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September 21, 2007


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I just watched the wsj video. So cool that his parents still have the math formulas on the walls of his room. Thanks for posting this.


What an incredibly inspiring story. Such a tragic loss.

Mama Nabi

Thank you for the post - puts things into perspective... what an inspiration.

Barry Z.

I feel like a total ass. All day long, I've been bitching about my in-laws, my boss, and the dent in my car. Sometimes it's good to be reminded of what's really important in life. Thanks for posting this, MD.


How incredibly sad. What an amazing human!


Thank you for this. It sure puts my lame ass worries into perspective.


You're right on, MD. This is incredibly sad yet extremely life affirming at the same time. Should be required viewing for everyone.

Rachel E.

I saw the video earlier this morning. It's really something. Mr. Pausch's story reminds me of one of the eulogies at my sister's funeral. She was only 29 and in the days between her accident and her funeral so many people spoke about what a "waste" it was to die so young. And in a way, of course, it was. But her boss and friend, Fred, stood up and spoke of how full Joanne's life was. Of how many people she touched and explained that there was nothing wasteful about her life. That to have known her at all was really a privilege. That you couldn't use "waste" and "Joanne" in the same sentence and have it be a true sentence. Mr. Pausch's life seems the same to me. Sad that it will seemingly be short, but there is no waste to it. I wish I knew him. It would be a privilege.


May God bless Professor Pausch and his family.


It's rare in this world to find people who can truly be considered "heroes." Too often we throw that term around on professional athletes, celebrities, false idols, and snakeoil salesmen.

Randy Pausch is a true hero. What an incredibly inspiring story.


I was ok watching it but when he brought out the birthday cake for his wife and she started crying, I totally lost it. What a truly inspiring story. I feel so badly for that family.


I have not yet brought myself to watch the video. I lost my 34-year-old husband to pancreatic cancer last April. Our twins were 10 months old at the time of his death. He was never able to make the videos and audio recordings he wanted to for me and the twins; he was too tired, physically and mentally, to do so.

I'm incredibly sad for Pausch and his family. The road they have ahead is not easy, but they way they are choosing to deal with their situation is beautiful.

pnuts mama

thanks, MD. you are always shining light into the lives of those who surround you. peace.


Whenever I contemplate this, I think how terrible it is for pumpkinpie that she wouldn't know how very much I loved her, wouldn't be able to have a mom to help her through the minefields of being a tween and teen girl, wouldn't have a mother to share her joys and sorrows with, to laugh with and build memories with. It makes me terribly sad, and much more cautious about crossing the street!


I think Professor Pausch has just inspired me to quit smoking and get in better health. Time to start chasing those dreams again.

L.A. Daddy

I start to think about this kind of thing more and more. My dad was only 3 years older than I am right now (and was gone when I was 6 mos. old.)

Seize the day indeed...


Very sad yet moving.

Not to make light of the Professor, but the fact is, we're all dying, he just has a better idea of when, and has decided to make the most of the time he has left.

If we all lived like that the world would be a better place.



I've passed this along to all my friends who are parents. So touching and inspiring.


For a period of my training, I was absolutely convinced that only the nicest, loving people got pancreatic cancer based on the new cases I saw and helped take care of during residency.

I hope his children will know what an amazing and loving father he was and will always be for them.


My aunt died of pancreatic cancer. It was horrible how quickly it all happened. She passed away only 5 weeks after the diagnosis. My heart goes out to the Pausch family. May God be with them.


wat a atouching speech.. it gave me goosebumps.. will surely pray for the prof n his family.. thanks a lot for sharing..

Jamie E.

That speech should be required listening for all young people. I feel so badly for his family.


Newbie visiting from Keynoter.
Very moving and as you say 'life affirming.'

Make each day count.
Best wishes


As an older dad, I've always take nthe time to speak to my children about their dreams. As the years go by and they turn into jaded teenagers, it's good to remind them of the passions that used to come naturally to them. God bless Professor Pausch and his family. He sounds like an amazing man.


That was really sad, but at the same time, very encouraging.


it really is terrifying to realize that the space between this professor and us looks more distant because of our own applied distortions on where we are in life.

my cousin's husband was also an incredible person who had to leave behind a daughter and a wife. life is not fair.

Jonathon Morgan

I feel like I never say this anymore, but that was really inspiring.


As a fellow CMU professor and the mother of a 3 year old who has been attending preschool with Prof. Pausch's middle child, I am heart broken.


What a gift -- thanks for bringing this to our attention, MD

Daddy Dan

Thanks for the post. That is one brave, inspiring man. I feel so sorry for his wife and kids. It's tragic that such a wonderful father doesn't get the chance to see his kids grow up.


I am an English student,studying CPE.I watched this programme of Operah in our English Class with my classmates and our native teacher. We all got so sad and felt so sorry for his family. We undesrtood that it was so hard for his wife to be on the Show. He taught us so many facts of life and how we can deal with them. Wish him Luck.


One of the most moving speeches I have ever heard. Randy Pausch is a true example of how to deal with hard situations that life may bring you.

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