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July 20, 2007


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Cagito Patris


Papa Bradstein

I didn't think that you hated ads, just all of your readers who have blogs.

Cursing is a seldom perfected art form that is usually belittled by those who can't understand the nuances of the form. Many attempt to master this art, most fail. However, you, my friend, are the fucking Faulkner of foul-mouthed fathers.

But, would you please stop beating me to the punch with your posts? I just put mine up about teaching (or not) 3B to curse when I read this. And my next rant is about the airlines, provoked by pieces from Wharton and the NYTimes. Now, of course, it looks like I'm all copying you and stuff--except my posts don't have all the f-bombs. Or humor.

I don't know where all the bloggers have gone. Let's hope it's just a summer break, but many of my favorites seem to have gone off the air. Then again, I've been struggling this summer too--but more about that later. Unless, of course, you beat me to it with a piece of your own about my struggles this summer.

You really do hate us all, don't you?


if you like some korean soap operas like i do, come and check some links out at my blog home~


I hope you'll check out my blog even though I'm like the umpteenth responder to your post. Like you I'm a NYC parent, but my little one is only 16 months old. www.jabberjaw.name. I hope you enjoy!


You'll dig my blog cause I'm a mommy of 3 hapa kids AND I love Murakami and gangster rap.

creative-type dad

Oh, the "friendly skies"...

I'm actually afraid of being given a parachute on the next flight with my daughter.


I love how some people totally are unafraid to promote themselves, and others are like all thoughtful and tell you who *they * read. Since we work together over at Strollerderby, where we are encouraged to swear profusely if not appropriately, I'm assuming you already read me (what??! you don't??!), but everyone should know how brilliant Lion and Magic Boy is. If they don't already.


I love how some people totally are unafraid to promote themselves, and others are like all thoughtful and tell you who *they * read. Since we work together over at Strollerderby, where we are encouraged to swear profusely if not appropriately, I'm assuming you already read me (what??! you don't??!), but everyone should know how brilliant Lion and Magic Boy is. If they don't already.

alice, uptown

Have you noticed the terms "steward" and "stewardess" are considered pejorative? I say their union went with "flight attendant" so as to avoid the need to tend to the passenger. My feeling is, we as air travelers (we're actually just flying cattle) know that from the "fasten your seatbelt," warning, it's going to be a bumpy flight.


Life ain't nothing but bitches and money, so go read my blog I Hate Laundry.


Life ain't nothing but bitches and money, so go read my blog I Hate Laundry.


Meh. I think I just lost The Funny. It might still be in the washing machine, though...


Blogs are for nerds.


Regarding profanity: You remind me of some words of wisdom from one of my former bosses, a well known TV comic. He said, "The audience will forgive anything as long as it's funny." I think you can sub the word "entertaining" for funny (or keep the funny) and it works in this medium, as well. Carry on!


Re: the Peanut's lyrics:

Have you been playing "Badger, Badger, Badger" for her? If so, you only have yourself to blame! :-)


There's a blog about kids' fashion that my wife seems to be addicted to. It's also a magazine, but the editor writes her own blogs from time to time. www.babycouturemag.com. They also get their child models in www.ibabycouture.com (so I uploaded photos of my kids, am I so bad to want them to be the next American Idols?) Ha ha!

Tom N.

Here's something totally different: High-powered lasers, powering a vehicle that climbs straight up a ribbon into the sky!


We're a team entering the NASA-sponsored Beam Power competition.

Yes, it has nothing to do with parenting (except that my 3-year old will randomly make drawings of a space elevator, and I'm spending a bit less time with her on weekdays lately). The blog posts have been sparse, but will be picking up in the next couple of weeks.

And, need I repeat it? LASERS! :-)


Metro Dad? METRO DAD???? You still alive out there in NYC?

I hope all is well.


Hi. I'm a nerd. But a cute nerd. With a 2.5 year old daughter. And I have a blog.

Shocking, no?

Just coming out of the extremely occasional lurk (I'm NOT a fast reader) to say hi, and that the Peanut's mommy song sounds mighty familiar...


Jeez, MD, I can't imagine that I read any blogs that you don't already. What's on your reader now?

Well, maybe one: 50books.blogspot.com.

Isn't this around the time last year that you inspired that internet firestorm with your bit of (perceived) anti-Dooceness? Or was that 2 years ago? Perhaps you've started a late-July tradition.

pnuts mama

hey md, the summer drought in blog reading (and my continued refining of the art of procrastination) brought these to my attention as well:
http://www.baby-faith.com/ god bless her this woman can write! and it's interesting.

and, for my fellow queensophile, this, is golden:
a lot of it is micro-local politic stuff, but my interest lies in the pictures of the crap they are calling "architecture" around these parts these days. it also has some good links to other queensy blogs.
p.s. the pic of peanut on your pup? adorable. and i would have been totally with you as the one shouting "woo! woo! woo!" lets just say we're the folks who do the work in those fancy houses, not living in them!


I feel so honored to be on your list --- thank you :c)

Gray Matter Matters

Jesus Man! 123 Comments! By my calculations you must have over a thousand readers a day. And you know what that means...it's an awesome platform for me to vie for attention harder than a tranny at a dance club.
Since I'm a fresh-faced newbie everything I have to say is brand spanking new. I haven't fallen captive to the political underbelly of the blog world.
So come on by, we'll leave the light on for ya.
http://graymatter matters.blogspot.com/


Damnit! I'm late to the pimping party. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. I like to think I'm funny - I am of course, a little biased in this opinion.


Good crikey there be a giant wad of comments here. Thanks Mommyknows for mentioning my blog, Crabmommy.blogspot.com. Ahem, should I mention it just one more time in case the peeps didn't catch crabmommy.blogpsot.com? Let the self-plugging begin: I have been called "The AbFab of Rural mommy blogs" by the authors of the New Mom blog. I write about the pesky parts about having children. I write about cowboys. And about the time when someone stole a fork from my lawn. I have some cool crafts for crafty moms! I can teach you how to make a dartboard out of the Baby Einstein mommy's face! And I can teach you how to make a tampon wiener! If you adore me already but need more, visit my bloglet at Cookie magazine.
(cookiemag.com). Shameless! Shameless!

Thanks, Metrodad for the plug opp. You are fun and I must say, quite quite handsome --noticed that long ago when checking the babble roster.


I understand why everyone is appalled by those 2 flight attendant incidents. Heck, so was I. However, I don't think it's fair to put all of us into the same category. Just my opinion. :-)


So the fact that he's Korean has nothing to do with why I'm pimping him out. Dude can be funny as shit, well traveled online and off, etc., etc. Same as you.

Oh, but what's wrong if your guy friend writes like a Japanese girl? :P


Am I late to the whoring?


ok, so its not a blog...but check out the book called "Come Fly With Me!:, you can find it at amazon. It is a great book on the history of the airline hostess. Put it on yer christmas list.


pimping www.kickette.com - a soccer gossip site about footballer's wives, the exploits of the players - all the good stuff... i discovered it a few months ago and even though i don't know jack about "footy" i find it strangely compelling to read about the hoochies, hoes, skanks and skaliwags over in the uk!


I have a blog. But it's pretty dull and my updates are fairly sporadic... I'm more of a reader!


This blog is quite interesting - no children, but a young woman who has led the most interesting life in her relatively short lifetime (I think she's around 27 years old) and an excellent writer. She calls it "Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds." A Hemingway quote. http://widelawns.blogspot.com/


You either love my blog or hate it.


Hi! I landed here after clicking Paper Napkin's "random blog finder". I've DEFINITELY been dull, but you're more than welcome to pop over. My two must-reads are http://metalia.blogspot.com and http://stefanie-says.blogspot.com - and those probably because I know the writers. I think they are charming and interesting, though. You, on the other hand - you're a funny dude. I'm glad I stumbled across your site. Cute kid, too!


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I took my own baby' out for some portraits with her new haucrit. Looking back at her summer portraits I can understand why my clients think she is so much bigger than she really


Just saw the latest, cesutt videos of Lucas standing up in his crib and nite-nite time. He is so adorable. Can't believe how much he has grown since February. Do love the videographer, too! Good job.


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Oh, my gosh! In the second pcrutie he looks so grown-up I can hardly stand it - make him stop it right now! The next thing you know he'll be going off to college - trust me, I know.


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