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December 18, 2006


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samantha Jo Campen

OMG that is awesome. I love Santa pictures like that.

And his facial expression is priceless:-)


Hilarious... I would try and pose a photo like that with my daughter if I thought for a second it would work.


Hahahaha, that one is even better. I do think that may be the same Santa, I can't believe he remembered her. Your kid is the coolest, imagine how neat she'll thing that is when she's a parent. 90 minutes for a repeat of last year, you are a glutton for punishment my friend. Next year she'll be old enough to tell you, hell no, I won't go.

#1 cracked me up, but I can understand how you may want to let your eye heal before you admit it's dam funny.

I hope Boss Lady's back heals fast. Have a great Holiday.


First of all, I am sorry that Boss Lady is in such agony. That totally sucks.
Secondly, I am quite envious that you HAD a hangover. THAT means you had a fun time. I, on, the other hand, was the designated driver Saturday night and watched my husband get stinky drunk.

Thirdly, I was DYING that Peanut's photo is the same as last year, right down to the look on Santa's face. Those are going to be FABULOUS memories!


Oh no. That photo. Not again. HILARIOUS as it is, I know how badly you all want a different image. But it looks like a pretty strong tradition is building here...

We had the same Santa this year as last year, too! But then we went to another mall and he saw another Santa. Our Pumpkin noticed it was a different guy! We had to think fast and explain that there are actually many Santas because there are so many children in the world to visit. It's good we got this explained yesterday, because today even the CVS guy was dressed as Santa — and without a beard! Now I've explained that sometimes Santas don't have beards (yikes).

I hope Boss Lady's back is feeling better! I'm sending you all lots of positive vibes.


Bwah! Hah! Hah! Merry Christmas, and thanks for making me shoot wine out of my nose.


I would kill for a Santa like that. Our santa looked like a cross between Chester the Molester and AIDS Santa.

And, having just applied Ben Gay to my husband's lower back tonight due to an eerily similar muscle pull, we totally recommend it.

Greetings from the locker room.


Awesome. I hope she keeps doing the whole "Santa is ripping out my fingernails" thing until she's in college. Think of the collage you could make.


Yes, I think you need for her to do that intentionally every year, now that the tradition is started. Next year, you can explain to her while she's standing in line how Santa sucks out the soul of little kids who sit in his lap.


If she reacts that way to Santa, I'd keep her away from the Easter Bunny!

cam c.


"...how can someone so small have breath like that?"

Let me take a guess... is she eating kimchee yet at all? :)


This is one of those Christmas things I just don't get. Then again, with your sense of humor, I am sure the photo will be cherished. (The year she finally sits happily on Santa's lap you and BossLady will be really disappointed, huh?)

Sorry about your back Metro Mama!
Sending fast healing vibes!
Those Santa pics are priceless!

Lisa Lisa

This post cracked me up. Mainly because my husband and I were JUST remarking on our little girl's breath. It's horrendous (despite the fact that we're just teaching her how to brush her teeth!) How can a two year old's breath possibly be SO STINKY???


Oh no! Poor BossLady! I shall perscribe three holy trinity of back pain medication:
1) Tiger Balm
2) Salonpas
3) Deep tissue massage

My dad is a welder and pulls muscles all the time. He'd be totally disabled if it weren't for those three things.

Re #1: I believe your kid and mine have a similar sense of humor. I think I'll have to wait till he's an adult with a child of his own who will poke his eyeball before I can start laughing.

Re #3: That is an awesome picture. At least she's consistent.


The holy trinity, not three holy trinity. :sigh:


Damn. I was really rooting for a better photo for BossLady, too.

I LOVE Santa's expression. As if he's totally taken by surprise at a kid who is hysterical!


So sorry about the Peanut's repeat disaster with Santa but forgive me if I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!


Sounds like you're getting your money's worth out of parenthood ;)

Sorry BossLady is in pain. Hope you both are healed soon.

I think next year you'll get the Santa pic you're looking for.

creative-type dad

Ah man, how I love that photo.

Yeah, I'm not sure what it is with the kids and bad breathe. I wish somebody would invent baby binaca.


I LOVE those pictures! The first picture actually inspired me to take our daughter for her first picture with Santa this past weekend (though it's her second Christmas), and I'm so glad we got a crying photo. Our daughter had her arms outstretched toward me, rather than up in the air so as to escape Santa's clutches, but the crying face is very similar to Peanut's! Elle's crying only lasted about 8 seconds, until I picked her up again, so I can feel okay about making her cry. These days are so precious, and in a year or two they'll react in a completely different way.

I can't tell you how much I laughed seeing the second photo--it really is priceless! I think it's even better than having a totally different picture.



I am so totally with you on the breath thing, MD. When the Munchkin wakes up in the morning (and after a nap), her breath smells like her intestines have rerouted and the gas is coming from her mouth. GAH! Have a Altoid, sweetie.

I hope the BossLady recovers soon. Strained backs are painful and no fun at all.


Awesome. I admit I would have been a little disappointed if this picture had turned out differently. I hope the Let Me Go Freaky White Man pose will become an annual event.


I think you should post both pictures together and do the whole "What five things are different game."

Woman with Kids

Personally, I think Santa's face is the best part of the picture... He looks almost as upset as Peanut does. And just think of the fun you'll have showing Peanut's future boyfriends these pictures.


BWAHAHAHA!!! I can't believe you got the same picture as last year! That is too funny, MD. I can't wait to see next year's photo!

Nothing But Bonfires

I must remember to come back to this picture the next time I'm feeling down. Actually, they should start prescribing this to people who suffer from SAD. It's bloody hilarious.

Anne Glamore

You know that secretly you love this pic of Peanut and Santa as much as the rest of us do. A nonconformist!

Hope BossLady feels better soon. Oh yeah, and your eye.


Wait until you see the whites of her eyes. That is one of the best Santa photo's ever!


hope you're feeling better, bosslady! i threw out my back last year and was laid up in bed for 2 weeks. it was the worst! the vicodin helped a lot though!


I love that Santa looks surprised both times.

PS: the best game I've found for getting E to keep quiet in bed on weekends? "Hide from the {monster, giant, dinosaur, whatever) -- and you have to be very, VERY quiet, or the (scary creature) will get you!"

It doesn't work all the that great, but I can still see outta both my eyes.




also? we keep the kids quiet in bed by turning on the TV that is conveniently located on the wall facing the bed.

(brilliant. I know.)

Linda B

You are the hands down winner of the best Santa picture. ever.


Teach the Peanut how to work the remote control for the TV. That's what my husband and I did so we could get a little more sleep on the weekends.


Oh, poor BL! That is a b*tch having back pain like that! I hope she gets better soon. Those 3 things that Honglien suggested sounds about right around here too. It must be the ancient Asian secret to healing.

Poor Peanut, what are you doing to her Pierre!! She's going to be traumatized for the rest of her life, esp. after reading this article.


I forgot to mention that I was rooting for Yul to win too. He's so eloquent and oh so YUMMY!!

Angie in Texas

sorry to hear about bosslady's back . . . as for your eye - that's what you get, next time poke her in the eye first. (j/k.)

yul winning was so cool. yul is yummy.

ketel one martinis? no grey goose?


Wow! Peanut REALLY doesn't like Santa. These are going to be great fun to look at again over the years.


One day she won't be afraid of Santa anymore so until that time comes you've got some priceless and way more fun photos of the event!


Classic. Just... Perfect.

And BTW, my friend and highschool theatre-partner in crime, Nathan was also on survivor!




Except for BossLady's back. That sounds pretty horrendous. I hope it heals quickly.

Anna T.

Loved the Peanut eye-poking story, MD. I wonder where the Peanut gets her sense of humor!


I'm in bed right now, a heating pad under my back. It's one thing to lift the equivalent of a bag of wet cement, but it's another thing when said bag starts twisting and kicking.

Another thing. Bedtime milk + pacifier all night = horrendous morning breath. you should have exhaled on her and knocked her out. A good defense is a good offense.

Kee-Rist, your boy Yul is hot. I never watched Survivor this season. Didn't know what I was missing.


MetroDad, you made my day with that photo. Priceless. Totally priceless.

Happy Holidays to the whole MetroFamily. Hope BossLady is feeling better and I'm with Honglien on the Tiger Balm. Ben Gay is not bad either. Baby hairbrushing + Vicodin: sweet!!


I think the Santa and your offspring will both need therapy. Amidst their PTSD symptoms, I hope they can reflect on what they have given to the internet and feel some joy. You with the eye, and the spouse with the back... I'm feeling pretty good about my life again. Thanks, MetroDad.


Yeah that is the same Santa! Except I see from the photo that his posterior subcapsular cataract has progressed in the left eye. Odd considering he can't be more than 57 behind the beard. Oh don't worry about your eye MD, thats what the other one is for. Plus I hear pirates are all the rage right now.

MD: Hey Peanut, remember when you blinded me in the right eye as a kid?
Peanut: Yeah remember when you forced me to visit the evil one two years in a row?
MD: Touche.
Peanut: You got off lucky Patchy.
MD: Ummm that's Dad to you.
Peanut: OK Cy.

Wendy Boucher

It's not strike 3, it's a grand slam home run. That picture is all the more priceless for being the second of its ilk.

And for the record, I have been rooting for Yul since day one. I have a thing for smart men, whatever their heritage.


I haven't even bothered with the Santa photo op. Everytime we see him the boys make it quite clear that it won't be worth our time or money.

Thumb in the eye! Classic.

Mama Nabi

Ah ha ha ha - the quick jab in the eye is classic. Sorry for your pain... well, not as sorry as I am about BossLady's muscle pain. Ugh, being immobilized with pain with a toddler around is brutal - I feel her pain, literally. Ice packs alternated with heat packs do the trick, along with stretching (which hurts but necessary).
And the picture? That is priceless... and that Santa's face, he has the same expression, no? Aw, poor Peanut... I personally wouldn't want to sit on some fat guy in a red suit, either. I know, BossLady wants a 'nice' Santa picture but, in the long run, these 2 (and can't wait until next one!) have already been earmarked as a Metrofamily Santa tradition that will be talked about for years to come, along with pictures to prove it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Metrodad, BossLady, and especially Peanut!

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