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February 01, 2007


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What do you mean the sweater doesn't fit?!?


You do realize that knitters carry pointy sticks with them at all times, don't you? How 'bout some survival skills there MD...be nice to the knitters!

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

Welcome home.


Made me laugh with the questions you use to redirect dear old mom.
I can see her scratching her head and losing sleep. Very funny.


Thanks for getting my February off on the right start! Welcome back!

Woman with Kids

Glad you're back. I don't get the Tina Fey crush either, but hey, so long as I can have John Cusack.


Hey MD, I may need to borrow your buddy's recipe for stress free flying - I love traveling but I can have the most intense panic attacks at the gate. Not fun.

As for the knitting, dude, do you have any clue how many people will approach you if you're out in public knitting? Like while waiting for a doctor's appointment? People come out of the wordwork, yo!

Anyhoo, hope your jet lag passes soon. Enjoy the tivo and cookies.

: )


Oh Metro, I've missed you. I love when you answer people's questions. I can't answer the John Cusack thing for you. He's so not my type, but I heart him. I just do. It's that guy next door thing.

I'm glad you're back. I hope you guys have a blast this Sunday. mmmm BBQ, I am so hungry now.


Good luck to you in the Year of the Golden Pig.

I hope you have lots of babies.

Or at least one. Because damnit, I'd like to read about MetroPregnancy. Not that I'm selfish.


Welcome back, MD, and thanks for the laugh. We missed you. I love your hypothetical questions for your mom. I wish I could think of a way to get both our mothers off our backs about having baby #2.

Laura in Indy


Yay! Go Colts!!!

Even though it's a Coors product in disguise (and I hate that!), I bought some *Blue* Moon Beer to cheer them on.

My 2-year old's school is having a pep rally tomorrow, with face painting, etc. And ... some dude painted his HOUSE with "Go Colts!" This town is going nuts!

Love your blog and love your Super Bowl Pick!

That's all,

dutch from sweet juniper

come on sir, you know better than to draw all kinds of conclusions about a city based on a conversation you had with anyone who is (1) blond; (2) named babs.

If you want to hate Atlanta, hate it for its highways and its suburbs.

welcome back.


Welcome back!

And I also think Tina Fey is kind of hot.


This is awesome. Truly.

I'm actually getting over my Cusack thing as of late -- I prefer to refer (that rhymes!) to it as my Lloyd Dobler thing, now. I think he's just another non-committal guy in his forties, at this point.

Am I the only person in their thirties on this planet who hasn't tried Ambien OR Valium?


I'm so glad you are back. The internet was getting boring.


Wow, dutch, that blonde comment surprises me coming from you. Tsk, tsk. (Note: I'm just hyper-sensitive after almost 30 years of blonde jokes. I'm blonde, dammit.)

MD - the jet lag sounds horrible, but I like the thought of medicating with 40 hours of TV, booze, and chocolate chip cookies. That sounds nice.

Also, I love how thorough all of your responses are on the mail bag posts - you are one dedicated blogger. :-)

Here's to a baby in the year of the Golden Pig!

Anne Glamore

As a fellow knitter (though not enraged, probably from all the gin), I have to admire BossLady's madd skillz again. That's like 2 tons of yarn there.

Good luck practicing for the 2d child. If it turns out to be #s 2 and 3 together, email immediately. I have hints. And gin.


Glad to have you back. And just for the record, the best thing about John Cusack is that he's NOT Brad Pitt.

JJ Daddy-O

Baby Momma and I are lighting a candle and waving some incense (high-church Episcopalians are just like Buddhists that way) for 2007 to bring you.....
The MetroTwins! Yeah, baby!
Make sure you tell the BL that the older you are, the more likely you are to have twins. (yeah, we didn't know that either, until it was too late) If she still says she's in the mood, then you know she's serious about this baby thing.


C'mon MetroDad...Root for my Bears! This is a different era. ;)


Welcome back, MD! Thanks for answering my question about your last meal. Sounds like it would be a good one!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I don't have a thing for John Cusack, but my husband thinks I'm crazy because I love Howie Long.


Have you tried Daisy Mays on 11th Ave?


That sweater is awesome, BossLady! I'm just getting started but I think it's only a matter of time before my hubs is a knitting widow also!

And the Peanut is too cute for words!


Those of us in Chicago love the Super Bowl Shuffle! I do admit that I would probably share your opinion if I lived anywhere else. It is enjoying quite a rebirth as Sunday's game approaches. I had the 45 as a kid and danced to it in my parents' basement...good times!


Welcome home. I also have the naked baby issues here. My kid wants to get naked the moment dinner is over. I find that if I let her get naked and then pick out a new outfit I can get her clothed in time to get out the door. This works like half the time. But the alternative is naked baby on the town, and nobody wants that right now. Oh and "Metro Twins" hell yeah that would make for some great reading. Good luck with that.


John Cusack? Cute and funny--really funny. We don't need muscles, we like to laugh!!

I think you guys like Tina because you all know she wouldn't give you the time of day. There's nothing a guy is attracted to more than something he thinks he can't have. Probably the whole hunter thing.

But what do I know...I'm just a chick.


I love Tina and John. And gin.

Rob F.

You just made me completely homesick, MD. I left NYC many years ago but whenever I visit, I always make it a point to go to Peter Luger’s steak, Grimaldi’s pizza, Carnegie Deli and Junior’s.

And yes, I always leave NYC 5 lbs heavier than when I arrived. Totally worth it!


Welcome Back, MD! Love that pic of the Peanut - she's so cute...

Between all the talk about BBQ and the "Year of The Golden Pig", and the Superbowl - I've got this overwhelming desire for ribs...


Whoriental. OMFG that is killing me.
And I am always down with someone who is into the whole sexy librarian thing! ;^)


Hi! Welcome back. I get all anxious when you don't post at least every four days or so. I'm not sure what that is all about??

The Golden Pig thing is pretty cool, considering I am about to have baby #2 any day now! ANY DAY!

Oh God.


Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your jetlag. Sounds like you are treating it well enough, though.

Good luck with the Golden Pig thang.

How could you EVER turn down offers from the BL?


My Korean friend is marrying a german muslim with jewish parents who lives in Germany. Her parents are thrilled.

I feel like a supahstah! Thank you for answering my question. If only I weren't putting 60-70 hours a week into my current dead end job I think my writing would be much better.

Glad to have you back. You made my day!


I'm so glad you're back! You are so hilarious, loved the lines you give to MikeyMike. I can see my Mom's reactions if my bachelor brother ever said that to her.

Nice sweater BL! You have one talented wife. But I think you're in trouble now MD!

And yes, my Korean FIL told us that this was the special year of a pig as soon as we broke the news of our pregnancy to them. I thought he was "smoking" something good, but here you are confirming it.


Oh MD, how I've missed you! Welcome back, hope your jet lag ends soon.

And curses on you for reminding me of the "Superbowl Shuffle!"


Ugh the Superbowl Shuffle and images of Tony Eason getting sacked 10,000 times is burned into my brain. Sometimes it hurts to be a NE sports fan. Which is why I'm rooting against the Colts. And thanks for the info about the Year of the Pig. Son #2 is due in July. Welcome home - you were missed! Catch up on 24 and we'll chat!


GREAT post :-) I giggled my (not so) little hind end off. Congrats on the perfect post award too!

Mitch McDad

Dude...the Atlanta thing is dead on. My corp HQ is in the A T L, and I spent a decent amount of time there and all I can say is the south scares that crap out of me.

I used to date a chick from Georgia when i lived in LA. She was cool and pretty liberal being in the music biz, but her family, southern baptists, holy fuckin shit. I think the only reason they didn't have white hood on when the got to LAX was because TSA made them take them off...wait scratch that...that was pre-911 but you get the point.


You say sexy librarian thing and I go all mushy.

then you say Atwood crush and I just feel dirty.

Knitting is supposed to great to quite smoking ... and yes. Yes, I believe it. Enraged knitters on line. Not long into my blogging career I found out a lot of librarians blog. Then I found the librarian/archivist niche.. then I found the librarian/archivist/knitter/parents thread.

And.. well I just like to stick with you guys instead. Those guys are weird man, and their my people. Like you said.


as in they're my people.

will I ever understand the preview button?


It's like you read my mind because I was going to ask whether or not you a) had a brother and b) if he was single. Now, is he anything like you? Cuz you are freaking hilarious! Hook a girl up!

Anyway, I've tried your tactic with my Korean mother ("Umma, so if you really want me to get married with the quickness, I can marry ANYONE right? Cuz there's this Jewish guy...") She, of course, then backs off for a bit before she pimps me off to the next doctor/lawyer she hears of.

P.S. when I say "hook" I don't mean it in that cheap one-night-stand kind of way.

P.P.S for me, what attracts me most about John Cusack: the characters he depicts in his movies (charming, down-to-earth, sweet, self-aware without being egotistical, etc.)


Oh my god! I just tried that tactic with my Korean mom and.... it didn't work. She replied, "As long as I get grandchildren..." I guess she's losing hope that I'll marry a Korean guy now that I'm almost thirty.

samantha Jo Campen

When the Bears win, and they WILL win, I'm going to do an extra-special happy dance simply because you're rooting for Indy.



I don't think Paris is a racist

Mega Mom

The Superbowl Shuffle is like the Elaine Dance of rap, beautiful in its own simplicity. They're so bad, you know they're good. (Plus they're doin' it fer you--yes, I'm hearing that often in my neck of the woods.)

OK, I can't believe I'm calling your grammar into question, but here goes...

"she's got multiple knitting projects going on and she could really care less about what I'm doing." Umm...MD...I believe the correct phrase is COULDN'T care less. Shame on you. You are like the whole new population going around saying "All THE sudden" as opposed to the correct: "All OF A sudden". You made me cringe.

Mega Mom

Oh, and GO BEARS.


Knishes were the food of my youth growing up in Brooklyn. I've been living in California for almost 20 years now and I've yet to ever find one here. My mouth is drooling right now. I can practically taste the potato-mustard goodness.

Denver Dad

That's it, Metro Dad, you're going to have to stop the act and admit you love Tina Fey as much as I do. When are we going to make our Tina-Fey-Is-Damn-Sexy-And-Even-Sexyerestly-With-Her-Glasses-Too Fan Club t-shirts?

Welcome back. Just be thankful you're not a mouse. The difference between feeling lousy and feeling dead is a small distinction, but an important one.


My girlfriends are always making fun of me because while they're constantly ogling the Brad Pitts, Matt Damons, or Jude Laws of this world, I'm always crushing on David Foster Wallace or Nicholas Sparks. I even think Richard Ford is cute!

Thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only strange one out there, MD!

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