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February 05, 2007


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Holy Crap I did It! I am the first post! I'm buying lottery tickets tomorrow!


Oh! Like that's a contest!

One dozen bagels from H&H and a couple of tubs of cream cheese from zabar's.


A slice. No such thing as good pizza south of mid-Jersey.


pastrami! pastrami! pastrami!


H & H bagels or Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings!


Too funny, MD. My 73-year-old MIL just got the same vacuum sealer a few weeks ago and has NOT stopped talking about it since. Is it really that good?


Wow — our Pumpkin had a stomach virus the last few days, too. Vomit and all, though not on any cashmere, just the carpeting. Portable steam cleaners ROCK! :)

This phrase jumped to mind when I read about the contest, though I could think of some other more yummy things from NYC:

Seal me a pretzel (one with lots of salt from a street vendor, please — hold the mustard).


Since I've never been to NYC I wouldn't mind airplane tickets. However, a really tacky NYC souvenir. :)

We had the stomach virus here, too. Everyone (except my husband) had it twice. We soaked the house in Lysol.


Seems to be something going around. Both DH and I got splattered with vomit this weekend. It's like we broke our cherries at the same time!

daddy in a strange land

Dude, you better be sending me a whole mess of vaccuum-sealed smoked sable from Russ and Daughters!

Sarah Marie

You could vacuum-seal your ultimate heart attack meal that you mentioned in your last post.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

daddy in a strange land

And yeah, now that I read the comment above, dumplings from Joe's Shanghai too!


That link to the FoodSaver on Amazon-- The picture makes it look like a food-printer. Like it prints food. From a printer.

Maybe I've smoked too much vacuum-sealed weed.


Freshly knitted woolen boxers. It's a long winter up here, baby.


Grimaldi's pizza, from the one across the bridge.

I've been a foodsealer convert for a couple years. Fair warning, some things you have to freeze first before you seal (soups, breads, etc.). I know you're not big on cooking, so think of it as an excellent excuse to order large portions of everything and freeze half.

Y. Song

Delurking to write that I long for the yummy treats of my youth. Can't pick only one. I was born and raised in Flushing. Left NY at the tender age of 17 and have not lived there since. Here's my list:
1.Italian Ice, the real stuff that comes in the cheap paper cups that you wait for the sweaty Italian mustached dude to leave the oven to scoop for you. Cost half a buck for three scoops of Rainbow on Main Street when I was little.
2. Real NY pizza-the stuff that is slightly black on the bottom from remnants o whatever in the oven and oh so crispy and thin.
3. Vacuum seal the smell of fresh NY bagels and chestnuts roasting and I'll feel as though I died and went to heaven.
4. A street vendor hotdog with ketchup and loaded with the onions swimming in the mysterious tomato/ketchup sauce.
Now I'm starving.


Do you use Elmo Juice concentrate or do you have your own juicer?


Kimchi! I cannot get decent kimchi here in the middle of nowhere Nevada (Carson City), although I don't know, can you vaccum seal it will all the juice?


Answer: The aroma of street vendor hot dog steam.

Seal that up like a time capsule and Fed Ex it to any NY expatriate. Let them open up that bag anywhere in the world - and instantly they will be teleported back home.


Okay. Couple things. Vacuum sealer. Every Korean man in my family has you beat by about 5 years. The minute it hit Costco shelves they all had one. Wait until you start sealing you clothes for travel like my cousin. Also, to fully appreciate the sealer you also have to get a dehydrator. You get to dry out all the fruit that would ordinarily go bad and make healthy snacks for the kids. You're welcome.

Hours? You spent hours dancing to Dan Zanes? I can take 1 song before I dance myself out of the room.

Pregame show at our house consisted of my husband standing in front of the tv and shouting, "KATIE COURIC?! WHAT THE FUCK IS KATIE COURIC DOING AT THE SUPERBOWL?! YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS SITTING AT THAT DESK, YOU PERKY BITCH!" and me tearing up at that Hines Ward segment which gets me every time. Good times.


Can you vacuum seal me a signed printout of this page in which I have accomplished my year long dream of being the first commenter. Strangely no one has of yet congratulated me on my achievement. Odd. I mean seriously have you ever tried it? It is really insane. I've burned through three mouses.


How 'bout a doughnut from Doughnut Plant? I know, lame.

Sorry to hear about the in-store puking episode. That sucks. (Hey, you didnt' say "that sucks" with a wink and a nod toward your vacuum sealer... guess this post wasn't so badly written after all.)


H&H bagels would be nice but a store in Pittsburgh flies them in so those are relatively accessible. The chocolate babka from Zabar's, on the other hand, would be a huge treat.

I'll be in New York this weekend for my annual trip to Westminster (and my last hurrah before having baby #2). On second thought, I will get my own babka. Can I just stop by for the vacuum sealing?


Seriously, I would looove a few strips of Chinese bacon and sausages from Chinatown so I can make a high-cholesterol yummy soup.


Elmo Juice? Is that like sticking Elmo in a juicer? Does he Scream as he is getting blended?

Mr. Big Dubya

ha, ha, ha - Elmo in a blender - I'm in!

I've heard Rex is not Jewish - this Web site may or may not be accurate:



No question - I'd like a potato knish and a giant corned beef on rye from Katz's deli! Too bad that you couldn't send along an egg cream, too. Mmm, knish...

Now I have to go eat something.


A cuppa freakin coffee from rays on third ave and st marks. Oh! How I miss that coffee.


Never in my life have I been to New York. London, sure. New York? Never. I wouldn't even know what I should want.

If you could vacuum seal any food from New York to mail to every person in America, what would you choose?


The Boy and I are making the trip up to NYC for two things, and two things only: lox bagels and the Bodies exhibit. So either yummy crusty, creamy, fishy bagel goodness or you can snap off the cross section of a fully preserved clitoris of an unethically obtained dead Chinese person. Why not a little of both? Grab bag.

Molly Chase

I'm thinking a big frozen block of dirty hot dog water from one of the Sabrett's carts, frozen because I know you can't vac-seal liquids. I was thinking about the corned beef from Katz's, but somebody beat me to it. Washington D.C. street food has nothing on New York street food, so I'll just take the hot dog water and cook my own hot dogs in it, thinking it'll infuse that special something.


Dude, you have a fireplace in your apartment? I didn't know that you could do that in New York!


Pizza, pizza, pizza! It might be too messy to vacuum seal but I don't care!


Bagels, I suppose, since I've never had an actual New York bagel. But if it's a contest and I win it, I'll let *you* decide what's best. Always trust the experts, I say.


Unquestionably: pickles. Not some crappy pickles from a grocery either. Real super sour barrel pickles from the Russian markets in Brighton Beach.I would pay for them!!


A vacuum sealer? Seriously? Just do what I do:
1) Put food in ziploc baggie and seal almost to end
2) Put mouth to corner and suck like hell
3) Apply skills later in bedroom


Anne Glamore

The sticky date pudding from Les Etats-Unis. Sounds gross,man. That's why they usually still have some left when I go.

(You'd have to go north of 57th street - take a map!!)


A pound of marijuana....
Those were the days.


Street meat! You know, from the carts -- with onions, peppers, some hot sauce ... yummmmm.


Men are funny. To the chagrin of my husband, I bought a FoodSaver vacuum sealer last year. My husband gave me grief about spending so much money on it. Now he's like a vacuum-sealing machine. He's constantly looking for things to seal. Sometimes he doesn't even let me finish dinner because he wants to seal the leftovers!


Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's mom. You're right. 33 is too young to be an orphan.


ROFLMAO...Almost every comment mentions what kind of vomit they've seen in the past two weeks and one later: what kind of food to send them! Just struck me as hilarious.

I haven't seen any vomit in the past few weeks, but I would LOVE to have NY's best chocolate or coffee beans (in your opinion). That would be awesome.


CityMama! I said the SAME thing about Katie. Especially when she was like, "Maybe I'll stay for the game!"



My husband wants one of those! Thanks for the warning.

I'll take... mmm... anything from Barney's? I swear I'll store it in the freezer for as long as you deem necessary.

Oh, it has to be edible? A Papaya dog and juice. Nothing better for a hangover — except maybe the pound of marijuana.

Bad joking aside… I'm so sorry about your friend and his loss. Losing a parent (let alone two) ... well, there are no words to describe the pain of it.

Mama Nabi

Sigh... you had to go and mention the whole being alone after the parents die. Now I feel guilty. I've been questioning my mortality lately, i.e. if I die anytime soon, our household will fall apart, I better quit smoking, etc., etc.
Hm, I've only been to New Jersey on a work related thing so I'm not sure what I'd want - can you vacuum seal public transportation? (Minnesota has the suckiest PT that I've seen) I do drool over the hot dogs that I see the actors eat on Law & Order. Hope Peanut has fully recovered? BTW, who wears cashmere while shopping with a toddler? Don't you know by now they tend to get sticky? (Both toddler and cashmere) Elmo juice? Is that made of Elmo?


New York Pizza...please, would love a piece. I'm in Chicago now and the pizza cannot compare to my NY type. Used to live right down the street from Gracie Mansion on E 88th street.
Poor Rex, he won't live that game down for a long time. I still maintain that football is a TEAM sport...how about a little "pass protection" for the guy. Oy, Sheesh! My poor Bears got their asses kicked. :(

Mitch McDad

1) Totally want the foodsaver...is it awesome? Is it sad that I asked if it was awesome? Wouldn't that be the perfect V-day gift for my wife?

2) Cleary God was rooting for Indy. Since Rex is mostly likely at least a portion Jewish, it must have been revenge for killing Jesus.

3) My wife is half Jewish--I hope my inlaws don't see this.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I would like a really good New York bagel.

Stoner Dad

I haven't vacuum-sealed an entire pound of marijuana. I have however sealed up a few eighths. Now that I'm old(er), it takes about three hits of weed to completely floor me. Often the weed goes stale before I can even smoke it. That's why the vacuum sealer is perfect! (I have the Black & Decker one.)


Pizza for sure. That's what I want you to vacuum seal for me. My uncle has one of those and he seals everything. I keep waiting for him to try and seal the kids. I didn't think they had Wal-Mart in NYC. I know there isn't one here. I'm pretty sure it was outlawed. Although that's a great place to throw up, I guess. Nothing says love like vomit.


Great post. You can seal up Rudolph Guliani until after the 2008 election. Please.

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