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January 10, 2007


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well, okay, if you insist - I haven't been lurking very long. I found you through Laid Off Dad, where I've lurked a little longer. I'm a new mom (one-year-old boy) and so I'm always curious to see what's ahead in the parenting biz. I think you're hysterical.


Happy delurking week.

When my daughter was about 2 she wanted to know why Daddy had a tail.

At 3.5 she is still bummed out that she can't pee standing up.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Look, if I could get mine to care about peeing in the potty AT ALL I would be thrilled.


"Lurking" always sounds like something a weirdo pervert would do, so I usually don't admit to "lurking" on anyone's site...

However, I am new to your site and think you are hilarious. I love reading about parents that recognize we need to have a great sense of humor to get through this parenting gig.

Very well done!


hello. de-lurking here - left coast mother of a 2 year old boy, former new yorker and '86 Mets fan (especially the dreamy ron darling and inexplicably, tobacco chewing lenny dykstra). love your witty, well-written observations. they make my day!


Lurking does sound like something a perv would do (I totally agree with Lauren) but I have read a few of your posts and am hooked! So, here I am, out in the open. I exist and I'm not a perverted lurker. I'm a nice one.


In honor of National Delurking Week, just wanted to say I love your blog. Your little girl is sooooo cute!

My youngest is 12 now but I remember her potty training days well. She was pretty good about peeing in the toilet but was really, vehemently against pooping in the toilet. One time, when left in the care of her daddy, she was found hiding in her closet where she had pooped in a box - but NOT the potty!

cam c.

Hey MD... not exactly a lurker (I think we've exchanged email a couple times, even -- I have you in my address book) but I don't comment on your usually hilarious blog posts nearly enough.

Our daughter is two this week... she does the after-the-fact poop announcements still as well, although she's been getting fairly close to being trained, to the point that we even let her get away with hanging around the house without a diaper, sometimes with predictably disastrous results. I think not pushing it is key, though, as you said... all kids have their own speed.

BTW, a woman at a birthday party the other day was making a big deal out of the fact that not only was her daughter potty trained before 2, but she could do it on a normal toilet seat. Yeah, there's something the kid will want to put on her resume someday...


Coming out of the lurking closet. The youngest of my 5 children is six years old so I have been through a lot of what you describe. It is good birth control for me when I get baby fever.


OMG! That's too cute!

I have to share this post that I read today that got me in stitches and not to mention peed in my pants, b/c as we all know...pregnant women tend to "leak" a bit while sneezing, coughing or even laugh too loud. Ok, TMI you say. Here it is, enjoy.



regular reader, semi regular commenter. you have a great blog here, MD. and a super cute daughter to boot.

so the matchstick trick, eh? it really works? dude, i totally have to remember that.


Hey there - I really enjoy your posts, the Peanut is a doll!

GL with potty training it is both the most frustrating and easiest thing in the world (once they are ready!) :o)


A friend and I were discussing when it was time to teach kids privacy and institute a closed bathroom door policy in the house the other day. He said he started his after his 5 year old walked past the bathroom one day and peered in while he was peeing and said, "Wow. Daddy. Your penis is ENORMOUS!" Yeah... it was then.


De-lurking here. I've been reading you for a few months now, having been pointed in your direction by Jonathan at Flailing My Arms. You both are part of my Daddy-blog fix. :)

I'm a new mom, with my thudding (he is officially 14 pounds) 5 week old son sleeping for the moment on the couch. It's great reading about your adventures with Peanut - gives me some idea of what I might look forward to.

Thank you for the great observations and laughs!


De-lurking here to say I love your blog. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment!


Long time reader and commentor, MD! The Peanut is so precious. It's amazing to see her turn into a big girl!


Hi, MD - here's a comment in honor of Delurking Week! At least after all of this house training business, you can look forward to teaching the Peanut fun Scrabble words and grammar tidbits, right? There's a light at the end of the tunnel, or so I hear.

Papa Bradstein

Oh man, your description of waking up to a steaming hot pile of dog crap gave me the belly laugh that I needed before going to bed. Let's hope that Barky doesn't get any ideas from MetroDog tonight.


Potty training stinks. I'm dreading the day we start training our son.


I love to read about your life Reading about your life makes me more anxious to have kids of my own! Good luck on the training. Your peanut is the sweetest!


Oh boy... The Bee (our 2-month old) watches us all the time; no matter where we go. I don't know what we'll do when she wants to come hang out in the bathroom. I guess it's only fair she watch us poo considering how fascinated we've become with her fecal achievements. Yeah but anyhoo, I'm a lurker no longer.

Sarah Marie

Delurking to say that I'm only a couple months into your archives...had to keep myself busy while you were off in palm-tree land over the holidays. Post more often, dammit! I need those belly laughs. I just about died when I saw Peanut's second Santa picture!!!


I'm so screwed! I've got one of each. I've got double the chances of screwing up.

I'm going to have to stack up on matches.


Delurking here. Having grown up the only male in a houseful of females, I couldn't help notice in the background that YOU left the toilet seat up!


Heard about your site from a new mom on the east coast. And even though I don't have kids, I think your blog is hilarious, especially this last post. And I share the wealth with my friends. 8) Good luck when you hit the milestone of having to discuss the birds and the bees to your Peanut.

Daddy Forever

National Delurking Week in the blogoshere. Did you just make that up?

My son has the opposite problem. He pees sitting down and asks me why I pee standing up.


I have been reading your blog for a while.

Our daughter is around the same stage with potty training.


Hello - a friend in Berkeley(who was once convinced you were dating a friend of hers) turned me on to your site and I am pretty hooked. My daughter is 13 now, but I have fond memories of her first awareness of the difference between boys and girls. For a spell there she greeted every person with these questioning words, "Penis? 'gina?" My friend Lisa will forever remain Lisa'Gina. My daughter also spent a day or so with a toy car in her underpants as a pretend penis.

At thirteen she is now horrified by the mention of a penis. She would be mortified if she ever knew I had shared these tidbits. Btw, believe me when I tell you it is not worth the hot wrath of a thirteen-year-old to intentionally embarrass her in public.

Your daughter has a beautiful happy smile. She looks so proud trying to pee standing up!


The low-key approach to potty training is definitely a good thing. We've through it twice, and it's stressful enough without applying any extra pressure. The downside, though, is that it can sometimes drag out a bit. Our son wasn't completely trained until he was four. Someday I'll tell you how much that sucked.


MetroDad, you're turning out to be my best contraceptive!


Since you requested...I'll delurk! Just someone who found you via a link on a Korean Adoptee blog that I like. I am mom to a 4 yo wild and crazy Korean girl. Also a former Manhattanite. Love your blog...it's the only one that makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants (and I have no problems with continence normally, unlike MetroDog!).

Hugs to Peanut...she's a cutie!


Our daughter just turned two and we've been playing the potty game for a few months now. Most of the turds are ending up in the bright red bowl, hooorah.

I know what you mean about company in the can. I made the mistake of not holding her when I went in the mens room last week on the ferry. She promptly grabbed the side of the urinal trough. I didn't know whether to gag or laugh out loud. I still haven't told her mother...

Jen3 @ amazing trips

Ah yes, potty training. We tried with our 2-year old triplets and decided that we best wait until summer rolls around, and we can set all three of them free in the backyard and clean them off with the garden hose.

This was my husband's attempt at potty training the three of them just a few weeks ago: http://amazingtrips.blogspot.com/2006/12/beginning-of-end.html

This was my attempt: Just take a look at the pictures ... this is what happens when you *try* closing the door on a toddler who is deadset on seeing you "do-your-thing". http://amazingtrips.blogspot.com/2006/09/to-pee-or-not-to-pee.html

I'm catching up on some of your previous posts and regarding Peanut with Santa, don't feel too bad. We didn't have the best experience, either:

Good luck with your dog, no advice there!


Hi MD, Absolutely adore ur blog; have been reading it for more than six months now. I am from India and mom to a 2 year old girl. thanks for all the laughs.


Love the blog. I found you through www.WhosWhoOfFrenchyKoreans.com I have been quietly reading your blog and have decided to finally post something. Here I go...

wassup mang

creative-type dad

So this is what I have to look forward too, eh? My daughter checking out my poop.

I think I'm going to start scuplting Muppets with my butt cheeks - that'll give her something interesting to stare at and aspire too.


Delurking week rules.
Found you through Strollerderby - you guys do a great job over there. Love your writing.


Your daughter sounds fabulous.

Personally I hate "internets" more than blogosphere. Happy delurking week.

Lynda L

Hi, delurking from Edinburgh, Scotland. My situation is the reverse of yours - I am female with two sons. They grasped the fact that they each had a penis and I didn't and kindly offered to buy me one. From the penis shop, in case you wondered.


Okay, you got me. I'm delurking now. Peanut is supercute. Thanks for keeping me entertained. The Hubby likes to read your blog, too. I doubt he'd delurk, though. :)


Delurking to say that although I don't have a peanut of my own yet .... I do enjoy reading about yours! She is such a star!


Occasional commenter here. We're going through the same "awareness" phase. She will sometimes tell us she wants to use the potty (and will actually urinate if we get her diaper off quick enough) but mostly we're getting the news "after it happened".


delurking here...love your post came over from MoMMY, actually am Grammy to those many male youngsters.....Just reminds me of all the fun I had years earlier.

Rob MacD

Happy De-lurking Week!
Our peanut is just 8 months, so I read your stuff in part for a glimpse of my future. I blog about the past at www.robmacdougall.org.


I truly laughed at the fire going out. I never heard of the match stick thing and it is funny and disturbing at the same time.


Fine...I'm delurking!! I LOVE your posts and check daily (sometimes, several times a day!). I always laugh and I thank you for that!!


Semi-regular commentor, MD. I have a child the same age as the Peanut and it's been great reading how your life is mirroring ours. Your writing is hilarious and has definitely gotten me through rough times. Thanks!


Love reading your blog. I've got a 2 and a 4, both estrogen types. It's unbelievably cool to be a dad. Rachie, my youngest is just starting into potty training. We're breaking out all our potty media again. Her older sister, also adopted from China, was actually potty trained when we got her at 10 mos. Really kind of sad. She was very fearful when she peed in her diaper so we quickly undid the potty training and actually praised her when she had those inevitable accidents. She learned very quickly at 2 though.


Long time lurker, first time commenter-I am always out of breath from laughing which is why you haven't heard from me before. Had to walk away from this one for about 20 minutes in order to be able to type again. Love your writing, stories, and pics. I am about 2 years behind you as a parent, but if this is what we have to look forward to, I can't wait, it will be a blast!


I don't remember how I stumbled on your blog, MD, but the first post I read was one where you gave a bunch of book recommendations. I took you up on some of them and loved them. Realizing that we had similar tastes in books, I came to learn that we had a similar sense of humor as well. Your wonderful writing has always put a smile on my face (and I don't even have kids!) Thank you.

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