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April 13, 2007


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For when you need a quick goatherd fix....



sound of music is definitely one of my all time favorites. at one point of my life i knew every word of every song, but three times in one day is too hard-core for me! re: #3: duh, they had kick-ass maria von trapp as their mom!

Mrs. Davis

We watched The Sound of Music last weekend and Tivo'd it. Both of our sons (2 and 7) loved it. And I never realized until now that Jon Stewart bore such a resemblance to Christopher Plummer. Wow.

Also, I saw the woman who played Lisl (oldest daughter) on the Today show a few months back, and she has aged very well. And is very normal.

Mrs. Davis

Oh, and I hope the Peanut is feeling better soon!


SoM rules...FNL rules...
you lost me at 24.. i know i'm the only person on the earth that does not watch it, but who has the time when you're committed to sopranos, entourage, greys anatomy,desp housewives,etc... oh, and the kids..


I am with you on supporting "Friday Night Lights." Why don't people just watch? It has the most beautiful portrayl of a marriage that has ever been on american television. (and so much more...) are you listening people?


Kyle Chandler & Friday Night Lights rule. But that lame Gwen Stefani goat herd mash-up SO does NOT.

Mitch McDad

Bastard. We're a couple episodes behind on 24. How 'bout a spoiler warning next time. Though this season has pretty much blown so far.

As for FNL, it's must-see for my Texan wife. i dig it, but not as much as you. I do have a thing for Connie Britton. And MRS virtually #&^%&#^ when Coach Taylor bats his eyes.

THREE hasn't seen Sound of Music yet--sounds like I should hook her up....or should I?

I haven't had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine's toothbrush.


Just need to get this out---Battlestar Galactica is superior to Friday Night Lights.

dear wife

Oh thank you, Silver Spoons. it has been driving me crazy all season what show that character was on. And I agree there has not been nearly enough Jack this season. I will have to check out Friday Night Lights, but if I like it it probably will get cancelled. I seem to always like the shows no one watches.


With regards to item three. The REAL von Trapp family is actually more interesting than the cast. Most know that they own they settled up by Stowe, VT. However, sometime in the 50's or 60's, there was a big rift over the Lodge that the family ran or something and the kids kind of split apart. I don't remember the details, but when I lived in VT, I had a von Trapp as my real estate agent. He was from the outcast side of the family.


Completely agree with your assessment of today's leading men! Where are the Christopher Plummers, the Charles Hestons, and the Marlon Brandos of today?


aww cut me some slack! I'm 30 this year and watched Silver Spoons religiously! (And Webster, but let's not discuss that.)

Hygiene Dad

OMG, Christopher Plummer was so hot. They didn't call him Gay-org for nothing.

I'm glad you hooked Peanut onto the finest musical mankind has ever known. I see Yentl coming up next year, my friend.

Silver Spoons? Damn, you pull this stuff out of your past, don't you?


Sound of Music was a huge deal in my house growing up. I'm one of 6 kids (5 girls) and being German we'd sing Edelweiss for weeks on end.

Completely with you on the Silver Spoons comment -- that show immediately pops into my head EVERY time i see or hear about Ricky Schroeder.

Mrs. Q.

Smart girl. TSOM is one of my all time favs. My mom grew up in Austria and was a nanny to a famous family, so this was almost required viewing in our home. I still get goosebumps when I hear Edelweiss. (And I always thought Christopher Plummer was HOT in this film. Like Richard Chamberlain in The Thorn Birds, but more butch.)


I never saw that Simpsons episode but that is so funny! As for TSOM, it's required viewing in our house at least 3 times/year. Probably the only movie that parents and kids love equally.


Oh my gosh - I am openly admitting that when I went backpacking through Europe after college (how cliche, right?) my friends and I totally went on the Sound of Music tour in Austria. It was cheeseball for sure, but SO GREAT! That was in the middle of our 6-week-long trip and we sang the soundtrack to that damn movie every moment of every day for the rest of the trip!

Also, totally agree that is was about time that 24 got its bad-assness back before it went all Gilmore Girls on us. But Ricky Shroeder? He's just too baby-faced for CTU work.

L.A. Daddy

I've never seen Sound of Music.

Oh, and it was Rick Schroeder's birthday this week. How sad is it that I know that? He's 37.


I thought your were going to link to the real Von Trapp kids! Though it's cool to see what the actors have done with their lives.

We went to Stowe, VT for our first wedding anniversary (so I could learn to ski). Until we got there, we had no idea it's where the Von Trapp's ended up.


I love love love sound of music. I dont have kids, I'm 27 years old, but I watch it at least once every 2 to 3 months. Yes, I love that movie. Your wife must be a patient woman if she's listening to you yodel.

24 rocks!


Watched the sound of music with the kids recently .... got drowned out by the sopranos in the other room and I was forced to send my kids to bed so their minds wouldn't be further scarred than they already were.... Promptly regretted having kids watch the Sound of Music when my daughter was singing songs from it for 3 days straight (she can sing pop songs beautifully - musical numbers, not so much, because she tends to yell them)

And I'm under 35 by a good 7 yrs and know exactly what you mean by Ricky Schroeder and Silver Spoons - and I vaguely remember who Ed Sullivan is. Had to google Dana Plato.

Angie in Texas

TSOM was one of those movies that would come on TV every year and I would watch it to the chagrin(sp?) of my brothers. mom and dad never quite understood the facination . . . but they were more in to three's company (they didn't speak english, but *loved* to watch that jack tripper). the best part: they had no idea that show was all "socially progressive" for its time. :-)

Angie in Texas

sorry to hear the peanut is down and out with illness, but really, as a mom of a 7 and almost 5 year old - take this time to enjoy the quiet . . . sounds like TSOM is a great way to do it!


I think it's so cute that you did all those little things to try and cheer up your daughter. I wish my dad had been as fun as you. The Peanut is lucky to have you.


Together, we’re going to find our way. Together, taking the time each day. To learn all about those things you just can’t buy. You and I togeeee-theer.

Now try having that run through your head every time you watch NYPD Blue for the couple of years he was on that show. The weirdness of it all almost made my head explode.


You can fart on command?



MD, you've always impressed me, but knowing the theme to "Silver Spoons?"


(Hope the Peanut is feeling better and playing "pull my finger" with you soon.)


Did you know that during the filming of Sound of music, Christopher Plummer was hitting on Liesel (is that how you spell it?), the sixteen year old????
Knowing that, ruined him for me...dirty old man!


Fortunately, the Sound of Music didn't take with Little-E (although I saw that movie enough times at my Grandma's house to quote lines). We, on the other hand, are stuck calling E "Dorothy" all the time, because she LOVES the Wizard of Oz. Ah...

Hope the Peanut feels better soon!


1)The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite.
2)Plummer is hot.
3)I went on the Salzburg Sound of Music tour. It was AWESOME. Like a dream come true.
4)I totally realize how much of a freak I sound like right about now.

SciFi Dad

The Sound Of Music?!?

I was about to write you off when you saved yourself at the end with Friday Night Lights... although I'm not optimistic about a second season I totally agree with your assessment - one of the most realistic dramas on television right now. Maybe that's the problem though: too many people feel like they're watching their life. Most people look to television for escapism.


Only you could rave about Sound of Music and Friday Night Lights in the same post, MD!


The Ricker and Christopher Plummer? Yeah, there's two of the most manly dudes around.

You must be coming down with the Peanut's cold. What's next, an homage to El Debarge?


I'm sorry to hear that the Peanut is under the weather. I hope she recovers soon. Kudos to you for trying to keep her spirits up.

It seems as if TSOM crosses many social & racial boundaries. It is a favorite here too.

I could never get into 24. I can't be that faithful to any show that doesn't end. SciFi Dad is right about FNL. People don't like to see their life (or their friends lives) portrayed on TV. I watched Married With Children for the longest time until I met a family that was just like the characters on the show. It wasn't funny anymore to actually see people struggle in those situations. Imagine The Simpsons in real life...UGH!


Oh, how I long for the time when I too believed that "The Sound of Music" was merely a family film with a memorable film score. Damn the internet and its overload of information! While Googling the cast names, I came across an analysis of the film as an allegory of the conflicting social forces and class struggles at work in Austria immediately predecing WWII. Each main character represents one of those aspects, - even the Captain's rigidgly repressed emotions about his dead first wife represents furious resistance to the loss of Old Austria. It spoiled the whole thing for me. I was happier thinking it was just a chick flick with singable songs.


Sullen teenagers can teach us many lessons one of which is humility!


I'be been watching Friday Night Lights and am sad that it seems like yet another great but ratings poor one season shows. Seems like it should have a big fan base - it has cute football players, football talk, manly concerns, relationship issues...


I found your site through the Bloggers Choice awards.
My parents went to Germany and Austria and they did the "Sound of Music" tour and they said it was great!!!
My kids love "The Sound of Music", too. They also like, crazily enough, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and very oppositely, "Chicago".
I guess they're just musical people!
Great blog.


My husband pretends not to watch or like the show but this last week he walked into the room and stated "Jack is on in 10 minutes." Yeah, doesn't watch at all. And he yells "Rickie" every time he comes on the screen.

Nomadic One

You are such a devoted dad, MD...three times in a row?! When my Munchkin was about 14 mos she came down with coxackie virus and was listless for days. That weekend a "Bewitched" marathon was playing on TVLand so we watched it overandoverandover... That theme song and a cartoon of babies singing some poopaloop song on the 'net were the only things which could get a smile out of her. Hang in there...hope Peanut is better soon!

BTW, since I know you are a fan, too...RIP "Black Donnellys" (and WTF NBC??).

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Dude. They re-released it a few years after the original release in 1965. I went with my mother to see it in the Movie Theatre (note the "re"). I was wearing gloves and patent leather shoes, like it was freakin' Easter or something. There was an intermission. Only movie I ever remember in life with an intermission. I wanted to be Gretl.

Hope the P gets to feeling better, and you and BL don't succumb to whatever it was.


Battlestar is superior. Why?

Grace Park.

I also wanted the Von Trapps to be caught by the Nazis. Does that make me a bad person?


I remember having watched SOM easily 80 times and it wasn't until very recently that I actually saw the end. So sue me, that movie is freaking long! And as a kid, it got boring once Rolph went all Nazi and things got political.

Hope Peanut's feeling back to her peanuty self soon.


Love TSOM. I loved Plummer til I read that he hated that role the most out of all the roles he's played. I loved that scene on 24 with Jack and Fayed. Esp when The Ricker walked in, looked around at all the dead bodies and was like "Da-hammmmn Jack!" Also of course love FNL...esp Coach Taylor but even more his relationship with his wife. Loved when she told him she was staying. And the scene when she told him she was pregnant made me cry. SUCH GOOD TV. *sigh*


I have NEVER been able to stand the sound of music. It just - iew.


I've never been a big television watcher. I think the last show that I really got into was the first season of West Wing. However, on a friend's recommendation, I watched FNL and I absolutely love it. You're right. It really is the best that television as a medium can offer us. You can't imagine how upset I was to learn that the show might have no future!

Bring it back, NBC!


LOL, I recently watched the whole movie with my boys (to calm them down one evening when they were out of sorts). At first it drove them crazy ("Turn on SpongeBob!"), but after a while they LIKED it. I could listen to it over and over.

And I want my kids to behave like those kids, LOL. I'm tempted to get a whistle ;)

Now I'll never get "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!" out of my head!

I hope Peanut is better soon!

Professor Tom's - a bar in NYC dedicated to 24. Everytime someone dies, free shots. Everytime Jack disobeys an order, free shots. As you can probably guess, we have a grand ol time and don't worry the shots are majorly watered down but who cares when you are amidst CTU Tshirt wearing fans?!

Paige Jennifer

(1) It's The Ricker.

(2) He was all I wanted when I was in 6th grade. Okay, that and straight hair. What? I'm a Jewish girl who should have been born a WASP. So sue me! Well, with that suing invite I guess part of me is truly Jewish after all.

(3) Hope Peanut recovers quickly. I'm 34 and spent last week horizontal with Strep Throat. Yes, I'm 30 years too old to have that illness but whatever.

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