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April 09, 2007


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Andres Bonifacio


We have to act, or our kids will suffer the consequences.


When my son was first born 7 months ago I used to read the message boards on babycenter.com. I am wondering if you were the person that posted something along the lines of "my six week old is already reading shakespear and doing algebra." I thought that was pretty funny, but the other parents...not so much.




I completely know what you mean. I've felt like a fish-out-of-water many times in Park Slope where someone once mentioned how if you serve your kid YoBaby, you might as well serve them ice cream. Guess what was in my diaper bag?

But I do think that this is all comes from being insecure about what kind of parents we are. And who doesn't worry about it? This is one thing you don't want to screw up. With no manual, and dozens of parenting books that contradict each other, it's extremely hard to figure out what works for you and your kid, and go your own way. It guess it's just easier to judge other people's parenting decisions than make your own.


So I just checked out the UrbanBaby boards and one of the topics was "Name a celebrity who is gay but hasn't come out yet."

Are they serious?
And what does that have to do with Parenting or even "Being Sophisticated" as they call it.


Hey, MD.

Another great post.

I want to see the blog of all of the *serious parents* when their childern are teenagers or young adults and start to exhibit their behavior before they were parents. Let's see how righteous they are when they look at their pot-smokin, boozin' kids and see themselves! I would pay to see that!

It's all about what's lurking up in the gene pool, baby. And once the hormones kick in, it's a WAR! Toddlers are a piece of cake compared to teenagers.

Yes, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. Yes, we try to raise them right.
But, there are no guarantees in life.

My teenagers taught me that laughter is the best weapon.
I can't tell you how many things they got away with by making us laugh!

Yes, Mark should have his own blog. I think he would enjoy the hate mail.


I'm Asian? Keeewwwwwllll. I always wanted to be Asian cause they are wicked smaht.

Seriously, your friend is a riot. He could write for The Onion.


Bastards at Parent Hack reject this every week I submit it....

OK so once your wife is pregnant with the last child that you want to have, you...

1) Adopt a 13 year old

2) Have 13 year old help nanny your kids, clean the house and get a part time job.

3) Wait till they're 18

4) Kick them out.

I mean seriously, this is fucking brilliant. Cost of Mcdonalds every day is like 3 bucks for three meals and what 13 doesn't want to eat McDonalds every day? I mean hell I even took out the rickshaw me to work thing and they still rejected it.

creative-type dad

Man, you are so right. More parents need to lighten up and save the angry face when it's needed.


Is this a result of someone having some angry comments directed at his post on another site?

I've lived with one motto for the majority of my life, and that is "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

Feel free to adopt it has your own.


You know what's wrong with people today? I'll tell ya....they take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!!!

We all need to learn to laugh.


well said. People have lost the ability to make light of anything,anymore especially KIDS. I am a single parent, and if I didnt make jokes about it, I wouldnt have made it this far as a parent! Thanks for saying it OUTLOUD

Mama Nabi

Dude, don't be messing with mommy boards - they're mean, cliquey, and serious. They can easily make a grown man, in this case you, cry... beware... they'll get you. Bwahahahah.
Oh, right. I don't think I was cool enough to play on those boards.


I have lost the ability to make light of people making light of people who need making light of which means I have very little of use to offer regarding this post so I am, in fact, merely expressing a disturbing degree of codependency by posting this comment gratuitously. I'd sign up for some kind of CODA-daddy board and discuss my feelings behind a veil of anonymity, but I have a blog for that, and I imagine someone would be messing with them too.


Hell, my daughter's name is Trixie and I STILL thought that was a great post. UB is the hands-down best source of completely insane parenting online. I'm not sure that was the "We're Number 1!" that they were aiming for, though.

Anyone who can't appreciate absurdity needs a hobby other than a child.

Mama Luxe

Where are all these great commenters who have a sense of humor when *I* joke around. Maybe I'm just not funny.

I think that Mrs. Q is spot on...you have to be secure enough in your choices as a parent to have a sense of humor about the whole thing!


Found you via the Blogger's Choice awards and have spent the whole morning at work reading your archives. This blog is great! I had no idea that there were daddy bloggers out there. Keep up the amazing writing!

Suburban Turmoil

Not only do many parents take themselves too seriously, but many bloggers take themselves too seriously. Put the two together and hooo doggy!

BTW, you gave me a great idea for a column with the LibbyLu link. THANKS!! :)


Thanks...I read your stuff and I know that I can sit back, laugh and just enjoy these days with my wife and kids. Hell, I just got the request for a popsicle at 6:30 this morning. If I would have read your posting a little earlier today, I probably would have sat down and enjoyed a "Freeze Bomb" with my three year old. I think I'll throw out the normal rules and do that tomorrow morning. Cheers!


OH. My. God. I am an adoptive parent (well, we're working on it anyhow!) and I COMPLETELY and totally agree with you. You should be reading what goes on in some of the adoptive parents forums. Dear, dear. It's all so serious. Now I'm just as devoted to the issues that our adopted children may/may not have when they come home. I don't mean to diminish that AT ALL. It's just the parents take *themselves* so very, very seriously.

I'm with you MD. I do not take myself seriously on any day of the week. I'd much rather dance down the street singing "Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens ..." to make my baby laugh while we jump up and down as high as the springs in our feet allow us than be *serious* and *mature*. Shudder.

We're in need of some warm-woollen-mittens down our way in Australia. Anyone got a spare pair?

Research Mom

Mark makes me snortle! I'd read him any day.

As for the parents who take themselves too seriously, they scared me into doing a whole bunch of stuff as a new parent that, in hindsight, I really did not need to do. Cost me a lot of lost sleep doing the extras - sterilizing everything 3x, making organic food from scratch every weekend, trying to sleep train. Now, she drinks from cups rinsed out with tap, eats El Pollo Loco, and sleeps in the Valley of Mom & Dad . . .


I'm a little late in the posting here, but I just wanted to say that it's refreshing to see people still have a sense of humor when it comes to parenting. Where I live we have two kinds of parents, the kind who "overparent" and the other kind who don't parent at all and lock their children outside all day. I'm stuck in the middle with my sarcasm and logic, leaving me no local parents (other than my friend who has the same dark humor as myself) to relate to. I don't scrapbook or watch Nascar which makes me incredibly unpopular in the area.

Lisa (qtpies7)

Your friend sounds hysterical!
I'd love to hear him pretend to be me, a mom of 7 kids, so I can get some great ideas for all the idiotic remarks I get.


why is the only time i can get a laugh out of parenthood is after i have drank a bottle of wine? am i the only one?

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