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March 27, 2007


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Well, I'm not as bad as you and your buddies but I will admit that last week when I was describing a pair of ugly bridesmaid shoes to my sister, I described them as the color of Elmo.

Go Red Sox!


Worse probably to you, I'm a die-hard Yankee fan. Though I have to say I spent a good part of my childhood attending both Mets and Yankees games. My parents didn't seem to get that we were only supposed to like one.

Will your daughter play little league? I have always loved baseball (played little league myself), but I have developed an entirely different respect and adoration for the game since we've had kids playing. First son is in majors and second son started t-ball this spring. There's a baseball allegory for every lesson in life.


Also a Yankees fan here. What kind of wager are we talking about? Better record? Most Golden Gloves? Farthest in the playoffs...oh wait, you're a Mets fan. I guess we can just go with you cutting me a check.


My daughter was three months old when we took her to the Mariner's opening day two years ago. She made the front page of the Seattle PI sports page (cutely tucked into the front of my wife's fleece coat in a chest carrier). It's been downhill ever since.


I'll bet you that Chan Ho Park will flame out in NY. And that the Rockies will have a better record than the Mets.


i think this is blasphemy on your blog, but whatever, you asked:



Oh I think it's women too. Parenting changes EVERYTHING. (Dude, you think I could sell that to Hallmark for a new baby card?) I loved Jennifer's line, "the color of Elmo", too fucking funny.

The hot dogs, cotton candy and seven dollar beers are the reasons I go to baseball games. Please don't disown me.... GO DODGERS!!!!

Mitch McDad

I was raised a Yankee fan, but I lost that loving feeling lately for all the obvious reasons.

So, I'm adopting my local team. This is the year the Rockies will tear down their Wild Card banner and make a run for all the glory.

Now I sing: "Meet the Mets. Greet the Mets. Step right up and BEAT the Mets." Bring it on baby. The Rock Pile is waiting.


Who am I rooting for this year? The same time I root for every year. I'm a third generation Red Sox fan. I live and breathe the Sox. And luckily, one of our pitchers, a guy you might of heard of, Curt Shilling, is blogging. He's blogged through much of spring training, and his blog is GREAT.

I just can't wait to see DiceK pitching in the majors. I'm so psyched for Opening Day!

Crystal In Houston

Long time reader...first time poster!

Rally round the Astros and the Killer B's!!!

I am a fan....but mostly a baseball widow....

cute story....when we were in the World Series in '05 we were very sad about the losing....sniff...and when the last game was played...and we were beat...my husband was just about in tears....his childhood dream had come true and then slipped right through his fingers. So, as ESPN was broadcasting their first "How Does It Feel To Be WS Losers?" after game show.....I was in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test! And it was positive! Our second child was on his way....As Michael wept for his team I casually said "Well honey, the 'Stros couldn't hit it out of the park this time...BUT YOU sure can!"

He felt better.....LOL!



And no, it's not all men. Somehow I've added an "ie" to things. Ever since I've become a mother diapers are diapies, blankets are blankies, boobs are boobies...well you get the idea.


People at work make fun of me when I leave for the day and wave "Bye Bye!"...
And god help me - long-suffering Cubs fan...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Hmm. I have suggested to my team (through the tv) "What's gonna work?"

My kids will always answer "teamwork".


Tobacco flavored binkys. I think you may beon to something there.

Go Phils.

Mr. Big Dubya

I found a lovely pink Sox shirt for you to wear this year. Unfortunately, there will be no I-95 series so we'll have to come up with something different.

And, did I see two Rockies fans in the comments? Oh, my. Good luck with that.

Rachel E.

Sorry MD - got another Yankee fan here. And it's nearly heroic to be one here in god-forsaken Georgia, so I think I deserve props for that. (Does anyone say "props" anymore?)

We can't seem to get the word "potty" out of our daily vocabulary. Our daughter is almost eleven so you'd think we'd have stopped by now, but we haven't. It's embarrassing as hell to be out in public somewhere and my 240 pound, 6'3" husband, says, "I gotta go potty."


My husband are I are HUGE Cubs fans. This year we were able to get tickets to 4 games- one of which is in a few weeks!



I think you'll look great in pink, MD.


How awesome is it that you just said "y'all?"

PS: better the Mets than those bastard Yankees.


My brother is a baseball fanatic. He took his newborn son (less than 2 months old) to opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals. Vacations are planned around spring training.

Molly Chase

Washington Nationals. Sad but true.


The Yankees are pure, unadulterated evil.


Astros all the way.
Although I'm in Albuquerque now so I spend many summer days watching the Isotopes. Yes, named by the Simpsons.
Good beer. Awesome Stadium. Lousy baseball. I actually counter-offered a job offer to reduce my pay by 50% in exchange for season tickets and guaranteed attendance to all the Isotopes home games. (As a start up, they weren't game for it. They needed a body more than the money). The best part of baseball in Albuquerque is we get 10-20 games a year with a 30-40 mph wind blowing right through the back stop. Any time someone connects... The ball is in the parking lot. I actually watched a college game between UNM and Rice (my alma mater) (with Berkman playing) where they had to stop the game in the 3rd inning to collect balls from the parking lot. Yes. They ran out of balls. It was 28 to 3. They have a mercy rule even in college. Who knew. Berkman hit an in the park home run because the outfielders were just standing at the wall. He ran out a little blipper double. Other than my family, only baseball scouts were sitting in the stands during the gale. Rice actually lost 1 of the series 26 - 23. They let the 3rd baseman pitch and they batted through twice before he could get 3 outs.

ray lee

You ever wonder how you would feel if your daughter was a Yankee fan? If any of my children were Met fans, I'd suck it up. I don't hate the Mets so it's okay that they love the other NY team. But if my kids rooted for the RedSox, it would be a really tough decision in whether I should give them Hell for the rest of their lives, or just disown them.

And I will admit. The sausages at Shea are better than the ones at Yankee Stadium. I think that's one of the few reasons why I like going to Shea. =X

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Hm, you have alot of Northeastern fans, MD, mostly Yankees and Sox fans. Being from Texas I gotta pull for the Rangers but, gah! They can be so frustrating! They can do so well for part of a season and we're thinking that yeah, maybe this is the year! And then it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

But we're not as big baseball fans down here, we live and breathe the Dallas Cowboys, of course!


Go Angels!


Remember the movie "Fever Pitch"? THAT'S my husband (except he's a Yankees fan.) I love him to death but during the season, I'm like a widow. He and his two best friends from high school have had season tickets for 10 years now and they rarely ever miss a game. Even worse? He watches all the away games too.

The flip side is that he doesn't mind when I take vacations with my girlfriends during the off-season.


Re: The Madness. Yes. We have it too. The other night the husband yelled, "He fucking WALKED!" and he was talking about the baby.


"if you find a great pair of shoes, do you tell your girlfriends that they're "totally fragglicious?"

Hahaha..you crack me up, MD!


Thanks to my son, I can't call a guitar a guitar, it has to be a dic-tar....

And uh....Go TIGERS!


As fellow 'Stros fans, Crystal and Dan are my new best friends. :-) Down here in Corpus, we go to Hooks games all summer long--I'd guess twice a week, on average? Friends know not to call us to go out because we're most likely at Whataburger Field. They don't understand our obsession with scorecards, but when you talk about "Thirsty Thursdays" ($2 beer night), they become baseball fans reeeeeal fast.


I'd completely forgotten about potato knishes. When my grandmother was alive and we'd visit NY, she's always take us to Yona Schimmels on the lower east side. Never tasted anything like it.

Jen Serrano

Go Gators! We don't imitate our kids nearly as much as they imitate us. Recently heard in my house (by a 5 year old), "I'm all about the Gators!" Our 3 year old's room is painted orange & white and complete with a Gator blankie.

Being from MA, I have to say, "Go Red Sox!" But, if we're talking great stadiums, we had more fun at Camden Yards. Lame ballgame, but great take! We brought our daughter there when she was 5 months old. I guess we should bring the kids to a Sox game this year...
-from a Sports Widow


Yeah, Go Angels!

Crystal In Houston

hey Elsu! let's catch a game LOL! Good to see some fellow 'Stros fans!!

And sometimes, I wonder if Yankees and Braves and Sox fans wonder how much some of us look at those teams? All that big money for big players that become celebrities? All those caps and shirts and merchandise that is sold in every state? It makes us feel like "pure" fans because we love and support the under dogs? I think that is why the WS was SOOO big for us! We did it! Without the benefit of buying "the perfect team"......

But we also understand those in NY and Boston, you gotta love your team too!

Numero Uno Yankees Fan!

I've got to admire a man who loves the Mets as much as you do, MD. Must have been hard suffering through all that turmoil in your life. Too bad this year will be more of the same.

Go Yankees!

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad

Another Yankee fan here. Are you taking names for checks?

Papa Bradstein

In spite of Balco Bonds, I have to go with my hometown Giants. Who else can bring home the heartbreak of baseball like a team that throws the last four games of what seemed like a clinched World Series?

To introduce 3B to the sport, however, we're going to have to substitute the Nats for the Giants this year. Last season you promised to catch a game with Liberal Banana, Boyfriend, and the Bradsteins if you were down this way. We're still up for it, if you're not too scared to watch your Mets go down to the Nats.

Yeah, even though I'm a carpetbagging fan, I still love talking smack to support the home team.

cry it out!

Not only are those march madness "cheers" in my new daddy lexicon ... I'm having trouble saying anything without freaking singing it. And by the way, go giants!


Die hard Cub fan, thank you very much.


yes, MD, and I can't stop with the gibberish. Mum, dad, R1 all pinch R2 in the "boppen", we put things "up-dee" and "down-dee", we eat "dim-dum". I'm just waiting to f-up on a conference call: "well, my numbers are up-dee for the month..."


I hate the Hoyas. HATE.


I was a huge basketball fan back in the 80's where you actually had talents like Tiny Archibald, Larry Bird and company. But not any more.

It's interesting to see that sports bring all races together, for instance: when Dice-K came to the Red Sox and all these white folks were cheering for him like he was one of them. Let's see how they treat him if he doesn't play up to par.


Baseball? Eh, as far as I'm concerned. But I'm widowed by the Oakland As.

Hygiene Dad

Hell yes, on baseball. We have two Nats games lined up for next week already. I'm so freaking psyched.

And I constantly tell people at work that I have to "go pottie". I just gave up trying to remember not to say it.

Chocolate Makes It Better

Here in Australia we have Aussie Rules or AFL. A type of football that we lovingly describe as cross-country basketball.

The idea is that you have to kick the ball between two large posts...there are two smaller posts either side of these. 6 points for the big ones and 1 point for the smaller ones.

I was at the MCG in Melbourne and a kid of about 4 or 5 years old got up and screamed at a player who missed "kick it between the bigs ones you dickhead!!"

I think we do things in reverse here in OZ.

English Bob

U.K. visitor here, Metrodad. I'm glad to hear the reasons why you like baseball so much. I always though cricket was a much more interesting game. Of course, nothing compares to football (or soccer, as you Yanks call it!)


Gotta represent the D! Go Tigers!!!!!!


Hmmmmmmm, Baby. Go Giants!

L.A. Daddy

Buckeyes! Goin' to the national championship again! I just hope it doesn't end as badly as it did for the football team...

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