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July 20, 2007


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Am I really first? Am I really, really first?

I'm such a dork.

I got back from vacation and discovered this site: http://icanhascheezburger.com. Lots and lots of funny cat and animal pictures with hilarious captions, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time (and entertain small children for hours!).

Wicked H

Would love some blog company. Drop on by...


What's a blog?

I mean what's a fucking blog, sorry.



a witty, sometimes profane, always insightful look into the life of a new yorker in LA exile with 3 young kids and a job in tv.

written by a very handsome, urbane, funny gentleman - who happens to be a good cook, excellent driver and angelic singer.

he also has epic man boobs.

Krissy Poopyhands

You calling me dull, punk?


LMAO! That swearing bit was FU-NEE! I mean what the fuck, right? As for running out of saffron, "Balls to the wall" would have been mixing parsley and cilantro ... fucking rookie. Have a great weekend MD


I'm not going to assume that I have, by some miracle, made the bloglines cut already, so witness the unadulterated self-promotion: Read ME, MD!

But, in response to your actual question, I love http://indexed.blogspot.com/ .


Damn you, MD! Now I can't get the wailing sound of Fran Drescher in labor out of my head. Somebody hit me with something heavy!


I can't believe you called your mom a "stewardess." Did she teach you nothing?!?! Did our marriage of 6 years teach you nothing!??!


My blog isn't interesting, really. Now, I'm mostly using it to update friends on our high-risk pregnancy and the baby.

I like to think that the blogs I read are pretty good, so if you'd like to come over and check out my links, that's cool.


Please feel free to read my blog! People describe me as the female you (Korean, vulgar, achingly beautiful), and I have to begrudgingly admit that we're kinda doppelgangers in a fucked up way. Some main differences: I have an AMUHRRICAN bulldog, I have two (adorable as fuck, even you will admit it) bebes, and I represent the WEST COAST, baybee.

Oh, and I'm on MySpace, so please pardon the seizure-inducing ad at the top, it feeds Tom's lovechildren.



final word on the advertising thing---read that post of yours 3-4 times. couldn't find anything offensive about it. you clearly stated that you weren't passing judgment on people who had ads. guess bloggers have thin skins. anyway, saw this online and thought you'd get a kick out of it.



Hi MetroDad! I love reading your posts on your life in the city (and Peanut, of course). I moved to New York a year ago and started a blog about my life in New York: www.gracenotesnyc.com. I would love it if you stopped by!

Woman with Kids

Replacing saffron with extra parsley? You are so very wild. I believe I need a nap now, the excitment is too much for me.


"Live and let live." I wasn't sure anyone knew what that meant anymore. Thanks for brining it back.


On blog advertising: Sounds like some people got defensive over nothing.

On swearing: People are concerned about you saying "fuck" every now and then, but not that the leader of the free world can't pronounce "nuclear." Screw that shit. Priorities, people!

On Extreme Sports: I'm awesome at extreme snowboarding. At least, I am when I play SSX Tricky on our PS2.

On Flight Attendants: Fly the ennui skies.

On Songwriting: At a young age, the Peanut's songwriting effort already has more emotion than most of the dreck on the radio today. Fergie, meet the Peanut. Someday, she will take home the Grammy, not you. AND quite possibly the People’s Choice Award, too.

On Summer Blogging:
It's not new, but Go Fug Yourself kills me, and they update almost daily. I recently discovered Culture Bully, and that's a pretty cool blog about music. Anyone who blogs about the coolest music videos featuring puppets knows their shit.


I second www.icanhascheezburger.com. I tried to resist for the longest time, but it's just too damn funny. I'm totally loving www.wwtdd.com, too.

I'd tell you to stop by my site (and of course, you're welcome to), but...as if ;)


As to the swearing in one's blog bit, I sometimes catch myself feeling like Jay of the Jay and Silent Bob duo when I reread some of my posts. And then I say fuck it and hit Publish.


you are a brave, bold man for doubling up on the parsley. i was totally not suspecting that. lol. as far as blogs go, i check out dailypuppy.com because i'm a girl who loves puppies way too much. i'm tragically unhip to the blogasphere.

feel free to check mine out. sometimes i get lucky with a good random post and you may even smile just a little.


So. It's Friday night. I'm pimping.


Why, MD, I'm so glad you asked. I just started a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to pimp myself but also not be pushy. Hope you like it because I LOVE yours.

Carol Snider

Well, I'd be DEEPLY insulted if I'm not already on your list but yeah... here's me raising my hands, goin' "Ooooh! Oooooh! Tight heeeere!"



Read me - annanortong.blogspot.com I'm not very interesting, although I blog about being a Cuban Chinese American chick married to an Irish American. I'm a juvenile diabetic, currently pregnant with my first baby and freaked out about the whole thing!


I'll tell you what, just go to Colorado and take pictures of manly men doing whatever it is manly men do, frolicking, or you know...extreme sports and post them. How does that sound? I don't care if you participate at all, I just need pictures. :)

I'm new to this Blogging thing and you can read me if you'd like. Scroll down for my Nature's Porn post, if you'd like a good laugh. Besides my shameless plug for myself, I also really like http://graymatter-matters.blogspot.com/. She's a great writer and funny to boot. Hell she even knows or used to know Mom 101, in REAL life.

I'm a speed reader too. People either hate me for it or think I'm lying. I have 60 blogs I read daily at the same time as working and I read at least 4 books a week. I'd read more, but I enjoy people.


I always enjoy reading about your adventures with Peanut and Bosslady. My blog tends toward being mostly a parenting blog, where I report on many variety of amazing things my infant son is doing.
Before that it was a pregnancy blog, and in its original form, it was a bitch about life as a disillusioned 20-something blog. Moving on up, I suppose. Cheers!


Oh man, serious self-pimping out there.

I can't believe people actually email you about your language. WTF? Can't they just close the page?


I suddenly feel better about the fact that I'm home on Friday night with your blog to keep me warm (as Robin Byrd might say). Hey - does she have a blog? Now that would be worth reading.


Ok, here are some of my favorites (you asked):
Dear So and So...
Twaddle everyday rubbish
Amazing Trips
Just Eat Your Cupcake
Sunday Undies
The Psychokitty Speaks Out
Faster than Kudzu
L.A. Daddy
Cute Overload
Go Fug Yourself

Sorry if I have listed some blogs that you already read, i.e. I got to your hilarious blog from L.A. Daddy, and to Amazing Trips from a link in your comments.
You are welcome to visit my blog, but I don't post regularly, I do love reading this blog and many others. This is just a sampling of my favorites.


hahahah fran.

most of my favorite blogs are ones that everyone reads anyway. but I thank you for giving me a new favorite - mimi smartypants. she's fucking awesome.

Kristin Gorski (KG)

Do you know NOTCOT?


It is a visual feast, and if you've never been there before, you will be amazing, inspired and entertained possibly for hours.

Might wanna get a new mouse for all the clickin' on the cool stuff you're gonna do. ;)

BTW, NOTCOT is NOT mine -- I just really like it.


I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I don't know why. I've had my blog for about 6 months or so. Had to find a place to let off steam about my S.O.'s weird fambly.


Hell, I don't even know how I found YOU, MD! LOL!

I'm just glad I did.

I keep following links where I reply, looking for peeps to add to my daily reading list--as if I need more.

But I like people, and I LOVE people who can make me laugh.

Which is why YOU are still in my blog faves.


Had to put my full name on the typo up there... Now if there's anything people should be pissed at, it shouldn't be the f-bomb -- it should be TYPOS!

You will be "amazed" it should have read, and we all know that you are "amazing" at blogging. Heh, heh -- you'll let this one slide, right? We all know how you LOVE the typos. ;)


Hey Metro Dad! Come visit. I dunno if anything I write will interest you but you're welcome anytime!



I enjoy your blog and, since you asked, - come and visit whenever you like.

Mama Luxe

You probably already read most of the ones I read...I have to skip the 8-ball 'cause I'm nursing.

I have a product review blog and a personal blog.

Reviews (and Friday Playgroup...maybe you'll find some blogs you like from our Friday links): http://www.Mamanista.com

Personal Blog: http://mamasaga.blogspot.com

Hope to see you there!

Tom G

Metro Dad --

My wife is due with our first in November and it was fun to discover your site.

If anyone likes baseball, golf, and smatterings of pop culture, they can stop by my site. Advertising included!

Thanks again M.D., you've made me laugh on more than one occasion.


This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but one of my favorites lately is a funny cancer blog --


Oh, and I want you to know, I take your statement that "we're just all in a collective slump" very VERY personally. You really know how to hurt a girl....

Vlad Guerrero

Just out of curiosity, who do you think is in the biggest slump? Ben Affleck, Johnny Damon or Moby? I think I'd have to go with Damon!

Go Angels!


OK, I'm on a roll tonight...

Now when I mentioned TYPOS in my previous 2 comments, I wasn't implying that you have them on your blog, or that people should complain to you about those. I just know that you've ranted on the sad state of grammar and correct usage and punctuation on the Web and elsewhere before.

So honestly, MD, I think it's time for another "grammar rant" from you. That, and the Filofax page post... ;)

OK, I'll REALLY stop commenting now.


Wait, you were accused of singlehandedly ruining the English language? You, the self-professed grammar snob? I think that's pretty funny.

the mad momma

yeah... i think there isnt much happening out here which is why the blog ads post got so much drama from us :)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Are you saying I am boring?

Even all of the poop on Dora stuff?


You're right.

How many blogs do you read? I have an embarassing number of subscriptions. I've got at least 300 in my reader. Probably more.

mr burns

I've been lurking for a while. I, as with all lurkers, really enjoy your writing.

As for me, I share a blog with my wife over at www.thedailyburns.com. We cover the 4 c's: Coffee, Culture, Church, and Kids... wait, that last one is a K... oh well.


what excitement are you all looking for? more nasty blog comment banter? isn't that like waiting for a race car wreck? just curious.

it's funny...this blog culture. i like observing it as it develops - the bad with the good.


Hi Metro Dad!
I don't know how I stumbled upon you, but I have been reading you here and there. My blog is The Coffee Table. Stop by sometime.



Oops, that's www.coffee-table.blogspot.com. Sorry.


I feel a need to pimp my own blog!

Longtime lurker, first time commenter.

SciFi Dad

I've commented here before, so you've seen my url, but I won't pass up an opportunity to pimp my blog:


If you do stop by, leave a comment (or an email) so I know you came.

And if you're looking for less daddy-blogging, more social commentary, you can check out my other one at MBT:



How can anyone pass up this opportunity to pimp themselves? I too am a long time, first time. http://thisperplexinglife.blog.com

spain dad

Hey Metro Dad,

I'd love to try your paella, by the way. I lived near Valencia last year (home of the original), and on Sundays, everyone would be out at the park making paella over barbecue pits for their families.

I've never actually met anyone who wasn't Spanish that could make paella well.

Anyway, if you're looking for a new read, you're always welcome at



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