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January 03, 2007


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My three year old neice has certainly never seen a dish washed in her household yet the pink kitchen she got this Christmas? Is a pretend dish washing haven. I don't even pretend to understand as my Barbies all refused to get married and I never pretend washed a damn thing. Kids.

Papa Bradstein

What a fantastic New Year's Eve party. Much better than sitting around snotting and snuffling until 10 o'clock, then falling asleep on the couch sucking on a Ricola, which is what we did. So did anyone come as Dr. Brown? In a DeLorean?


Excellent catch of the "Enchantment Under the Sea" reference, Papa B. You truly are a fellow child of the 80's.


I love that MetroBro is now called Uncle Tio. My daughter couldn't pronounce Uncle either when she was younger and would always call my brother "Unky". Now that she's 12, she still does call him "Unky". It's too darn cute for words!


(1) I also hated that Ali Smith book. It annoyed me to no end.

(2) After 20 years of marriage, my husband FINALLY got me a Xmas present that I wanted...a Dyson vacuum cleaner! I love it.

(3) I only had 4 glasses of champagne on NYE and I was hungover for the next two days!

creative-type dad

Yup- there's nothing like putting a toddler in an airplane. After an hour of screaming and kicking, I wished we had checked in the kid with the luggage.

Funny about the toy kitchen- we're getting that for our daughter (we're kinda late with the gift...she's 18 months so doesn't know...)


Welcome back, mate. Good to have you back in blogland again!



If only we'd made it a Back to the Future-themed party, (I may be young, but I got the reference, huzzah) instead we wearily crashed on the couch like 38 year-olds.

I mean, 60 year-olds.

Mama Nabi

Tio is great - I made a 'Korean' mistake of referring to any man as "Uncle so-and-so" and now LN calls my sister ("Momo" as in i-mo) "Uncle Momo". D'oh. Of course, Momo is also a very delicious Tibetan dumpling... That kitchen rocks! And congrats on your new toy/TV. What fun!

Brian (dad to 3)

Oh man, "Sports Night," the best show on TV that no one ever watched. They said it was too smart.

If you watch the early "West Wing" episodes, they had the exact same feel, but I think they got smart and dumbed it down so it lasted longer than "Sports Night."


I was just about to profess envy over the New Year's eve party when...fries? Ice cream! Whoo!!!!


Two-year-olds are as moody as teenagers, aren't they? Right there with you.

I love that David Foster Wallace book.


Wow. I live on the west coast and I was still in bed before you. Is that too much detail?

I love DFW's description of his cruise on the "Nadir".

L.A. Daddy

A nice and quiet dinner eating and drinking a bit too much, but not so much that I wanted to cut off my head. Some football, some wine, some rockin' eve countdowns (we get to watch them roll across the country until they get out to West Coast time), and some more wine. And LA Toddler slept through it all, bless her heart.

chocolate makes it better

I have plasma envy!


80's theme party, I love it! Why don't I know anyone who does cool stuff like that? I could have kicked everyone's ass at some 80s Name That Tune and Song Trivia. It certainly beats the "go to bed at 5:00 pm heavily medicated with cold medicine and sleep through the entire thing" night I had.

PS You're my density.

PPS Shadow scares the crap out of me too!

Mr. Big Dubya

If you've visited my place lately, you'll see how the Dubyas spend a rockin' NYE.

So help me -- if you're not available the next time I'm in town I'll...I'll...well...I'll wait until the next time. Keep Tony away from the Scotch - he gets kind of rowdy.

daddy in a strange land

We spent New Year's Eve with other friends with kids, the toddlers running everywhere until (gasp!) 10 p.m. while the adults did DDR and karaoke (all with very little lubrication, mind you). Once home, we fell asleep by 10:30 (The Pumpkin crashed in the car). God, I feel old (and I'm younger than you!). Heh. Happy New Year, MD.


1) Where oh where, oh where is Shadow?

2) Is it the theme of the dance at the end of Back to the Future?


We had the in-laws over for two weeks. Two weeks. While we really, really appreciated the baby-sitting, they drive me INSANE.
And "Bear in the Big Blue House" while hungover? Been there/ fear that...
Happy NY, MD!!!


Wow! Another Sports Night fan. I love it!


Welcome back. We got our girls a kitchen and fake appliances and fake food. They've been in the basement ever since.

Have a good time this evening!


Bars are cool.

(5a) LOVE David Foster Wallace. Love him, even though me makes me feel stupid what with all them smarts he gots.

(5b) Also love Sports Night very much.

(9) Back To The Future! And Wham! all in one night! You have way better friends than I have.

I'm just happy to be back in the routine of things. I never thought I'd ever feel that way, but I do. I really do.


That was me, up there. Apparently I'm so happy to be back to real life (as opposed to holiday life) that I can't properly post a comment any more.


Just so you know, I'm still waiting for my ice cream.

Hygiene Dad

Sports Night, Dreamgirls, a plasma and Wham!? Seriously, this is why I love you.

I love how Peanut's kitchen functions better than yours. Boots & googles in the oven? You scare me.


I think our parents are the same people.


dude, that kitchen rocks the house! I can't let Cheeky see it or she'll be fighting over who gets to clean the dishes. Oh wait...Cheeky! Come over here and check this out!

BTW, Wallace and Sports Night are huge thumbs up. Now the important question is whether there's a Super Bowl party associated with that TV....


You're freaking me out, MD. Over the holidays, I read both "Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance" and "The Emperor's Children. I loved both of them. Haven't read any DFW yet but I'll give him a try.


Yes, more asian women are needed as Chefs in this country- represent, peanut! Seriously? She needs to get on Top Chef and then Iron Chef and then the sky's the limit. No dishwashing for her.

Thanks for the book recs ... I read "on beauty" by Zadie Smith and I give it the same review you gave The Accidental. What is it with these meta-tomes anyway?


Long time lurker, MD. Never commented before but I just want to say that it's a special (or perhaps strange) man who can praise Wallace, Dreamgirls and Nas in the same sentence. It totally explains why I love reading your blog!

Glad to hear you & Bosslady had a fun New Years!


I'm so with you on Nas, MetroD. I just caught that video on MTV2 the other day, and I was all "what's this? A hip hop video with no skanky booty...can't be." Well I realized it was my boy Nas and sent a prayer up to Tupac thanking him for pushing exposure, and then snapped out of my hiphop wonderland as some overweight rapper stood singing next to a woman with a large rump and a thong on humping a chair.


Hello, I just discovered your journal :)

cam c.

That kitchen is awesome! And here I was going to get some paint and cardboard and make a (totally apartment-friendly and collapsable) "Elmo's-world-esque" kitchen for the munchkin. Damn that's cool.


We played "swap the virus" all xmas and new year and I won thanks to being the only one who didn't mutate into a 24/7 snot-machine.

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

80 degrees in Savannah, low country boil with friends (a large portion being other Twin Parents), drinking my 18th century egg nogg recipe (hard to catch more than a mellow buzz with all that milk fat) and the last guest left at 10 (so their babysitters could go out and party). Baba took LMS, Chang and Eng for a sleepover, so we got to lay around all New Tear's day in our jammies. The perfect new year. NG grabbed "You're my density" before I could.


What do fellow bloggers talk about when they meet in person?


Now why did you have to bring up Sports Night? How I miss that show.

It's on DVD, you say? Sign me up!


An "Enchantment Under the Sea" 80's theme party for New Years Eve sounds awesome. Even if I didn't have kids, I don't think I'd be able to find anything like that here in Portland, ME. Maybe I need to move to New York. Nah!

u'r back MD... I missed reading your blog man!!!!!!!

Charlie Kondek

I have to ask: Koreans don't exchange personal gifts at holiday times? Can you elaborate? "Since we both grew up in immigrant homes where personal gifts were never exchanged, we tend to overcompensate."

Oh, and, Get your damn hands off of her, Biff!


Charlie! You're commenting? Excellent!

Anyway, most Koreans exchange small gifts of cash. Must be a Confucian thing. It was always heartbreaking as a litle kid to wake up on Christmas and get a little red envelope with $20 in it. Bah humbug!

That's why we tend to go overboard now.


My kids love "Bear in the Big Blue House" so it's on a lot at our house too. I'm with you. Shadow is a strange character who completely freaks me out. Even her voice is creepy. And when she does that thing where she sings shadow plays and tells shadow stories? Even creepier!


Welcome back to the freeze land.

may I use my huzpa and ask to be invited for drinks the next time you all go ?

Charlie Kondek

Thanks, MD. Sigh! You and BossLady are such a neat couple.


That toy kitchen is too cool, MD. I can see why Peanut must love it so much. My daughter got a similar one a few years ago. She STILL loves it!

metro mama

Oh, your New Year's sounds like so much fun, I'm jealous. We couldn't even get our parents to babysits.

I did enjoy Emperor's Children (thanks for the reco). I also saw Little Miss Sunshine the other night (on your recommendation). Delightful!


So jealous of your 80's New Year experience! We would have loved that.

Got the "Enchantment..." reference. ;) And the memories come pouring back...yikes. I am old.


Duuude! WHAM costumes are BRILLIANT! And I would have schooled ALL of you in "Name that Tune"!

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