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August 01, 2007


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Polo? Wow...Who watches that? You think you'll be broke when she asks for a pony...You'll be completely SOL when she wants to play polo!

I agree with the sports thing. It's irritating and i find it extremely annoying when other parents encourage their little ones to idolize the athletes.

More pics of your girl. She is so cute. The dog, on the other hand looks as though he's ready to shed a tear.


I can't believe how big the Peanut has gotten! She's such a big girl now. More photos please!


Two words: Polo Scholarship.


I was never a sports fan. I could never keep track of who was what. It never interested me.

I do agree that it is sad to see some of them go from famous to infamaous.

The Peanut is adorable as ever and Metro-Dog's look says..Help Me...HELLLLLPPPP MEEE...(as in Jeff Goldblum in The Fly).


Cinderella, fire trucks, and horses! Well if that isn't the most well rounded little girl I've ever heard of.

I think she can thank good role models. Like Derek Jeter.


"In the giant piñata of life on this planet, sports is like the stale Tootsie Roll that falls underneath the couch."

Couldn't agree with you more, MD. Now would you please tell my husband and all his sports addict friends? Sports is ALL they ever talk about!

Cara in Exile

Chincoteague may not be a good vacation idea, they auction the pony foals once a year, and where would you put a shaggy little feral pony? Hobby horses, on the other hand, do not require mucking.


What an absolute cutie!
I think all girls go through a horse phase at least once in their lives. But what will you do when she asks you for a pony?


Your daughter . . . way too adorable!! I'd say get her that pony :c)


love the picture of your daughter trying to use the dog as her horse lol


F'd - yes, you are... as are we all.


Pony? I'm just dreading when my gal asks for a puppy.

Jamie E.

Every day, my daughter asks me for a different animal. Yesterday it was a turtle. Today it was a giraffe.


If I knew you were going to mock polo I would have never let you in my tent. Polo is no tooty roll whatever in God's name that might be.


Nice ghost chair by the way.


Back in the day, athletes weren't bad, they were bad-ass. Kenny Stabler et al? Night Train Lane? And they didn't get paid the crack-dollars they get now--they played for the love of the game. while I don't begrudge Mr. October the big(ger) bucks, that was the beginning of 'business' and end of 'sport'.
You'd be lucky if she asks for a pony. You're in trouble when she asks for a Harley!


i love the remote. i tried to make one for my husband (you know--one that says: "yes, honey" and "of course you should buy that!") but it didn't work. i never even thought of one for the kids! genius! but then, that's why you get paid the big bucks.


My brother has auistm and i wish he hadn't had it. I mean I love him but my friends have their own family and sibblings and I can barley hold a convo with him. I love him alot, but it's hard to rest with him violently rocking and talking to himself. I'm not gonna waste my time reading those Autsim books and I just wish My mom had a big family. I don't know what to do nobody knows what it's like to have an autistic family

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