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February 05, 2007


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3 thoughts:
1. Dan Zanes actually rocks. Kid's music that doesn't totally suck- what a concept.
2. About a month ago my daughter initiated us into the "our child puked in public club". A 100% full Outback Steakhouse. My cashmere survived, so I'm pretty sure yours will too.
3. The Colts win was a HUGE thing here in Indiana. You should have seen the parades and pep-rallies all over the local news. On the bright side, I learned that some Colts players are actually well-spoken, generous, and almost humble.


seal up for me ANYTHING from Daniels. Or else potatoe pancakes from Carnegie Deli. Or maybe just a slice of pizza. Or croisants from Petrocian bakery...... oh the choices, the choices.....

Queen of Ass

CHEESECAKE, of course!


I know they don't come from New York, but what are those Korean fried pancake thingies stuffed with brown sugar and chopped nuts called? Hoduks? (spelling I know is off). I could use some of those. Can you make them?


Sewer rat. Just one, unless it would strain the tolerances on your vac-sealer. What are the specs on that thing, can it vac-seal something 30lbs or more?


1. A Reuben
2. A decent gyro
3. Pizza

or better yet - all of the above....I'll let you know if it's still fresh by the time it gets to Australia.


Sorry to hear Peanut has been sick. Last week must have been All Toddlers Get Sick Week, because my Stinker Bell was ill, too.

I've wanted to buy the food sealer, but wasn't sure if it -really- lived up to all the hype.

For the one thing from New York... that is a really tough call because now that I'm pregnant, EVERYTHING tastes -so- wonderful. I've (sadly) never been to NY. One thing I really enjoyed during my last pregnancy was hot dogs, so if I could get some Nathan's hotdogs (or whatever ones you think are best), that would be cool!

Better yet, anything that is good. I'm game. :-)


I don't have time to read all 107 comments before me since I just returned home from China with my (our) first child - but, duh, pizza and knishes!

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I live in New York Pizza...please, would love a piece. I'm in Chicago now and the pizza cannot compare to my NY type. Used to live right down the street from Gracie Mansion on E 88th street.

Arizona took advantage of the incessant pass rush by screening the ball to Hightower and it ended up creating big yards, but 15 rushes just isn’ t enough for a team that believes they have their running back tandem of the future in Wells and Hightower. Wells is shaky catching the ball out of the backfield and he hasn’ t fully grasped the pass protection schemes yet, but who cares if the opposing team knows you’ re running the ball if you gain 4- 5 yards on every play. Though Beanie Wells had a mental error...


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