk crowd). It's kids music that adults can really dig.


My uncle lives in Texas, weighs 300 lbs, and wears a camouflage vest ALL THE TIME. It's hard to believe that we're even related.


That screaming kid on the plane? Probably mine. Oh wait, we weren't on your flight. You're lucky. My kid hates being on being planes. Nothing seems to work (DVDs, Benadryl, a million toys.) After 15 minutes, he's screaming to get off. You'd think by the age of 4, he'd have gotten used to them by now.


I feel the need to defend Dallas! It's a bit unfair to base your opinion of our citizens on anyone you saw at Wal-Mart. In my part of town, you're much more likely to find people dressed like you than like Yosemite Sam.

Dallas is no Austin, but it really isn't the pits of despair, either. We have world-class restaurants, a thriving arts scene including a soon-to-be-completed new opera house, beautiful lakes, and even a fair number of book-reading, gun-hating liberals (such as myself). So please, give Dallas a little love!


Spent my Labor Day with three dogs (two puppies) two kids, a teenager and one other "grown-up" in a jr. four appartment. WOuld not recommend it.

I used to read a lot of Roth, but then I felt like they all started to sound the same... like Tom Robbins.. But I like your recommendations & am going to check them out!


You are a funny man, MD.

Labor Day was spent on the Chesapeake Bay with friends, drinking a ridiculous amount of beer, eating crabs, fishing and generally having a blast, all as I worried incessantly that the kids were going to get sunburned or stung by a jellyfish or attacked by a shark. Multitasking is truly an art.

Not to get all crunchy on you, but look into garlic and apple pectin for your cholesterol problem. Seriously.


My toddler can't even speak yet and she's already winning our negotiations. I am so screwed.

Glad to have you back!



Oh, and one more comment: do you watch 30 Rock and if so, did you see the episode where Tina Fey goes to Columbus, OH and everyone thinks she's supermodel thin? It's the best part about leaving NYC.


I'm coming out from under the lurkdom to suggest a musical artist that kicks total ass, you and I like a lot of the same type of music or I wouldn't even be saying this. MIA!
(a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist of Sri Lankan origin. Her music style contains elements of grime, hip-hop, raggae, dancehall, electro, and baile funk)

Good luck with the health stuff, as well as future procreation efforts!

Ellen S

How did you get the Peanut to behave on the plane? Did you give her a DVD? We're flying next week to see family and I'm dreading it.


Spent Labor Day with the in-laws, who believe that I am God's gift to motherhood. I can do no wrong in their eyes (of course, neither can the kids, which is why they don't baby-sit 'cause we would like our kids back without an insulin drip to compensate for the sugar they give them...), which is great for a few hours and then I get tired of having my butt kissed. Rest of Labor Day was spent shoveling Swedish meatballs into my son's mouth at IKEA and doing a little shopping there.

What is this music of which you speak? I don't remember the last time I bought a CD that didn't have 'kids', 'Disney', 'princess' or 'Sunday School' in the title.


new music sux.

but I like fallout boy, but have never seen their verizon commercial.

I have seen the fratelli's, I think, Ipod?, commercial from a few months ago. loved it. never heard of them besides that commercial but I went out on itunes and got their song.

I find myself listening to the emo music on the college station more and more often, just because while it's not all great, it doesn't totally suck.

I spent labor day attempting to clean my house (and failing), build a dresser while my youngest two harassed me, and have it drop on my arm, which still hurts...

you da mom!

i love nick hornby, although songbook wasn't my favorite. have you read, 'how to be good'? it's genius.


How did I spend my weekend? Why, thank you for asking. I had my head cored like a fucking mellon last Friday. They cut out my uvula and tonsils, and trimmed back my soft pallet. I spent the next couple of days dozing and drooling on morphine and kissing the nurses asses. Oh yes, I also had to be catheterized, since the morphine seemed to make make my bladder completely negligent. Now I'm chugging Tylenol 3 and grinning vacantly at every type of "entertainment" that has randomly shown up on my TV. I've watched countless assholes fix up their houses and gazed in slack-jawed inertia as countless inbreds have been aprehended by various exhibitionistic police departments. I even watched a telemarketing show featuring watches - women's watches. What the fuck? Now I think I understand who they created these shows for. I think I'll write a book called, "Retarded Like Me". Maybe I should sell my services to the media as a highly accurate test audience of 1.

Sorry to ramble, but I'm bored, hurting, and stoned like a mofo on codeine.

You did ask.


Thanks for updating us on your reading, MD, I was curious. I just got a whole bunch of new books--right now I'm really enjoying _Blindness_ and slugging my way through _Libra_ (neither of them new, but new to me).


Yeah, it seems that everytime I wander outside of Austin and into other parts of my home state, I'm reminded of that other side of Texas, the Toby Keith stars n' bars redneck-in-the-worst-sense side. I can't breathe quite right until I make it back into Travis county.


Try listening to Hawksley Workman, Arcade Fire, Zero 7, Jill Scott or Sufjan Stevens. Our baby boy really likes Sufjan.


Uvula! so that's the right term.

I know I should have looked it up but it cracks me up every time my 4 yr old twins shine a flashlight down my throat and tell me they can indeed see my ukulele.

BTW MD, lurker and stalker here :) I enjoy your writing of course and I think I even spotted you in Washington Market Park once but thought it was too stalkerish to come over and say hello.

Hope you get back to full health.


I prefer Latino pop. At least if the lyrics are trite or stupid, I can't tell! ;-) Plus the beats are great for little ones to dance to. Kids love reggae and Latino beats.

Check out Molotov, Juanes, Pistolera (awesome chick band)...


You had Bossy at Manorexic.


I am so so glad that I'm the only person who doesn't know shit about the "hot" performers these days. Nate told me he has a coworker who hooked up with fitty (fitty?) cent the other night and I realized I couldn't name one of his songs. Lame, lame.

Meanwhile, do you have a Barry Diller/coke/tiny penis story we should know about?


Too bad you were not in Austin next weekend. It's Austin City Limits Festival. Talk about learning new bands for the weekend.

Keep up with the blog. You ROCK!!!


Seems like you have a big fan base in Austing. Next time you're visiting the in-laws, come on over and we'll show you around. It's the best thing about living in Texas by a long shot. I guarantee you'll love it!

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