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December 22, 2006


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500 Santas? It's a Yule-tide!


Those political quotes were frightening. Hope 2007 brings out more from our elected representatives.


YAY how did you like XMAS IN FLORIDA? WE went to the beach on Xmas too. Did you see a woman holding a baby with a whiney I MISS NYC face?


Happy New Year, MD!

I thought my 2007 was going to be awesome until I read your line about Jennifer Aniston and K-Fed. Kill me now!

Queen of Ass

Be safe, MD! Have a FANTASTIC new year!


You're not back yet. Well crap. Stoopid holiday interfering with updates.

Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em:



Happy New Year!

Busy Mom

Happy New Year!

Ok, now come back.


Man, this post was awesome! I am still reeling over the interaction with the guy at the train station. WOW. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!!


Too hilarious! I actually remember when the Sorority shirts started showing up on the homeless people in Berkeley! So it was you guys! That's fucking awesome!


God I miss New York.


you know...that story reminds me of an incident i once witnessed.

a guy drove up next to a taxi and this is how the convo went:

guy: hey. hey you
taxi: yeah?
guy: you drive like a motherfucking lunatic.
taxi: what?
guy: that's right. stop driving like a fuck you dumbfuck.
taxi: oh sorry! i didnt realize.
guy: hey, it's cool! don't worry about it. just dont wanna see you or me dead on the street or anything. have a happy new year!
taxi: you too!


With your beret . . .



that subway banter is funny!

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Hope the sand is tasty in Palm Beach! XD

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