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July 05, 2007


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peanut is funny. I liked the white man bit and it's making crossing the street more fun.

it's hard not being an asshole sometimes. I'm trying, but it's not always working. I'm dreading the effects of our indulgent behavior on our son.


I've passed the HCWDB website to a few of my buddies with daughters. They're all now completely obsessed with the site. Very funny.


Dude -- right there with you on the banning of first names when speaking to parents. Lately my daughter has called me "Dad" a few times, and I'm not even ready for that. It's gotta be "Daddy."


I love your advice. But even more, I love the nose stickers idea. If only you had a tip on what to call the pipe we've got lying around.


Great post, MD. Really sums up a lot of my feelings about parenting.


I stopped reading the post pretty fast. It's hot and I'm bored/depressed/looking for the Dilaudid and Jim Beam. Not even a hot chick with a douchbag could rouse me from this torpor.

We live in a rather diverse neighbourhood (ok, what I mean is, very few of my neighbours share the absence of pigmentation which affects my outward appearance. Can I say that?).

When we taught E how to cross the nearest large street with intersections governed by pedestrian traffic controls, we'd look for the "white guy". When the white guy appeared, we would cry "white guy!" before venturing into the crosswalk. Judging by the reactions of our fellow travelers I think it acted as a warning. Not for "white guy" so much as "nut job" but what the heck.

urban urchin

your rant was right on. we live in a tony suburb of ny and a lot of these moms have this sense of entitlement and act so shitty that I want to F*ck them with my car. (think the parents from "my super sweet sixteen") Their kids are even worse.

The comment from metrodude made me laugh out loud!

Mark D

"Maybe some people should start off a little lower on the responsibility ladder before working their way up to having a kid."

Oh sweet lawd that is great advice.

We have a set of neighbors who shouldn't be allowed to have a Chia Pet, yet have three dogs they totally ignore (who keeps a lab on an 8-foot chain for 10 hours a day?) ... a daughter who will be in pr0n within the next three years ... and a son who is autistic and at whom they scream at the top of their lungs when he acts ... well, like he's autistic.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, you can call that old bong a flower pot ... just make sure your kid doesn't point it out the grandparents when they come and visit.

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