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January 03, 2007


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Did I tell you WHAM was the first and the only concert I've been to? I was drooling over George Michael like any school girl would. How sad huh?!

As for Sports Night, that was one of the best shows on TV at the time, and too bad it was canceled. I was one of those fans who emailed ABC to ask them to bring it back. But it didn't work. Same goes for "Six Degrees", I guess it's too smart for the normal audience. Bummer!!

Welcome back to reality!


We took pictures at Rockefeller Center, had fantastic seats (5th row center) for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, took a tour to the Top of the Rock, ate dinner at del Frisco's, made a quick stop into St. Pat's to light a candle for my ailing 84 yr old gram, and then had to go back to reality--Ohio. Christmas in NYC was magical. I am envious that you live in such an invigorating place.


Can I just say, since I'm de-lurking and all, that you and Boss Lady are so cool and dam it I wished I lived in NYC the other night, just to meet up with you all. Hey, even though I'm done blogging (yes, I'm laughing at myself too) next time you are out this way, we should have coffee. Plus, I keep bugging Liz to finally fucking move out here, so I can stalk her...I mean um have coffee with her.

Kyran, NTS

I also had reveller's regret on New Year's Day. I kept thinking all week I would just donate all the leftover booze to the charity but I lately I can look at the vegetable crisper full of Heineken and Friexenet (oh yeah, we are epicures here in Little Rock) and not want to throw up, so maybe I'll hang on to it. Just in case.

alice, uptown

The Peanut clearly has a couple of lessons to learn from the how-to-be-a-native New Yorker book. Doesn't she know that kitchens are repositories for the menu drawer?

On the other hand, if she decides to learn to cook when she's old enough to reach the stove, think how much productivity that will add at no cost to your life with the Boss Lady. The idea of the indentured servant may seem antiquated, but isn't that part of what children are meant to be? You know that later on, they'll get you back -- but at the Peanut's age, perhaps you could start by making her think dusting the baseboards is great entertainment.

mr nice guy

yo. next time you dudes hit the bars, give a brother a jingle. i know i live in the brooklyn outback and all, but i promise to wear shoes AND zip my fly.


you are getting old. so am i. thank god for literature and technology to keep us young. and music. top 11 of 2006 on its way. as they say, it takes one to know one...


I don't like that new Nas record. I don't know anyone who likes the new Nas record. You like the new Nas record?

just susie

I'm pregnant! Happy New Year!


My girls play teaparty/cooking/washing dishes CONSTANTLY. Two things I spend money on are books and teaparty/fake food for them. They even have a bucket of it they use in the bath (big tip if you arent already doing it) It started at age 1 1/2 for both of them, the fake cooking thing and my gosh, what a godsend.


I'm not sure what it is with kitchens. I actually cook for a living (a byproduct of being in restaurant management) so that is part of it, but we have two kitchens for the girls. One outside, that is used for mud pies and bug stew and I am sure other nefarious concoctions, and one inside, that takes up half of my damn kitchen. They love it, especially the four year old.


I love that other people are as creeped out by Shadow as I am. That accent that fades in and out? Those scarily pointy silhouettes? Yeek!


What a sweet kitchen set Peanut got. My 2 year old son got a kitchen set too from the grandparents. Despite the basket full of plastic food that he has with his set, he prefers to us playdough to create culinary masterpieces! He hasn't pretended to do any dishes yet. I guess the fact that he never sees us doing them may have something to do with that. :)


Wow! Don't tell John about the new TV/entertainment system, because I cannot afford any more debt right now. OY. And also, don't tell Bryce about the Peanut's new kitchen because that is the one thing he consistently asked for that we lazy-ass parents didn't manage to get under the tree (yes, he's a five-year-old BOY...so maybe he's going to be a famous chef one day!).


Waaaahhhh.... home theater!!! I'd give up books for that.

I liked Dreamgirls, but thought it could have used a wee bit more story and a wee less singing. Particularly the spotty places where the dialogue was sung. For me, you either sing all the dialogue or you don't sing any of it.

Happy New Year, MD... the Peanut will love that kitchen. Lucas loved his. And if you haven't bought velcro food yet, you don't know what you're, er, she's, missing.

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