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March 29, 2007


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Whoa Nelly, It's not as if you just refused to buy his Cub Scout popcorn. You're talking about his mother! A kid who defends his mother isn't one I would worry about - at least you had it coming :-) It's the Ted Bundy types who use our humanity against us that are truly scary. If the kid starts being nice to the Peanut, that's when you have to move!


My little cousin, who is four, said to me the last time I saw her
"I'm going to cut your head open to see what's inside." This kid comes from a very nice family who is bewildered when crap like that or "I'm going to gut you!" (screamed at her older sister) comes out of her mouth.


I must be a horrible person, I'm the only who actually advocated real physical harm to him.

My journey to the Dark Side is complete. Well, OK, after I pass the bar, it's complete.


MikeyMike, if you're a horrible person, then so am I. See my comment above.


I've met plenty of kids like that, so glad they all moved away. Good luck.

Mama Nabi

I think you should buy the Armor of God PJs for the kid - see if he breaks out in boils and spews green shit out of his mouth. It would have been funny if Peanut ran to the mom and said, "Your kid scratched my daddddddddyyyyyyy!!" and jabbed her or something.

Wendy Boals

I don't know if I'd be more wary of the possible Antichrist or the Armor of God PJ's.......


I hope you are up to date on your tetanus or whatever shots you might need. I haven't run into the Antichrist lately, but I'm certain my 4 year old niece is going to grow up to be one hell of a shitty teenager. Already lies to get out of trouble, hides, is manipulative, is mean to other (younger) kids, etc. Perhaps we can move away during those formative years.

half old girl

Those P.J.s look highly flammable.


I wish I had advice here. We're currently moving house because we just happen to live in the Village of the Damned at the moment. We have one child in particular who is just demon spawn straightout. There is no silver lining with this kid. He is in my daughter's kindergarten class as well so he often targets her due to familiarity. This kid roughs everyone else's kids up, spits on other kids, pisses on other children's property (poor little Kortnie and her brand new Barbie Jeep), also smashes their property to bits. He is full of very unclassy, very adult comments. He tries to makeout with the other kids. He destroys property of the apartment complex. Knocks screens out of the laundry room windows so he can climb through the windows and urinate in the dryers. Good luck talking to his mother either, she's one of the people who use what I like to call embarrassment induced parenting. She only stops him from doing something if she sees other people are watching and will weakly scold him if you call her attention to something he has done. The second she goes back inside he's back at it. He of course has an ed tech who sits with him in class at school. All day long so that one broken child doesn't attempt to shank another child. This isn't the answer.


until theres housekeepers hanging themselves from rooftops, ur ok.


hahah.. the end of ur post sounded almost like Roald Dahl's book 'The Witches'

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I hate being so far away from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping everything goes smlhooty for you now sis and you're moaning like you were at 41 weeks with MissB and then have a natural delivery xxx (Ok I don't really hope you go overdue but you know what I mean) xxx


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