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November 06, 2006


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Happy Birthday! Damn you're young! I could almost be your father. We start very early here in Sweden...



Happy birthday, MD. Hope you had fun celebrating with BossLady and the Peanut!

metro mama

I was hungover on Sunday. Not pretty.

Happy birthday!


Wait til 40, my friend. The husband hits 40 on Thursday and on Saturday we're having about 90+ people over to drink heavily. I've scanned my fingers bloody for a sweet roasty/toasty multi-media presentation that features the husband and 1) Bad fashion 2) bad hair and 3) bad music. Have Boss Lady call me for yours and I'll hook her up with all the Foreigner, 38 Special and Cheaptrick she could ask for. (So are you JUST as much of a Scorpio as the man I married? :- )

Happy Birthday MD! Hold on Loosely! And don't let go!


Happy Birthday Old Fella!

Queen of Ass

Happy birthday, Sugar!!!

PS - Where you EVER a spring chicken?


Here's a lesson from a 43 y.o. guy. Start early! I know it's sad but lately we've all been getting together with our friends for dinner and drinks at 6:30. That lets us get drunk early, go to bed, and still wake up at 7:00 am with the kids.

Mama Nabi

Happy birthday, Metrodad! Ah... the aftermath of forgetting you're no longer in your teens... not fun, indeed. Of course, you'll have to work on forgetting this same fact by next year, no?

O-Town hussie

Is there any photographic evidence of said birthday celebration? Would love to see how you old folks party in NYC! Happy birthday, Metro!


I'm singing to you right now.

You don't look a day over 37. :)


Happy Birthday MetroDad! Cheers, hope you have an awesome year! (I'm whispering...hope the pounding in your head is better :-)

How About Two?

Happy B-day.

The perfect hang over cure?

A nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.


I love the post title (youth really is wasted on the young.) that was my grandfather's favorite saying and he'd often look at me and my sister while muttering it to himself.

happy birthday, md. delurking to say thanks for all the graet laughs over the past year.

the weirdgirl

Happy Birthday! And, in case I didn't mention it before, the Peanut looked adorable as an angry fairy!


Happy Birthday P!

Hey, I've heard of navel-gazing, but the foot gazing is oneupsmanship all over the place, uh unless your belly button was a-drooping that far south, in which case, instrospection alone is not going to suffice. Maybe there are navel bras. Look around.
Just kidding.
Ain't life grand?
Your fan in Belgium,


Happy birthday right back at you it seems. I guess I always knew you were my type (or at least my sign)


I love your homeopathic methods. Mine: a Victor's burrito with extra hot salsa or a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from McDonald's.

And I hear you on the hangover. I didn't have one until I was 34 if you can believe that. Now I get them from two glasses of wine. TWO! Pathetic.

Happy Belated Birthday - sounds like it was a great day!

L.A. Daddy

Greasy food should have done the trick.

You are old.

Happy Birthday. The big 3-9 is coming up next month... Oy.


Happy birthday MD!


Sorry this is belated, but glad you had a fab birthday, dude! Keep rockin' on...


Happy birthday, MD. My 40th is coming up soon and we're having a blow-out with some close friends. Kids will all be with the grandparents. I'm not kidding when I say that we've all been looking forward to this for 3 months! Ahh...to be young again!


Happy Birthday, MetroDad!

Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. Your kind thoughts are greatly appreciated right now.


38 years old, young Jedi? You're still new in the ways of the Force! Wait until you have teenagers. Then, you'll REALLY feel old!

Happy birthday, MD!


Happy Birthday MD! Now I know what I have to look forward to in a couple of months! I haven't had a two day hangover since college. My roommate and I each had a date with a bottle of gin. He and I spent two days crawling on the floor to get to the bathroom and vomiting through our noses. Good times.

Cry it out!

38? Really? Happy Birthday! Only two more years until it's all over ....


Well, Happy Birthday, MD!! Sunday night we ordered too many pitchers of margaritas, and Monday morning at work was pretty damned loud, I have to say. Gah.


Happy Birthday, MD!

I second what Mick had to say about getting out early - we now routinely have the babysitter come at 5:30, drink heavily at dinner, movie at 7:30, home by 10 and almost sober!

It's the only way we can survive on Sundays.

samantha Jo Campen

Happy Birthday MD!

Glad you had a great time, even if your body has aged prematurely another five years, it still sounded worth it:-)

something blue

Happy Birthday!

I don't think that even spring chickens should drink vodka. Love your sock circus party on your feet.


HaHaHa...I just noticed your technorati tags...chicken feet, chicken mcnuggets, spring chickens! Hilarious, MD. Hope you had a great birthday celebration. Sounds like it was fun.

ray lee

Happy Birthday!

It's good that it took 38 years for you to finally get the 2-day hangover. I started getting it last year. I figured a way to drink like an alcoholic and still make it to work on Monday feeling good... move the usual Saturday night binge to Friday. Not rocket science. Goodluck!

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Happy belated birthday, MD. It's nice to see that old guys like you can still go out partying (despite the 2-day hangover.) Gives hope to all us chidless young 'uns!

Linda B

38th? Still young. At heart, anyways. Kidding kidding.

Happy 38th birthday.


Happy Birthday (a little late)


Dude-if McDonalds & Alka-Seltzer can't cure your hangover, nothing can. Happy belated birthday.


Happy belated birthday MD! A big huge cheesy breakfast burritto and a bloody mary usually help me the next day.


You know what goes well with Spring Chicken?


Happy Birthday!

Papa Smurf

Wow, 87 comments from people wishing you a happy birthday. That's so cool. I've been an avid reader but have never commented here before but I just wanted to delurk to say happy birthday.


Happy belated, MD. 38. Wow, that's old!

creative type dad

Happy Belated Birthday.

Now I know what to look out for when I get there.


What about a little hair of the dog that bitcha? I mean, maybe a vodka and OJ would have helped you out? What, you think a drink at the crack of noon is a BAD thing?


My all-time favorite hangover food is an egg sandwich on a roll with bacon, cheese, home fries, and a slice of tomato. It'll either cure you immediately or send you to the toilet. 50/50! Not bad!

Happy belated birthday.


Yo, MD. Happy bday. Keep up the great writing. I'm digging your site.

The Mad Momma

A hangover is definitely indication that you are over the hill!! :p

Happy birthday Metrodad.


I've been 38 for many months. You'll get used to it.


I like that!x


I found your blog through your Mom's, who psetod a comment on mine. I love them both. You are very funny...like funny ha! ha! (now that I think about it probably funny strange, too!).


Stop trying to make me cry!Thank you for the bithrday wishes. We can do dinner a movie sometime soon but not for my bithrday. Too much attention, too much fuss will make my head hurt (like it did last week). But we can definitely get back to our regularly irregular movie dates whenever we find one we both want to watch that nobody else does.

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