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April 29, 2007


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I couldn't agree with you more, MD! America has taken too much of a bashing lately. Nice to remember all the great things about this country!


"I once went there and met a beautiful young Parisian girl. The only problem was that she smelled like a a garbageman eating Gorganzola cheese while getting a perm inside the septic tank of a slaughterhouse."

HA! I'm still chuckling. This is the MD we know and love.


Aw, that is a great post. When I read the same sentiments in an e-mail from my right-wing relatives I harumph and grump and delete the sucker with much muttering. It has the same effect on me as "America: Love It or Leave It" bumper stickers used to in the 70s. (Those are NOT the only choices, and they are not mutually exclusive. Or something.) But when a world-traveling Korean-American says it -- and offers personal anecdotal evidence -- I can believe it and support it.

This is exactly the same thing as the fact that I started wearing an American flag pin on my jean jacket. Right next to my Green Party button. It pisses me off that the right wing seems to have claimed total and exclusive right to patriotism, and that anyone who disagrees with any of their views is clearly Not A True American. We all love our country; it's just that some of us are able to do that with our eyes open, instead of being blinded by red, white, and blue glasses.


Wow! What a fab tribute. And it's not even July!

Seriously, I feel like standing up and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Oh, and that Q-tip thing? I'm pretty sure all men do that!

Happy (and safe) trails :)

dutch from sweet juniper

I once read that before returning to Paris from one of his campaigns, Napoleon sent a messenger swiftly to Josephine to let her know he was coming home. It read: "Dear Josephine: I will be arriving home in three days. Don't bathe."


So... we know about your worst experience in Berkeley. :-( Can you tell us about your BEST experience in Berkeley?

Oh, and -- have you been to Seattle? What do you think of our fair city?

Carol (Stanford alum... BUT my mom, brother, cousin and daughter graduated from Cal, so I'm OK... yes???)

the new girl

Oh, man. You're INSPIRED when you travel.

I am still absolutely cracking up about the French beauty and the great inventions of America.

Fried Cheese!!

For reals.

Thespian Libby

Oh geez.....I snorted over the thought of the French tossing the Statue of Liberty out to the curb then realizing "hmmmm....on second thought...."



I'll never listen to the Wiggles in the same way again (and that's a GOOD thing!) Thanks, MD.


Great post, MD. Here's a question for you. What's TV like in other countries? My sister live in the U.K. and she's constantly raving about the great shows on the BBC. What about you?

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Travel safely. I guess with a name like Pierre, something had to be French. Sounds like your feet have that distink honor.


OK, MD, here's a question for you--is the food really that great in France?? God only knows, I'll probably never go, and well, I've always wanted to try french food, but haven't. Is it really that spectacular??? Just wondering.

creative-type dad

Man dude, you really know how to say it. I've done my bit of travel - nothing like you have though - and in those visits I realize more and more how lucky I am to be here.

As for France, I met the wife there (she's American though who was working there) she thinks the statue was orginally was flipping the bird. But to be fair- the Parisians suck... a lot, but most people in the south and north are O.K. in my book.

pnuts mama

q-tips and krs-1...i might just be married to your brotha from anotha motha. for reals.

question: when you get home from these trips does your peanut take it out on you by ignoring you for a day or two? our pnut is her daddy's girl sunday through about wednesday, then by friday night it's as if she ignores him, and it takes him most of saturday to win her over again. he works all day and takes classes 2 nights a week, so he doesn't get enough 'me-time' with her (he is working on upping the quality of the time he does get with her) and he gets so sad when friday evening rolls around and she wants nothing to do with him! makes mama not so happy either, as by friday night mama could use a break. just wonderin'. have a great trip and a safe return.


Delurking to say you have an avid reader here in Hong Kong as well. Are you here for the Gifts fair?


Holy shit, Tupac, Biggie, and flawless English speaking non-Viet-Kieu Vietnamese in Vietnam??? Might finally be time for me to make a trip back to the home country (but only if they've upgraded from the green tar paper they used to have for toilet paper, your dad has a point dude). Glad you survived the rubber stamping capitol of the world.

That was a great tribute to America and I totally agree. After 26 years in this country, I finally got off my ass and applied for citizenship. It's time I put some effort into making this place mine too.

And poor Peanut. My daughter used to say those things when I traveled too. =(

Have fun, be safe, take care.


As one who has spent a lot of time in France for months at a time, I can say with great pride: Why I hate the French just as much as they hate Americans. They do smell, they're rude, arrogant, and they think they're the frosting on the cake. Just look at who they elect? Oh my Gawd!

Anyhow, now that I'm done with them, onto other things. Great tribute to America. I learned that lesson when I was 19 and driving from Lisbon to Kabul on my way to India. We never got as far as India because Kabul was so scary and creepy it was time to go home. But I saw countries that had the worst of governments (Shah of Iran and Savak), with the worst of Human Rights (Pakistan). It was an eye opener.

I love the US for all it's faults, and I have hopes that as it ages, it will improve, like a fine cheese.

Questions: Is the only way you communicate with Boss Lady and Peanut by phone when you're away, or do you use a camera on your computer?

What kind of cool things are you bring home from this trip? For Peanut, for Boss Lady, and for ME?

Do you get downtime for this amount of travel once you get back to NYC?

What do you miss most about NYC other than your family and friends?

What are you reading right now?

Are you going to post more often once you get home? PLEASE?

have a great trip home.


I've always shared your taste in television, MD. I was right there with you on West Wing, the Black Donnellys, Studio 60, and The Wire. Sadly, all those shows met an early demise. I think you cursed them. What new shows are you watching now? I want to make sure I don't get invested in them before they get cancelled!


Hey MD
I live in Europe now and I must say I fucking love it I will never return. America sould be more self-questioning, this we are the greatest nation in the world and everyone should be like us thinking is making me sick. No country is perfect but Amercians tend to think that and tell it to everyone asked for their opinion or not nope America is not superior to others. Biggest environment suckers anyway

Derek J.

MD, I hate to admit it but your Mets are looking pretty good these days (even without a healthy Pedro.) However, since these are the Mets we're talking about, one can only assume that they'll find some way to choke. I'm picking the Braves to beat them in the division this year. Any thoughts?


Hey MD,
Since you're a foodie, you should try this Japanese yakiniku restaurant called Iroha while you're here (in HK). The beef is effing amazing!

2/F Jardine Center, 50 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay
tel: 2882-9877


Question: Has BossLady knit you a pair of socks yet?


Rain ponchos for dogs are good, but Rain ponchos for 50 lb. stone geese that sit on your front porch are better! Only in America.

> The tendency to tell the same 5 stories at every dinner party...loudly!

So, have you told your blog readers any of those 5 stories? Here's your chance at a fresh audience, without your wife being forced to hear them yet another time!


I think a good measure of how great a country is can be found by comparing the number of people who want to come here, to the number of people trying to get out. To all the people in this country who complain about how bad it is--you're free to leave!

Molly Chase

I was going to ask a question pertaining to the BossLady's knitting, but somebody else beat me to it. So I'll ask my standby: if you were a rock star, which rock star would the Peanut say you were?

ray lee

No questions at the moment, but I just wanted to point out that during the American Revolution, there wasn't a Queen on the throne, but King George III.

Funny that after all these years, majoring in History finally came in handy!

Have a great trip MD.

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rob B.

A hotel DJ spinning old-school Biggie, Tupac, Biz Markie, Digital Underground and Rakim in the middle of Vietnam? That might be the coolest thing I've ever heard!


All this from a man named Pierre!!! The irony!!!


You continue to intrigue and amaze me, MD. You have one of the more unique perspectives on life that I've ever come across. Your love of life is practically infectious. Totally makes my day when I see that you've got a new post up. My only complaint? MORE POSTS!


If money were no object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and what would you do?


I think the ear cleaning obsession has to do with being Korean. Koreans are crazy about keeping their ears clean. No where else will you find a variety of implements to scoop out ear wax. I know it sounds gross, but if you're Korean you'll know what I mean. Damn q-tip obession... I got that from my dad too.


Oh, I forgot my question... what do you think about Canada and Canadians? Have you had a chance to see Vancouver?


I too am delurking to say 1) I love MD and 2) that while I agree that the US has been getting too much crap recently, I'm not sure its the best nation on earth. There are other countries in which one can rise from nothing and make it to the top. Countries in which there is universal healthcare for those still at the bottom. Countries in which the top schools are affordable, because they're public. These things make social mobility much more likely than in the states. Its still a great country...but the best? Aw, its gotta be Canada. :)

JJ Daddy-O

It just goes to show you that the words...
"I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don't stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat"
... mean the same thing in every language:
America RAWKS!
PS, while you're in Saigon, can you pick up that Vespa scooter I've been looking for? I have some in my watch list on eBay. Thanks.


Gosh Metrodad, I can't believe that you also share the sin of naiveté! You guys don't want to see what your government does on a daily basis around the world...


Great post!
Question for your mail bag.
Always wondered what the Chinese restaurants in Vietnam, Korea, Russia, etc... were like and who has the best/worst. Any insight from your journeys is appreciated.

Safe travels.

The Grocer

Nope can't agree US is nowhere near greatest country yet, you need history and culture and longevity. Right now your fairly light on all three.


I have no witty comments to add... just, "great post".


When you travel for business, do you take anytime to visit other parts of the country? Nha Trang, Vietnam apparently has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Are you careful what you eat or can you stomach just about anything by now?


MD, I'm getting married in 3 months. What are the 5 things that a man should do before he gets married? Your advice would be much appreciated!


Your Mom sounds like a cool lady traveling solo like that! She's braver than I am for sure.

As for VN, how did you like the country? I haven't been back in 27 years and no desire to until my brother visited it twice and raved and raved about it.

I couldn't agree with you more about America being the best country in the world! People who live here take "her" for granted! They should really visit some other oppressed/poor countries to know what America is all about.

BTW, how did your parents come up with the name "Pierre" any way? Let me guess, they honeymooned in France?

Safe return my friend.


I couldn't agree with you more, MD (nor could I have put it better myself.) For all of America's warts (and I'm not denying that we have any,) this country still stands as a shining beacon for the freedom of individual liberties and the right to religious worship.

Yeah, we're bullies in the international arena and I could see why other nations hate us...but I'll take the good ole US of A any day of the week.

My question...who do you think would win in a fight between Jack Bauer and Mike Tyson?

Mama Nabi

Okay, that last bit? Sniff. Tugs at the heart strings, don't it? Man, I want to fly to NY to give that Peanut a hug and a kiss... you gotta be missing her something fierce.
Yeah, once you start traveling, you realize that there still is a lot of respect for the U.S. - just not so much for the past 8 years. (Hm, wonder why?) I can't wait until we start traveling more - my mom also travels a lot (on business, mostly) and I'm hoping we Nabis can take some time off to travel along with her, offer her some cheap labor in return... I, too, love Hong Kong - I'm glad, from what I hear, things didn't change too much after the govt exchange.


You're very lucky I've recovered from my pregnancy-induced over-active olfactory sensitivity and gag reflex, 'cause if I'd read that description of how that girl smelled while I was still pregnant?

I'd so be billing you for a new laptop to replace my vomit-covered computer.

Q: You arrive in Paris on a Wednesday morning. You are there to visit a terminally ill relative who lives in the 16th and will be staying in that area. Your relative won't have much stamina for long visits, so what do you try to squeeze in between Wednesday a.m. and Friday a.m.?


"The French hate our fucking guts."

Actually, from what I've been told, it's the Parisians who hate our guts. Most (read: all the ones I've met) non-Parisians, admire the US and don't care much for their capital city counterparts.


Deep fried cheese? How? More importantly, where???

Bruce Reyes-Chow

damn popular blog. just a congrats from a fellow featured typepadder and "metro" dad of three girls. I love the stuff that is out here. - Bruce


Fantastic, as usual, MD. I think one of the reasons we travel so much is that it is always so nice to come home. Next time, take Peanut and Bosslady with you, ok?

And, congrats on being the Typepad Blog o' the Day!! I was so excited to see someone I know there for a change.


I LOVE Charmin!


I LOVE Charmin!

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