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May 14, 2007


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Happy (belated) Mother's Day BossLady!

Way to go on the Target strategy!


Sounds like a great Mother's Day. Hope BossLady had an awesome time!


Is that a daddy t-shirt? Glad to see you got some daddy love on mother's day! Sounds like a perfect, lovely day!


Coincidentally, or maybe not, my Mother's Day (lunch) also involved kimchi and fried gyoza. It's either that we lead strangely parallel lives or the Korean thing. Probably the Korean thing. It could have only been made more perfect by a trip to Target (sans soda puddle).


"look we made a toddler, holy crap"

happy mothers day to bosslady!


I'm a mom and somehow I ended up going TO the Mets game! Something about Sunday Season tickets and we have the tickets so we have to go. It was an awesome game. :-)


Loved the post :) But I MUST ask... what is this secret garden you speak of?!?


That sounds like a perfect NYC kind of day! Love the little nap under the counter, LOL!

We had the perfect OC kind: Early morning wake up call, followed by McDonalds in the car for all, and an early morning jaunt to Disneyland! Got on all the rides, the sun was beautiful, and I was with my kids. Perfect!


What a great (and yes, exhausting day). I think I may need to lie down by the hostess stand and take a nap.



*shakes head*

How much does a 2 year old weigh?

Like 50 lbs max? You need to hit the gym more, then you wouldn't have your other health problems. (Speaking of which, has the doctor been sticking his finger up your butt yet? If no, get that done.)

Why do Korean women need to stop at multiple Asian grocery stores? This one has better meat, that one has better fish, I like the banchan at this third one more.

I want to get married, but am terrified of it. Just as I am terrified at the thought of kids. But I will dress them in Kim Jong Il jumpsuits until they are like 15.

ray lee

Happy Mother's Day to Bosslady!

I spent the entire day with my mom as well. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day. We did a lot of walking and I can tell that she was very happy.

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

the weirdgirl

That sounds utterly exhausting! Fun, but exhausting. We hung around the house and played in the backyard. I was cool with that.

Happy Mother's Day!

Her Bad Mother

Happy M-Day to Boss Lady!

(And? That penultimate paragraph? That made me tear up.)


Haha..sounds like you had the same day as my husband! Since our kids are so young, all the Mother's Day planning was orchestrated by him. He was so tired at the end of the day, I found him passed out on the couch this morning!

I guess I'll make it up to him on Father's Day!

The Other Ruth

Aw, Happy Mother's day, Bosslady!

My kid called me... that was good.

And that was pretty much my day.

I have no life.


Oh, I had a chicken pot pie, too.

Everything else was the same old shit. LOL


Happy Mother's Day to BossLady too! Looks like you didn't fail her at all! My husband took us treking through the woods too. We have pictures just like that of our boys......all the way over here in WA state!


sounds like quite the day.
Boss Lady is one lucky lady.
Target rocks.
never thought I'd get so excited by Thomas O'Brian bath towels..sad but true.

Mama Nabi

What a great day! I know, we have 2 SuperTargets in our neighborhood and they are both time/money-suckers... BTW, hope you checked with both a hematologist and a gastroenterologist for that clean bill of health - not to be a nag or anything... but really, it's better to get over-tested than to worry...


MD, Do you know where I can find a guy like you? Is there a special catalogue I didn't receive somehow?

That's one lucky wife you've got. For Mother's Day, she choose Target? Funny, very funny.


A Mother's Day trip to Target? BossLady is a woman after my own heart! Every time I try to drag my husband there, he feigns illness.

Glad you guys had such a great Mother's Day!


Happy belated Mother's Day BossLady!

Sounds like Sunday was a great day. Who knew that Target could be just a great holiday destination? If only we had thought about it, instead, the only thing I could think of was to go to the movies and of course, the only decent movie out that we hadn't seen is 28 Weeks Later. Mmm...Zombies on Mother's Day.

the new girl

Glad you're back, MD.

This is a great post, as usual.

I'm tired just reading about everything you did...


Happy Mother's Day!

I've got a suggestion for the I-have-to-carry-my-toddler issue: I got a fanny pack and stuffed it with towels to create sort of a "perch" -- it works well for me. I blogged it a while back, if you're interested in more detail: http://doodaddy.net/doodads/the-hipster/

Samantha Jo Campen

Happy Mother's Day BossLady!


Bosslady & Md,

Happy Belated Mothers Day to you both.

Seems that trips were the order of the day yesterday. We drove a group of teens to Jones Beach, L.I. (from eastern PA) to film video footage for a "quinceanera" for a son's friend. (Great beach!)

So we celebrated the day on Saturday. Since I'm a procrastinator and waited until the last minute to buy any gifts, I ran around like a maniac Thursday & Friday to be prepared for Saturday.

Most of all, wife and mother were happy for my efforts.

Glad that you're feeling better.


Hey, if the Peanut weighs 50 lbs., you must be feeding her chocolate cake at every meal. Mikeymike, there's a big difference between carrying 50 lbs. of say, freeweights, and 50 lbs. of squirming kid. All the gym in the world won't help you when she decides to turn upside down.

MD & Boss Lady, sounds like a lovely day, glad you enjoyed it.



Really? Squirmy?

How long (how old) can you keep them in those baby restraint devices I see strapped to people's chests?

And if they get too big for that, can I strap them on my back like Chewbacca did with C-3PO in Empire Strikes Back?

Obviously, I'm single with no kids. I'll admit, I have a fear of holding children. The fumble-itis of my junior season of high school football has scarred me for life. Any dads out there thought about buying extra tacky receiver gloves before being a dad?


What a great Mother's Day post! Although the "trip to Target" was a little strange for me, the suburbanite who lives within 10 miles either north or west of TWO Targets (and one Wal-Mart). And the clothes fight with the Peanut? I am totally with you on that.

NOTHING says Mother's Day like gyoza! That is the best!


Target shopping is my favorite sport. Bosslady is my kinda gal!

Happy Belated Mothers Day to you and your family. Can't wait to hear about it when it's your turn, MD.


I'm with Phoenix, MD. Where can I find a guy like you? All my husband did for Mother's Day was take us all out to dinner with his family (which we do EVERY Sunday anyway!)


This post reminds me of that book "If you give a mouse a cookie". He's going to ask for a lot of things after that.

Glad you guys had a fun and memorable day, and I'm just exhausted reading it. I bet you went to same Korean market we always go when we visited the in-laws in NJ. It used to call Hah Re Um (sp?) but changed to M-Mart or something like that.

Happy belated Mother's Day to BL!


The Peanut is soooo cute!


Completely exhausting yet also the best thing ever --- you've just about summed up family life, MD. It is the best! :)

We drove around to all our respective mothers. Our pumpkin picked out a "how to make balloon animals" kit for me. My husband tried to steer it to something else, and all he got was, "No! Mama will love this!!!"

Now I'm learning know how to make balloon animals. It's quite fun, and I've now realized this is something I've always wanted to learn.


Wow, I got tired just reading about your day, MD. That's more than I've done in a week!

Sydney Johntson

Happy mothers day to all mothers out there (Belated)!

Best greetings to all!


We hosted Mother's Day over here for 30+ people and had:

Homemade kimchi and fried rice (courtesy of my Korean sister-in-law and Chinese sister-in-law, respectively), sushi (courtesy of my mom) three-alarm chili (courtesy of my brother, who's Japanese, but hey - we were raised in the 'hood), and Japanese-style chicken+shitake curry (made by me.) We're all over the place.

Happy Mother's Day to the BossLady! I want to give her props for dragging your ass to Target - I can't get mine near the place.


(Uh, that would be my HUSBAND, not my ass.)


You know my Mothers Day wasn't so good.. but this makes it better. And, glad your feeling well-ish/better, too.


please send me your button/badge for my father's day blogroll + enter my father's day giveaways. i started them today with a fatboy modern hammock. spread the word :)


What a gorgeous little sweetpea.

A friend of mine said that one of a mother's most important parenting choices is choosing the father of her kid. So give yourself a pat on the back too.


Yay! I loved this post.


gawd, i love your posts...i'm just a reader :)


first time reader, here. i laughed and cried at this one and now i'm here at work frantically trying to read more of your stuff while pretending to....work. it sounds like you are great husband and dad and have a lovely family.


omg...what a find your blog is! hilarious and wonderful, regardless of gender - as long as you're a parent trying to sort out what the hell to do next!

and btw, next time your daughter thinks she needs a bathing suit (or even if she doesn't!) you can check out www.beachbabybikinis.com - she'll love the little matching skirts, they're not fussy or (yech!) branded w/overcommercialized logos that make me retch (no offense to those of you who like those things, of course!) AND you can get a matching suit for your fabulous bosslady too. talk about scoring for mother's day!!!

can't wait to read your next installment!


aw god. this made me cry. this was such a nice post. mother's day and father's day.. who would've guessed it would be such wonderful time for me??

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my mom has always azmead me. She raise my twin brother and I for four years by herself before marrying the guy who became my dad. She quit working so she could spend time with us and home school us. She's always has put my siblings and me first. She's always been there for all of us to be a shoulder to cry on, hold us, celebrate with us and so much more. My dad got sick a few years back and so now she spends her time helping take care of things there. She's going to have to go back to work part-time, since he can't work. She's always giving of herself to others first, helping others over taking time for herself.


My husband, kids and I reentcly moved from Spokane to Walla Walla. My mom and I have seen eachother everyday for the last 30 years and its been really hard on her not being able to see the kids and us since we have moved. My mom is a very special lady and would do anything and everyting for her friends and family!When traveling back to Spokane we stop and pick up her favorite salsa and truffles, so what not a better Mothers day present than a gift basket from her favorite chocolate store. You guys rock!

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