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March 09, 2007


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Oh GOD we're old - 20 years? It makes me think of the summer after Freshman year in college, living with the roommates from hell. That CD was one of the saving graces of those months.

And that Halle Berry quote? I think what she means to say is "Gaining 2 pounds is such a serious event in a woman's life so get out of my face."


This isn't at all relevant to this post, but this song made me think of your blog: Listen to "You Ruined Everything". The singer (Jonathan Coulton) wrote it about becoming a parent.


Just think about this once: my kids are adopted from China and my wife and I are both caucasian - very caucasian. Our little angels rarely freak out on us in public, but when they do and I have to whisk them out of Walmart or something, it looks kind of shady. I'm just waiting for cops to roll up on us, guns drawn, thinking I'm kidnapping my own kid. The scary thing is that my youngest daughter is just the type to make good use of that when she gets older, I'm thinking.

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