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December 22, 2006


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Metro, the blue state of Michigan (abbreviation MI) does not claim Trent Lott. I think he's from MO or MS or one of those states that don't have a hot Democratic woman as governor.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you too. Hope the sand is tasty in Palm Beach.


My bad, Chris! I have a mental block when it comes to abbreviating states. (Is Arkansas "AR" or "AK"? Shouldn't Arizona be "AR"? Or are they "AZ"? What about Alaska and Alabama?)

FYI...Trent Lott is from Mississippi (MS)


That pic of all those Santas is hilarious! Good for you on getting back in that guy's face, MD, that's some good comebacks. I, unfortunately, am not always so quick witted. That was pretty funny on both your parts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Boss Lady and the Peanut! Have a great one!

JJ Daddy-O

No sweat, dude! After the parents conk out, you can slip out the door to the all night Krystal. I was amazed to encounter one the other day that actually had free wireless internet. What next, Krispy Kremes at the Ritz-Carlton?


Re: Dc -- No wonder we never met. You were at the LoC while I was passed out in a corner at Chief Ike's Mambo Room.
Re: Jennifer Anniston and K-Fed -- SHUT. UP. (seriously?)
Re: Terrible Twos -- we had our first lose-his-shit meltdown last night. it was only funny for the first 25 minutes.
Merry Merry to you and yours! Safe travels! i hope we all get what we want this year!'

L.A. Daddy

Yeah, only in New York could you have had that exchange in the subway. Had the man told me go back to Ireland, I would have taken a lesson from your testosterone-fueled banker lunch and slugged the guy. How you folks can scream at each other and not let the fur fly, I'll never understand. In fact, if I even hear the term "carrot top" off in the distance, my fists automatically clench up...

Have fun in FLA - but keep in mind, they can't make pizza for shit down there so eat some before you leave.

Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas Metrodad, Bosslady, and Peanut! Thanks for all the laughs and we look forward to more in the coming year. =)


Merry Chrisnukah MD, BL, and Peanut! Have fun in Floriday. And dude, one word: dialup! Apparently it's still around and usually free from your normal ISP. Who knew? My bosses did, I took a few days off and told them I had no internet but they called me anyway and informed me I could use dialup. May you never have bosses who suck.


MD, you can get away with that macho, in your face attitude because you're a freaking giant.

Us little people have to clever and quick. Jab and move. Jab and move.

I'm a runner, not a fighter.

Merry Christmas!


You're definitely my kind of nerd, MD. Thanks for keeping me entertained all year with your off-beat sense of humor. Happy holidays!


The other day, I caught the daughter on the phone pretending to order in Chinese food. Can you guess how much cooking is done in our house?

Papa Bradstein

I only wish we had a baseball team worth yelling about down here.

Merry Holidays to all y'all too.


Good thing Chris caught it first. I was going to have to give you crap about attributing Lott to Michigan and making us look bad up here.

samantha Jo Campen

I had NO IDEA about Jennifer and K-Fed. It's too early to know information like that! AHHHH!!!!!!

I hope you have fun in FLA. Good luck if the Peanut throws a tantrum about the wrong grain of sand. Bring the Scotch.

Merry Christmas!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

YAAAAYYY!!!! I made your top 5 list. Thank you. By the way, if you saw her, you would have said the same thing. She did have super hot latin blood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Merry Christmas and many wishes for a safe journey to and from FL. You'll need it with a 2yo.

Although, if you can take on a large Black Bronxian man, I have no doubts you can take on a population of gray haired Jewish octegenarians. Luck!


Merry Christmas Metrodad, Bosslady, and Peanut!

From Alice, KingofHearts and The Dormouse!


You really are like the coolest nerd in the world, MD. I love your Chaos Theory posts. More in 2007 please!

Best holiday wishes to you, BL & Peanut. Travel safely to FL!


Shit like that makes me wanna live in NYC. Fuckin' awesome.

And the fake tantrum? Classic. Well played for spotting the rouse.

Happy holidays dude! Have fun in FL.


Just out of curiousity, how is the new Phillip Roth book? Is it worth reading?

ray lee

merry christmas MD. best wishes to you and everyone you love.

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wendy Boucher

Thanks for the good wishes and boatload of chuckles. I loved reading about your encounter with the African American man. Have a great stay in my homestate. Just for you, the forecast is for thunderstorms (at least in central Florida).


Seriously awesome. Long time lurker, had to share your post with my fiance, might have now turned him into a blog reader. Gasp!


I am nodding and smiling at every single one of these gems and all I can say is you just offially solidified my blogcrush on you.


PS Duh...merry xmas! Enjoy Flooooooorida


This post reminds me why I love NYC so much — intensity! And your politician quotation list is hilarious and truly horrifying — a true representation of our current U.S. leadership (unfortunately — sheesh!).

Safe travels and have fun in sunny FL! Merry Christmas to you, BossLady and the Peanut. :)


You have serious cojones. Seriously amazed.

Merry Christmas and glad you're not spending it at the Vince Lombardi rest stop on the NJ Turnpike as feared.


This was awesome, MD. I love your Chaos Theory posts. Best wishes to you, BossLady, and the Peanut. Travel safe!


Totally unrelated --

I just learned how to say "Your fly is open:"

Braccae tuae aperiuntur.

Happy New Year, MD!
Bis vivit qui bene vivit!


Happy holidays! Have fun in Florida.


Merry Christmas, MD, Boss Lady and Peanut. Have a great holiday!


Happy Holidays to you and yours!

It is funny to read about how you are raising someone just like yourself!

I think they call that Grandparent's Revenge!

God is truly a comedian!


This post was long ... but totally worth it!

There is something very wrong about lights on palm trees ... that is just wrong ... so is being in an outdoor pool at in the middle of the night in winter (actually, that's pretty cool) ... but palm tree lights are still just wrong.

Papa Sox

I'm with you, MD. 2007 will be a great year if the Yankees Evil Empire doesn't win another world series. Go Sox!


I read this post yesterday, MD, but I had to return to say that we just walked in on our 4 year old daughter "pretend talking" on the phone. She was imitating me talking to MY mother! (Mmhmm, yeah mom. Sure, mom. Ok, mom. OKAY!)

The hubs was practically crying from laughing so hard.

metro mama

I love your Chaos posts.

Happy holidays to you!



Re, the geek part...

I can see my daughter being like that after college (only she'd probably be reading the dictionary in the same room as her friend while talking to her friend, because she is also quite horribly social)

She requested, multiple times (partially I'm sure because she realized I found it funny), for a pocket dictionary and a pocket atlas for Christmas. We threw in a pocket constellation guide to go with them, as a surprise.


Oh thank you, MetroDad, for being the first person I've seen on the internet to spell "throes" correctly! Thank you! Christams is totally made now!


oh jeepers, I would have a typo in that. *shaking my head in shame*


re: concrete jungle. MD, this gets to the heart of the left coast vs right coast thing. Only in NYC would that exchange be described as anything but verbal harassment bordering on abuse. Peace out, mensch! It's better for the blood pressure. Happy Holidays and pleasant weather to you and yours.


microfiche? impressive! :) Happy holidays to you and your family.


love your writing, your meet up at the train is perfect (tis the season) may you and your family have a merry christmas.


That was effing amazing, as usual. :o)

catching it all

Wait... guys EVER have to wait in line for the loo??? Thought that was an indignity visited only upon us girls... So, now you know what a drag it is! Bet the women's room line was three times as long that day too. :-)

I think you need to write the "you and the hulking black guy talking NYC trash at each other" for some TV show, man!


I just found the link to your blog on Blogging Baby. You are hilarious. I have been literally laughing out loud for 15 minutes. LOVE the Christmas pictures from this and last year.


Where are you, mate? I need my fix of new MetroDad writing. Hope you had a merry Christmas!


You're my kind of nerd, MD! Happy holidays.


LOL, loved every one of them, thanks.

Good job diffusing Peanut! Learning that trick will save you much grief.

You and Andrew sound pretty normal to me :)


Just found you via BB and have spent the past few hours reading your archives. You can't imagine how surprised (and glad) I was to see that you're a fellow KA. I'm now a huge fan and am looking forward to coming back here. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!

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