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February 28, 2007


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I love hearing about the cute things kids do and say. My two year old has changed his name to "Chicken Nugget" and has developed an obsession with the song "Fernando". Yesterday, he wiped his nose on the sleeve of my shirt and yelled "eww... nasty!"

Parenting is the best job there is.


there is a third (and fourth and fifth and sixth, but I digress) category wherein you feel confident enough (and jaded by too many conversations with categories one and two) wherein you simply hang out and don't say much about the whole parenting thing until you actually feel a spark of familiarity with another category three-type person. And just like hitting it off with a hot girl (back in the day) you then talk non-stop for hours.


Thank you for getting me both excited and ready to laugh at what's to come in the next few months for us. I'm terrified that T will pick up my work(aholic) habits. Although it seems inevitable; she's already picked up my thing for shoes and necklaces.


Captain Stinky is STILL full of those moments.

And for the record, he only counts to 10 in one & 1/2 languages.


Here's a 2-year-old accomplishment MetroDad may appreciate. We have the coffee book, Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo. My son likes that for bedtime occasionally, and when we flip thru it, he can look at the pictures and declare what animal's poop is shown. I barely know any of them, and if I had to outdo him, it would involve a whole night of cramming.


The Peanut is so cute. It's amazing watching her grow up!

Mama Nabi

"I eat gum" - oh boy. Soooo not looking forward to that poop. Man, love her 'power lunch' at her desk...


I was having lunch with a friend recently who is single and has no kids, and I was trying to explain how funny my 16 month old is, and I don't think I was quite getting it across, even though I was dying laughing just trying to explain. I guess it's kind of a "had to be there" thing.


Peanut is sooo adorable!!! You're so right, life's small moments will remain with you forever. =)


Thanks for the stories, my girl is about 6 months behind yours and I love seeing where it all could be gowing. You are right about the look into the future, I hope my Red is as funny as your peanut.

Babyamore (Trish)

I also like to read the 'real' stuff - my twins are 19 months old so I love reading what to expect 'next'.
I came by from Karen Cheng's post on you.

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