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February 22, 2007


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"I. Said. Hit. Me. On. The. Flip. Side!" Dude, she kills me. She's too fucking funny.

I'm glad I have until tomorrow. I have ideas for you, I swear I do. I'll be back in the morning. Peace out. ;0)


Ha to all of you, I'm number 1.

Mitch McDad

They sound like my crew...that's why I quit playing Julie McCoy.

Mrs. Chicky

I've heard that if you make the lobster watch this season of American Idol it will fall into a deep sleep, making the boiling process much more humane.


Imagine having that kind of witty email banter for 3 solid months before we join our friends on LBI every summer. The exchange is exhausting. It is also done on a smaller level just before we go stay at some cabins in the mountains of PA every April.

BTW--My husband just taught my girls to say "Hit Me on the Flip Side." The 4 year old can also say, "Yo yo, let's bounce." I PRAY she doesn't say that at daycare.


What does it say that I instantly knew "heemeeonhefwepsy" was "hit me on the flip side"? I must be fluent in mouth-full-of-mac-and-cheese.
Dude, *that* can be the name of your new blog. I'm running right over to post it. I know it's a winner!


Your friend Tulse Luper had me cracking up with his pan-seared aardvark comment. You New Yorkers are too witty!

Lisa L.

Ping's Seafood sounds great. I'll have to try it when I'm in NY. The only Chinese restaurant around here is Panda Express. I don't think they're serving up anything special for the New Year (except maybe some $1.50 eggrolls!)


Kids store up all kinds of shit just so they can surprise you with them later. Never fails.

Glad to know that everyone's friends suck equally. I mean, yeah, we love them...but what a pain.

SciFi Dad

I laughed out loud (and I'm in a cubicle farm at a client's site right now) at hit me on the flip side.


"Pilot was cool. He didn't trip. He lay that plane upside the runway like a mutha...."


Regard Britney Spears: my first thought was that she's got Alopecia Areata too!

...your dr friend & I think a lot alike... (damn that makes me feel smart...)


Let me know the time and date and I'll be at Ping's with my lobster bib on! ;-)

That's classic from the mouth of babe stuff!! Peanut needs her own blog!

As for the contest...hmm, nothing clever comes to mind at all today.


New blog name: "Hit Me On The Flip Side" (I'll put it on the other entry, too; just had to say it here!)

Heather Armstrong suggested today that Britney may be suffering from some post-partum issues; I totally agree. It's the first thing I thought of when she first left K-Fed. I hope she gets help.

the new girl

These are all gems.
God's creatures on my plate and hit-me-on-the-flip-side?!
I can't take it.
You rule.


Your friends had me trying to stifle my laughter here at the office! Sheesh, they are something else! I don't claim to be very witty myself but I love that kind of humor!

And the Peanut! Hysterical! What a cutie!


The lobster thing reminds me of the time my uncle dropped off some crabs and I stuck a huge one into our steamer. It kept tapping on the sides and I was home alone so I kept thinking it was trying to tap out, "Help Me! Help me!!!" I felt so bad and took the poor thing out and put it in the sink. It lost one of its legs in the 5 minutes it was in the steamer but was still alive.

Cut to one hour later and I was really hungry. So what did I do? I stuck it back in the steamer and put on some earphones. (And steaming is better than boiling people. It holds in the juices.) Me the Buddhist (I am SO going to spend a few lives as a crab to make up for that one.)

And of course, Peanut is as cute as ever. I love reading about her now that she's able to talk.


My brother is getting married to a Chinese woman in three weeks. I just threw her a wedding shower on Sunday - nobody done told me it was Chinese New Year! Oops.

But love those Red Envelopes - she got over three thousand dollars from relatives that day. I'm ready to abandon all of my sorry ass pauper customs and convert.

I need some time to think about my contest entry, but to be honest I'd try for the third place bacon.


No "flip side" comments out here, but Ada did look at me yesterday and declare "crappy". Guess it's time to schedule that hair appointment.


I already knew I loved you but now I love your friends too.

Remind me to share with you some of the email oneupsmanship that occurs at an ad agency...

creative-type dad

I like this doctor.

We can sit around and talk about how we know nothing about Football so we can talk about the flip side.

JJ Daddy-O

"Heemeeonhefwepsy"? I think what she was saying was "Sae hae bok manhi baduseyo" - "Happy New Year" in Korean... 'cause she's a natural-born genius like that.


Go, Peanut! Tell it like it is!

I love it when kids talk wise like that. Today our Pumpkin told me, "Mama, you're just not making any sense!" He gave me the both-hands-up-in-the-air gesture, too!

Of course, he was right.


Note to Peanut: word.


I really miss NYC. Atlantans don't have a clue.


Poppycock Lobster.

Contest over.

Queen of Ass

Only TRUE friends discuss Britney.

alice, uptown

My best friend, who has shaved her head twice because of chemo, was not at all amused at Britney's latest 'do.

As for the origin of the mystery meat, didn't it occur to you to go down the hill to Burger King, where you had a better shot at it?

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