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August 24, 2007


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That was dead funny!


Very clever, MD! Sorry about the demise of naptime. It's still alive and kicking at our house, even though the girl is over 3. So much for getting anything done on weekend afternoons, huh?

Oh - and your quitting bagels and cream cheese has inpired me to do same.


"White Appropriation of Black Culture is survived by Chinese Tattoos on Sorority Chicks, Naming Sports Teams After Native American Stereotypes, and Corporate Mascots on TV Speaking with Funny Mexican Accents."

That's just freaking brilliant, MD. Loved it!

the weirdgirl

Oy. My patience died over a dinner incident, too. I've now instituted the "You don't want what I made you? Then leave the room while we eat," rule. That seems to be driving him a little nuts.

What? He won't starve. (Bad mommy!)

L.A. Daddy

Wow, she lost the nap ability? Bummer.

LA Toddler would like to lose it, I think, but she gets super mondo-cranky around 5 or 6pm without one. She'll start crying if you look at her the wrong way.


Sorry for your loss. Well, with the exception of the Thievin' Honkies (hey, that'd be a great name for an all white blues, jazz, R&B or Rap band, not?). They deserved to die!

You are just...too...freakin' funny!


oh god. the end of nap. i'm dreading it. those two hours mid-day is truly a MUST.


Lord have mercy. Rest in Peace. Or at least 'piece'.

creative-type dad

So you say "Red, Red Wine" is the greatest reggae song of all-time?

Next thing you know, people will be saying Rick Astley is a white guy.


This is so brilliant, MD. LOVE the way your twisted mind works!


Great log entry. Sorry to hear about the naps. REAL sorry!

Teufelskind has been pulling the old 'swith-a-roo' with meal/snack/toy/book choices this month too. Not yet two and already waffeling like a pro politician :)

Missed the Horror that was Jerry Springer on primetime (tv gives me 'psycho-killer' headache) but I must point out that the Tony Tribe version of N.D.'s "red red wine" was quite good, and the one that ub40 defiled.

Still, it is quite a LONG way from the best reggae song ever. Can Mr.s' Dekker, Morgan, Marley, and Holt please stand up?


Sorry to hear about the nap MD. We still force our 4 year old to nap against his will most days. Don't give up so easily MD! Force it baby, make her go down for her and your sake (& boss lady's). -Emilie

Mitch McDad

My doctor just put me on Vytorin and strongly suggested a more cholesterol friendly diet.
I've been on the meds for two weeks now and I "feel" my LDL's dropping like a rock so bring on the chili and tortillas.

Nap death blows, by the way, as you are obviously discovering. My condolences.


I dread the death of the nap! My daughter (31 months) still naps every day and I force my 4.5 year old son to nap at least twice a week. I'm home with the kids every day, so I think they sense that mom would be hittin' the sauce by 3 p.m. if they didn't give me a small break.

I'm also sorry to hear about the death of the morning bagel. There's nothing better than a toasty bagel with a smear of cream cheese.

p.s. your last few posts have been great!


You're killing me MD! Good kill that is.


This is awesome. I love how your mind works.


What a sad, sad week.

p.s. "Positive roll model..." :::snicker::::


What a sad, sad week.

p.s. "Positive roll model..." :::snicker::::


What a sad, sad week.

p.s. "Positive roll model..." :::snicker::::

alice, uptown

Dear Metro Dad:

Please accept my most sincere condolences and my deepest sympathy on the loss of your patience and the Peanut's nap, along with the losses you have suffered this year.

all my best,


P.S. Should donations be made in your name to the nearest Duane Reade for anti-cholesterol medication?


First time at your blog and now that I have finally stopped laughing out loud I can write to say - OMG Brilliant!!!!!!


Despite being a little flaky at times, my daily bagel was considered a positive roll model for millions. My daily bagel is survived by his wife Bialy and two children, John Dough and Jane Dough.

Am still cracking up over that one - a good 10 mins after I finished reading the post. Hats off to your brilliant imagination and fantastic turn of phrase.


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