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July 20, 2007


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I've been lurking forever (well 9 months), but my babe is now a week old. I got my daddy-blog rollin' (ad free!), but give it some time to warm up.


Yeah parsley!

sarah cho

your blog is awesome...fuck what anyone says. http://smileface.typepad.com. my friend sonia's mommy blog.

metro mama

Hi MD,

You might find this, um, interesting:






Ooh.. a potential visitor to my little corner of the world.


By the way, congratulations on livening up the interweb this summer. That was quite the shitstorm you managed to unwittingly unleash!


Ooh.. a potential visitor to my little corner of the world.


By the way, congratulations on livening up the interweb this summer. That was quite the shitstorm you managed to unwittingly unleash!


Thanks so much for posing this question. I've been looking for new blogs too and have enjoyed reading your comments.
My husband writes on our photoblog sometimes. Here's one of his posts:
I write at www.TeaWorthy.blogspot.com


I don't have anything to suggest that isn't already in your queue. All I want to say is where is The Zero Boss already? He's just up and disappeared. Just hoping he's okay is all.


Of course I am liking my own blog: http://mommyknow.com (I give away FREE stuff nearly every day).

And I like: http://crabmommy.blogspot.com/ (funny stuff).

*heart* your blog, it's fairly new to me ... always makes me laugh.

MommyKnows funny!


Mostly my blog is boring trivial stuff about our family and my knitting, but you might find this interesting.


Ok fine - I'll pile on. truthsandhalftruths.typepad.com

also, ambulancedriverfiles.blogspot.com.

Guaranteed tickle funny boners along the way.


I always dread the "Stalkers, show thyselves!" post. If I do... er, pimp myself, I no longer qualify as a proper stalker, but if I lay low, then I start to creep even myself out. So hello, good to meet you, you're welcome at my newest blog (http://cappuccinosophy.blogspot.com), and curse you for reawakening Fran Drescher's voice in my head.


OK, here we go:

Read my cousin Mary's blog. She's a "pissah", as we say in Brooklyn:

Then go read my new advice blog, "The Hand-Me-Down Shrink", and ask me a question:



I love the irony of everyone self-advertising in your comments. See? You should be getting paid for this. You could be the Simon Cowell of blogs.

I think you should offer an Urban Dictionary Word of the Day for the d-bags who complain to you. Go forth and rupture.

Did you know Alyssa Milano has a baseball blog? Baseball. Alyssa Milano.

That's all I got.


There is still plenty of great songwriting out there even within the genre of emo. I know because I write about it at www.canyouseethesunset.com


I'm in Sarah, Good Squad Sarah's feeder. I'm sure of it.

But you're right, it's deadening in the blogospher and I'm looking for something new. So. Hello, you.

Mark K

Of course, I like to think I talk about some good stuff on occasion :). I alos love reading Wil Wheaton's blog at http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/ and the Wired culture feed at http://feeds.wired.com/wired/culture

de-lurked lurker

A great blog about writing by two women writers. Even better - no ads!



Ok, I have a couple of posts on my blog which I'd like to point out as possibly interesting..

Snoskred made 5 million dollars online this year - If you like it, please help out by letting other people know about this important and overlooked topic, I give a list of ways you can help.

And yes, you probably have had enough of reading about advertising right now, but this post I wrote about Blogrolling and Commercial Promotion might be interesting anyway.

Anyway, I like your blog. I'll be back ;)



I'll throw my hat in. I'm a frequent visitor here.

6th Floor Blogger

6th Floor Blog

Just about a couple of us and our lives in Manhattan. Interesting, or not. Who knows?

I usually just follow links in blogs I read to blogs they read, to blogs THEY read when i'm bored. sometimes works.


so funny


well, I really like this one:


It's a knitting blog, but she talks about raising her daughters a bunch.


Here's a few (including mine because I get lonely):

Have fun!

pnuts mama

here are a few that i love, all women with little ones that i can relate to in different ways:
my missing twin in d-town amyinmotown writes at http://blissfullybitchy.blogspot.com/

a great food blog about cooking and whole food and eating well and recipes: http://cleanerplateclub.wordpress.com/

and i found this blog through sweet/salty kate (http://ingliseast.typepad.com/ingliseast/): bon at http://www.cribchronicles.com/


Have you ever heard the Replacements song: "Waitress in the Sky"? Pretty much sums it up.

Mark D

Well, if you're asking for blogwhoring, blogwhoring I can do. (note: Link takes you to probably the best post I've ever written, and all I had to do was transcribe The Boy.)

Oh, and nice, subtle reference to Dennis Miller's rant about airline attendants (or whatever we're supposed to call them). And to think he was at least mildly funny at one point in his life ...


There's this mommy blog out there that seems to be quite popular. I think it's called Dooce?

Little Bird

On flying, I avoid it now if I can. I take the train instead. You can read the most recent post at www.pettiteavis.blogspot.com and maybe it'll explain why. Not that I say a whole hell of a lot on my blog. That is to say, not a whole hell of a lot that is of particular interest. I'm still new to the whole "I have a blog" thing

Mama Nabi

Ah, ya f'ing lingo-phile... there you go again with them big words, scaring off the haters... I barely get time to read the few I have on my blogroll (while others are sluggish due to summer fun, my blogging time is limited due to work projects... how sad am I?) and here you are INVITING people to pimp more blogs for you to read... Hm, maybe if you do find something noteworthy but obscure, you'll post?


"exemplifies the vaunted precedent of valorizing the oral vernacular. ...rupture of subversion in order to convalesce with more structural stability," come on now, I don't have time to look up all those words. : )

Roger Hur

Visit our blog if you want to see some cute baby/dog pics. I put up pics and comments through the perspective of our Havanese dog. I know it's corny, but the grandparents get a kick out of it and the relatives in Seoul like to see all the updated pics too.


Lohan updates, prostitution rings, photoshop tutorials, high-heels, and al Qaeda: i am bossy is one-stop shopping for this and more.




not sure if you are into cooking/food blogs but I know you like food/cooking! I've been pimping this one to everyone I know. (And this post is also hilarious)



Hi MD! Here are some other blogs (that I don't think have already been mentioned) that I check out on a regular basis (aside from yours, of course):











But by far, yours is the funniest, smartest and sweetest! Thanks for many hours of entertainment!


come over chez moi. I swear like a trucker and this post made me laugh.



From a long suffering dad to another, pay a visit to my lonely corner of the blogsphere.Its all about a life in progress (or is it degress?).Who the fuck cares as long as one lives it well?



I'm hopelessly whoring out my website, but only because you asked for it. www.crazybananas.com for a little insight on an extremely dorky former space camp attendee turned equally dorking young working mom.


I love your blog because I moved from NY over a year ago and Gawd how I miss it. Check my blog out if you like.

Also for kicks, check out truemomconfessions.com and trueofficeconfessions.com. Riveting stuff.


You were the inspiration.


thanks for stopping by.

i'm wanting to call you...

ME-DIDDY. you know...like Metro-diddy. But without the TRO?

does this work for you?

i especially enjoyed your fran dresher comment...that was perfect...and i could imagine you for a moment.

and 'balls to the wall' is the only way to go sometimes. really.


if ever in the mood to roll your eyes or vomit in your mouth, hit this (though be forewarned, the summer crop is also on the dry side lately):


Family Man

MD, you probably already know about her, but Terrible Mother, http://www.offsprung.com/terriblemother, often is a good read. The Poop, http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/parenting/index?blogid=29, the SF Chronicle's parenting blog, is a slightly edgy and funny parenting blog.


Come a read, but it's not substantive in any way.


I recently started this blog - there's not much there yet - but I'm starting a new chapter in my life, and want to share my journey as a woman who is about to move in with a man that she has been dating, who happens to be 12.5 years older than her (who also happens to have an ex-wife and 3 kids). It's going to be one hell of a ride.


"Coarsening the language." That's funny, considering the f-word has been in the English language several hundred years longer than "blog" or "email."

Mademoiselle M

Well MD, I HEART your blog. I would love to offer you some good readings but sadly I don't think there are too many posts on my blog that will interest you - nor on many of my daily readings. We are mostly crazy/silly 20 somethings taking in the real world one day at a time. If you like to read I do talk about my latest books every once and a while.

Oh but you may be interested in Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I don't read it everyday but she is a fabulous mom, wife, and cook - not to mention she is absolutely hilarious! And she takes beautiful pics as well.

check it out: http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/



i second http://www.pioneerwoman.com

and BOSSY is well, delicious.


you can't go wrong.


Fran Dre... bwhahahahhahaha

Really I have nothing witty to say. Ive just watched a sailor moon movie 3 times in a row...


Hopefully newbies are allowed to suggest their blogs?


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