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March 13, 2007


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Where are you at in Colorado? I miss the mountains. Sowboarding out in the Windy City sucks ass.

Have you run into the Snow gongju's yet? They are always on snowboards, and they wear little Prada backpacks, with a cigarette in one hand. Lit. The whole way down blue runs.


We really need to something about the cooking too. Our 5-year-old now greets some of the delivery guys by their first name!

Rachel E.

At least you REMEMBER to order dinner. We forget to feed our daughter. I know any day now, family services is going to show up and take her away from us and we'll end up in jail for neglect. One night, Greg and I were just sitting around talking about our day, etc. About an hour later, we were still yacking and we suddenly became aware of a lot of racket going on in the kitchen. Greg hollers to our daughter, "What are you doing Emma?" She stuck her head out of the kitchen and with the most disgusted look on her face said, (in her best, newly acquired southern accent that she got from living here in god-forsaken Georgia), "Fixin' myself some dinner!" We looked at the time. It was almost 8:00.

Oh, and I wear sweats WITH socks to bed and cover-up with a thick comforter all year round - in the south. Greg sleeps in his underwear with no blanket.


I love the menopausal Asian man thing, hilarious! And a book light on your head, priceless.

metro mama

You're fookin' funny, Metro Dad.


The Washington Post had a great profile of Amy Winehouse a month or so ago.


Dude, that game is seriously addictive. Been playing it for the last 20 minutes. Can't stop. Send help!


I'm hooked on The Black Donnellys also, MD. Part of it has to do with my lifelong crush on Irish boys but the show really is well done. I had no idea it was done by Paul Haggis. I hope it survives!


Dude, My Name is Earl is too smart for the average viewer.

I've been digging Amy Winehouse also. I hadn't heard any of her quotes- that's some funny stuff.

I thought the Rocky Mountains would be...rockier. That John Denver is full of shit.- Dumb (or possibly Dumber) Have fun skiing!


John Denver is a saint!! Hush your mouth!

Anne Glamore

We've got the hot side, cold side problem, too, except I wear the headlamp along with all the fleece, so I'm the one who read the same article. And I say the hell with it. Why would I marry someone just to stick him over on the other side of the house?

ps - I make him keep his undies on unless it's time for lovin. There are too many penises flopping around this house.

SciFi Dad

Thanks for the game link.

I think you should post your best score so we all have some gold standard for dog-fucking to work towards.


I love these chaotic posts! Lots I could respond to -- but I'll leave that for now. Have a wonderful time in Colorado!

Mr. Big Dubya

And that, in a nutshell, is why the Irish love the Koreans. It's all the feckin' cabbage. Fookin' is for the Scots.

You're learning how to cook? I promise, no Bonanza jokes -- I'm hoping, with your vast knowledge of TV, you'll get that inference - and not be offended.

Missing Persons, huh? I sat next to Dale Bozzio at a Duran Duran show when Warren Cuccurullo was still with DD. Very friendly, but not the same waifish girl we knew back in the Destination Unknown days. It also made me realize how old I was.


SciFi Dad..personal best is 11 in a row but my buddy Andrew got 13.

Big Dubs...is it any wonder why I fookin' love you? Only early 80's geeks like us even know who Warren Cuccurullo is. Duran Duran forever, man!

FYI...hearing so many people in China sing "Take me home, country roads" at karaoke has ruined John Denver for me. Besides, the only work of his that I ever really liked is when he'd guest star on the Muppet Show.

Devra Renner

The sleeping description, yeah, I can relate. My husband is Furnace Man and I used to wear enough thermal gear to bed that I could be a test subject for arctic expedition gear.

What has helped is we discovered a company that makes comforters you can buy in two different fills so my husband's side of the bed is at a "1" and mine is at a "4". I think it's called a "Dual Warmth" or something similar and we got it at Cuddledown. They are essentially two oversized single comforters that hook together. It is brilliant!


Thanks for brightening up my day, MD! I love these posts. Have a great time in Colorado. I'm jealous.


Apparently Peanut loves to live dangerously -- humidifer? your socks?

What a dare devil. :)


I love Amy Winehouse, she had her album on iTunes for a while now (on iTunes Canada anyways) and it is nice to get something a little different to listen to.

Have you tried The Fratellis yet? Pretty damn good import as well.


great, now i have a new obsession. why am i so excited when i make a basket with the hardest wind setting?

Mama Nabi

That Bono story is too funny... it makes a great cocktail party joke, doesn't it? I have to admit, whenever I open the microwave door, LN runs in the kitchen and says, "Mommy's making dinner for [LN]!" Need to take a cooking class.
Someday, when I allow PN to drag us on a ski trip, I'll be the one snuggling with a book and a hot drink in the chalet... of course, after a few drinks, I suppose I'd be the crazy Korean ajumma snowboarding on a ski. Have fun, Metrofamily!
Don't tell me Studio 60 has been nixed?!? I watched 2 episodes of BD - missed last night's. I liked the pilot better than the 2nd one... you're right, I wasn't too thrilled about the characters... I really didn't care for the narrator, Joey Ice Cream.
So... if you had a cruch on Duran Duran (all of them), does that mean you're old? Not that I'd know any Duran Duran members...


How the heck do you catch up on your reading while vacationing with a two year old? I really want to know, because my daughter won't let me read for more than 30 seconds.

Busy Mom

"Throw Paper" = hate you


The story about Bono is fookin hilarious! Funniest thing I've heard in a loooooong time. Thanks, MD!


Mmm the U2 story has the ring of an urban legend, funny nonetheless. Enjoy your holiday, can we have your book list?

Clare's Dad

Since you asked, we have the hot/cold problem too. The wife wants flannel sheets and an electric blanket under two comforters; I sweat under one blanket.

Black Donnellys is pretty good...but I'm afraid to get too attached. The Bono joke was great...I hadn't heard that one.


Nothing much to say...

Black Donellys is okay. I'm not loving it yet, but willing to give it a chance.

Amy Winehouse on the other hand... I've been loving Amy Winehouse since I've taken to listening to BBC Radio One's Live Chart Show on Sunday afternoons... she rocks!

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Love Peanut's mashups. In this musical household, I got treated to "A, B, C, D, Piece of Cheese" by Eng this morning.


If DH had his way, he'd keep the thermostat somewhere around freezing. I swear the guy is trying to freeze me out!


If DH had his way, he'd keep the thermostat somewhere around freezing. I swear the guy is trying to freeze me out!


I'm dizzy from all that chaos...and that game! Maybe I can start the women's pro tour.


on how people find your site...

I checked my counter...

someone found my blog, an obviously mommy blog, from the blogger navbar

and then searched it for porn and sex. truly disturbing...

Mitch McDad

I'll have the welcome sign out for you at DIA and have them groom the trails...though, as far as I'm concerned, it's golf season now.

Of course, if you are flying straight to the mountains, you'll miss the welcome sign.


As always, you amuse me.


That is how we sleep. EVERY NIGHT. Lone Ranger, eh? I never quite realized I was looking that sexy to my husband...


Parachute pants, nooooooooo!

On another note: 4. The best I can do us 4. Damn that fan!!


God, I miss McDLT's! I'm glad someone else remembers them.

Yes, same problem here--I'm the cold side, DH is the hot side. He keeps turning the thermostat down to about 65, I keep turning it up to about 70 (I'd like to set it to 73).

Peanut's a riot :)

Can't wait to hear about the cooking classes.


I like Peanut's songs. Substitute 'coffee' for 'cake' and she's got a hit in my book.

And isn't 'Row Your Jingle Bells' from a Traci Lords movie?


no joking here... the first thing that i stole as a little kid was also a york peppermint patty... good stuff!


Dude I was working on my post for Ricedaddies on St. Patricks day about Koreans as the Irish of Asia. Hmmm too strange.


Well, Fook! Dude, this edition of chaos theory was top-notch (based on the number of times I laughed out loud). The U2 story (thanks to Xdm) was particularly snort worthy (and by snort I mean soda came out my nose). And my husband also likes to show my daughter how to put my bra on her head....must be a dad thing ;). Have fun in Colorado and kick that mountain's ass, will ya?


Holy crap! Andrew is satan! My first game I scored 15...must...not...go...back...gaaaaah!

You are a riot, MD. I have a niece who is 4. Her mother wanted a little doll to dress in pink and ruffles, and (thank God) Mia's one Southern Belle who's having none of it! They are amazing little creatures, n'est pas?

Urban Legend




"Naked Coal Miner?"

I think someone just came up with his next Halloween costume!

JJ Daddy-O

Are you sure The Peanut didn't just cop that peppermint patty as part of her protection racket? Maybe the bodega is paying her off so they don't get jacked up by her and her preschool pals.
She's already got a good nickname, that's about 20% of being a gangster right there.

And I can't wait to hear her mash-up of "Wheels on the Bus" and "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster":
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta, Feedin the poor and hepin out wit they bills
Although I was born in St Vincent's, Now I'm in Tribeca makin deals.
Ridin around town in a drop-top bugaboo, Hittin switches in my black six-fo, the driver of this bus says "move yo' ass back", cause that's how the wheels of this bus roll.


Only you could fit in a shamrock shake reference, MD. I LOVE these chaos theory posts. Hope you're having a great vacation on the slopes!


Are you guys in Vail? I saw a really gorgeous and stylish Asian couple today with a little girl and I thought to myself...could that be Metrodad, Bosslady and the Peanut?


On the slopes — snowboarding, etc. LUCKY!!! Have fun. :)

Yeah, my cousin had a problem with the cooking thing. Everything was take-out. She had a huge stack of take-out menus which she affectionately referred to as her "recipes." When they moved from the city to the 'burbs, I think she finally learned to cook because the restaurants in the strip malls just didn't have as good "recipes" as city restaurants had.


Hah! My husband just signed up for cooking lessons too. Guess he was sick of both my bad cooking or our dependence on local restaurants that deliver.


It's posts like this that keep me coming back for more, MD. Have fun skiing and snowboarding. I'm jealous!

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