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August 08, 2007


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I fucking love you, MD. Don't you dare stop thiking about writing this blog. Happy 3rd anniversary!

Motherhood Uncensored

Congrats Metro. If you're ever in ATL... :)


K...if two Asian-Americans like you and I ever find ourselves together in Atlanta, I'm going to snort giant lines of wasabi and run into the nearest strip club. Boo yah!


You're the reason I blog. That and my woman thinks you're funnier than I am...and I can't have that.
I stand in awe of your bloggage, but now I know your secret. Glass 'o scotch here I come!! May not blog any better but I reckon I won't care...



Long time reader, first time commentor (commentator?)...Just wanted to say that I truly enjoy your perspective on parenting and I love the fact that you always "keep it real." Despite the fact that you want to portray yourself as an a-hole, it's pretty clear that you're a very decent guy. Thanks for 3 years of entertainment.


Despite the fact that you write for Babble, I still love coming here to read your thoughts about parenting. It's so rare to read honest thoughts about what it means to be a father today. While I do enjoy reading all the mommy blogs, I look forward to reading more about your journey into fatherhood. Congrats on 3 years of blogging, MD. I've loved every second.


Yours was the first blog I ever read and I'll keep reading it, no matter what it turns into. Because your ass is fucking funny and real, just the way I like it. ;)

Happy third blog-anniversary MD.


okay, fine. you opened the box. here comes pandora:

you post too infrequently. it's bullshit. you were funnier when you posted more. or maybe you were funnier before you went on that no-fried-chicken diet. now you're still pretty funny, but maybe you could use a little more scotch? or more pictures of your in leopard-print man panties?

happy anniversary. i'm about to hit the 550 mark between typepad and blogger. maybe my blog will spontaneously self destruct by then. i think 5/8 of the interwebs hopes so.

and thanks for the props. it's fun when all that talking out of my ass doesn't totally smell like farts.


Happy Anniversary. You're a great writer, and I hope you keep going for a long time.


See, BMC...the LAST thing I actually want is to do is care about posting more (or less) frequently! The only reason I was posting MORE back then was because I didn't give a shit and I had more free time on my hands.

Really, I desperately want to get back to that sense of ennui.

Meanwhile, thanks for smacking some shit into the blogosphere. You are my OG!


I think you're a big asshole.

You're welcome.


You're my FAVORITE ASSHOLE! (I mean that in the greatest sense of the word.)

Carol Snider

You think all the fun stops when they go off to college? Come on over and visit my blog; you'll realize that they never REALLY leave home.


Ellen B.

The worst secret about your site is the fact that, despite how much you want to convey yourself as an a-hole, you're actually a really nice guy. Sorry to blow your cover, MD!!!


Like Whit said, if it makes you feel better, I still think you're an asshole.

I mean, I barely get over the fact that you're a Mets fan.


No doubt about it...you're my favorite asshole! Love you, man!


Complete and total asshole.

Happy Anni.


Oh man, your blog existential crisis is a lot to chew on. You're kinda sounding like Kurt Cobain (i.e. can you be alternative and anti-establishment while becoming part the mainstream?), and look at what happened to him. :(

Then again, imagine the brilliant posts to be borne from a heroin addiction!


Congratulations on your bloggy anniversary, MetroDad, King of Ennui. Long may you reign!


happy 3rd! hope you'll continue to write since your unique voice is so needed in the asian american daddy blogosphere. where else am i going to read an open letter to popeye's chicken?


Mazel Tov to my favorite Korean Jewish friend!

Rachel E.

Happy Anniversary! I decided years ago that I would make a conscious effort to laugh as much as possible everyday and your blog helps me do that. It's a nice respite from it all and for that I'm grateful. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and btw, The Cheetah is a nice Atlanta strip club choice but make sure you invite me if you go!


Happy Anniversary to a fellow NYer...

I love coming here...

metro mama

You scared me, I thought you were about to announce you were done.

Please keep writing MD!


as the saying goes...i'd rather be an asshole than a whole ass.

knowing when to walk away is an art.

good luck with the withdrawl .it sucks...but if alan thicke can do it, so can you..ahhhhhh growing pains!


Happy blog anniversary, MD. Cheers to many more years of entertaining stories!


You won't shake the groupies no matter what you do. Even David Lee Roth still gets chicks.

Congrats, my friend. It's hard to say interesting things all the time, even for an interesting person.

And I don't think you're an asshole. I think you're a dick.

Papa Bradstein

Man, I'm glad that Whit got everyone off of that nice-guy-touchy-feely crap and got down to it. Because I know that it will make you feel better: Yes, you will be remembered as an asshole who didn't care what anyone thinks about him.

And that's what makes you so wonderful. It makes you a hard ass; a compassionate supporter of people, causes, and blogs that nobody else cares about; and most of all, it makes you honest.

You don't let others get away with any bullshit, and you don't let yourself get away with it either. Not in parenting or in any other aspect of your life. I like seeing all of the messes and the successes--it lets me know that I'm not the only one making this up as I go along, even if my hair will never be as fabulous as yours.

So go for it, get back to your roots--you know, before they all go gray on you--but please don't stop being the asshole who we all remember and love and who lets us laugh at ourselves.


I first discovered your site after your open letter to the students at Virginia Tech. Some of the most heartfelt and honest writing I've ever read. No asshole could have written that. Sorry, MD! I know you're really a sincerely nice guy. Congrats on 3 years of blogging.


I can't say you have been working the asshole thing very hard of late. Or, um, reaming it. I'll start over.

If I were to accept the self-applied asshole label which you have donned (which I do not) I would say you are now some kind of Norman Rockwell of the Asshole Universe. Not very smelly. Kind of nice to look at. Bleached. Bring to your readers the stinking corpse of Ambrose Bierce you populist motherfucker! (If you can find it.)

Profuse apologies to follow.


Compared to YOU, p-man, I'm not an asshole but shit, it's all relative, right? Some day I'll let you come over so you can read all my hate mail. Fun stuff.


Congrats on 3 years of blogging, MD. You mange to deliver the goods every time. Pretty damn impressive.

the mad momma

i'd read u even if u wrote abt watching the paint drying on your walls. sorry to go all mushy on u.. but there it is.


Happy Blogaversary! :)

I know you prolly don't do MeMe's but I wanted ya to know you're thought of! MeMe on the loose! You've been tagged.



We should all be so lucky to know an asshole like you!

Jonathon Morgan

Happy Anniversary, indeed. You rock, my friend.


Happy Anniversary! Even if you do root for the wrong NY team.


You are too kind. Really.


Happiest of Anniversaries MD! I must have found you earlier than I thought. ;)

PS. Thanks for stopping by the other day ;)

Steven B

You're my favorite asshole on the internet, MD. Happy anniversary. Keep up the great writing.

Mama Nabi

Yeah, I don't like that you have this huge following - coz I end up spending way too much time reading all the damn comments. (and no, I can't tear my eyeballs away... impossible!) Besides, everyone else keeps claiming you as their own Metrodad - dammit, you're our bitch, our original Kimchi Papa.
Yeah... not that you've been disappointing but if your theory is correct, you really need to work on how to be an asshole; I'm not buying it. Ya sap.
Happy 3 years of keeping us in stitches!


Happy blogging anniversary. And thanks for the biggest laugh I've had all day: "...the luxuriant black hair on my head that gives me my Spidey powers." Classic.


not one asshole but two. more for me to luv. ;)

pnuts mama

i can't think of anyone i think of that is less of an asshole. seriously. and i know a lot of assholes. it's like i live on asshole island. if asshole=long. sigh. seriously, queens needs more assholes like you.

happy #3, MD, and thanks for being willing to share yourself with us.

Christine K

I am far away from having kids but I do enjoy coming here and reading your thoughts on fatherhood. As a Korean-American woman, I find it fascinating how you (and your fellow Rice Daddies) are so different from most of the older Korean men that I know. It's really opened my eyes. Thanks for enlightening me (and making me laugh along the way.)

Congrats on the 3 year anniversary.


Get back to my fucking roots? But my roots are gray! And I just had them colored! Fuck!
What's an old, gray-haired, white guy to do? Have another scotch, er, beer (my portfolio apparently hasn't performed as well as yours, It seems) and write another post. HAPPY BLOGGERVERSARY!


What kind of crappy anniversary post is this? Where is the picture of your lovely wife? I want a refund.


Happy blogiversary (or whatever the word should be)! And oh yeah...asshole. Hmm, no, it doesn't sound right for you.


Bosslady, you just crossed the line with how well I needed to know MD.


Happy Anniversary!


You're the only blog that I faithfully look at every day.

I'm sure this is has become time consuming for you, but you can't leave us hanging like this. We can't get this whit & whimsy just anywhere, ya know. Maybe you can get someone to fill in for you, like a ghost-blogger or something. In any case, it's been a blast getting to know you.

You're the biggest asshole I know.

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