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November 06, 2006


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Happy, Happy Birthday. You don't look a day over 37...


What a great way to celebrate your birthday. (I meant the QT with friends and loved ones, not the monster hangover).

But it's not all about age I think. It's practice. You need to practice much more.


Dear sweet Linus,

I never realized how much into ajuhsshi land you were. Do you have goodoo with the heels crushed in? If not, you should get some.

Mr. Big Dubya

You kids today - can't run with the big dogs anymore, huh?

Hell, who am I kidding? If I tried partying like I once did, I'd have to have Mrs. Big Dubya call in a priest the next morning and perform last rites.

Anyway, Happy Birthday from one of your elders.


Happy birthday, MD! Sounds like you had a really fun time.


Happy b-day Pierre!! Did you enjoy the belly dancer we sent over?! ;-)


Happy Birthday dude! Sounds like your party kicked ass. Huzzah!

PS: Don't feel bad, I was hungover for two days after my 21st birthday. It may not be your age.


Busy Mom

Happy Birthday!


38! Holy crap you're old, mate. Not as old as me but still pretty damn old! Just kidding, MD. Have a great day.


Happy b-day! You know what I always eat when I have a stomach-churning hangover? A bowl full of warm mayonnaise.


Happy Birthday!
It must have been the full moon because I trashed my liver Saturday night as well.
Sunday I swore over and over to never let it happen again.
Sadly, I know it will.


Happy Birthday! At 32 I feel the same way after a night out!

Papa Bradstein

Happy Birthday!

What a great gift from the doting grandparents. If recovery only takes a coupla' days and a coupla' mismatched socks, it sounds like it was worth it.


Wow! And, I thought 30 was old. I don't even want to *think* about being 38. Hope you a great birthday despite your advanced age. :-0

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

Happy, happy birthday.

You youngun' you...


happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear metro dad, happy birthday to you!

*sung a bit off key and very loudly*


Happy Birthday, MD!


Happy Birthday from a 28 year old. =)


Happy Birthday! :)

I plan on celebrating the 33 Days of Pattie next year for my birthday. Because it feels like the thing to do since I'll become a palindrome, age-wise.


Happy Birthday! Make it a good one!!


Dam Metro, you know it's bad when the homeopathic remedies don't work. I hope you feel better soon, it sounds like it was worth it though.

Happy Birthday old man.


Happy Birthday, MD!


Happy Birthday Metro Dad...it's MY BIRTHDAY TOO!

I turned 31 and am also suffering from the dreaded two day hangover.....although the wine today at lunch helped IMMENSELY.

Cheers to you my friend....from your birthday buddy north of the border.

Hygiene Dad

Happy Birthday buddy. So glad you're catching up to us really old guys.


Happy Birthday, MD! I know how you feel - at 38, I was miserably hungover after partying with a varied age group of friends. Never had it quite that bad in my younger days. Anymore? No way, Jose! Two glasses of red wine and/or a vodka shot is about all I can handle anymore!


Greasy Chinese noodles and dumplings are my hangover remedy. If those don't work, nothing ever will. Happy birthday, Metro.


Happy Birthday. I am surprised you did not resort to more Vodka for the hangover. It works for me.


have a few bloody marys, md...with or without vodka. the tomato juice is a great hangover helper. hope you have a fun bday.


Happy Birthday! You're right, the hangovers are so much worse these days. From my New Orleans days, the ultimate hangover cure is a really Tabasco-y bloody mary. Got me through many a Mardi Gras.

Don't feel bad about the socks. The other day I was in the drugstore and looked down to discover that I was wearing two different shoes. And I wasn't even hung over.


Happy Birthday! I can't handle the boozing anymore either, but I lasted until 39...now it's impossible to fix a hangover without just chopping my head off and sticking it in a closet.



I celebrated my 40th a few weeks ago with some old college buddies. I STILL feel like hell but it sure was fun. Happy birthday, MD.


Happy Birthday MD! Sounds very similar and I'm 6 years younger! I think it's the whole parent thing...

Julie C.

How great is is that all the grandparents took the kids for the weekend? That would be the greatest birthday present ever! Glad you and your friends seemed to make the most of it. Recuperation sucks. Happy birthday, Metro!


A nice healthy run or bike ride to Krispy Kreme usually helps treat the hang over and if that doesn't work... drive there.


A big glass of water and two ibuprofen taken the night of the imbibing would have prevented that hangover.

Not that I'm any help *now*.

Happy Birthday!


Ummm usually go for the thing with the dried seahorses in it...when I see seahorses in a jar with a bunch of twigs and leaves I see powerful medicine. Oh wait...um bear parts work great too. Oh wait a sec you're Cal alumni...you're out of SonomaComa? We disown you.


Oh pleeeeeze. Thirty fricking eight! You're still a baby. And IIRC, last year on your b'day you wanted some sympathy too. Well, you get NOTHING from me, child. You're a toddler in the world of time. You've got years and years to go. Plenty of hangovers to experience. Many nights of mismatched socks are before you. And then, when you reach 54, my age, you'll REALLY know what it feels like to be O L D.

Happy Birthday, Phillipe. You're as young as you feel...oh, that might not be appropriate when you are hung over. Sorry.


Happy Birthday MD!!
And thank you for making my mornings at the office a little easier.


Today is my birthday too! Although I'm sorry to tell you you've got three years on me. I, however, have two kids so that automatically makes me feel at least ten years older than you so.....

Stayed up until 2 a.m. drinking Jim Beam around a fire pit with my high school girlfriends on Saturday night, and I'm still feeling sluggish. The last time I was up that late was this past July when I was in full blown labor with our now four month old son (we also have a 3 1/2 year old son). Lesson learned - the aftermath of childbirth is easier than dealing with caring for two children under the age of four with a hangover.

Cheers to you and happy birthday Metrodad!


Senghil chukha hamnida! It's funny, but when I was thinking about work, this exact same quote popped into my head.


Eeeewwwwww, don't listen to Jason...looks like the consensus seems to be a little hair of the dog...happy birthday!!


Happy Birthday! Hope you can ready this. Sorry, I don't think I can make the font any bigger for you. (Soon you'll need birthday cards in large type.) Glad you had fun celebrating! Here's to a wonderful, healthy year!


That was supposed to say, "Hope you can read this." I guess I'm ready for large type also.


Dude - a very happy birthday to you! Hope you recover quickly...


Happy Birthday, Dude!


Happy B-Day, my friend. The secret is now, and always shall be, drinking a shit-load of water when you get home, and club soda and bitters when you wake up. Or did you go to some wussy school that didn't teach their students the fine art of hangover cures?

Now grab that walker and get yourself back to the senior center for that Neil Diamond cover band...


Happy birthday!! 38? h
Hey, that's nothing! I'm turning 50 (FIFTY! FIVE-OH!) at the end of this month!!


Big Pumpkin

Happy Birthday, you Monkey! Both my husband and daughter are monkeys, woo-hoo!

You ain't a spring chicken anymore but you could be King Cock! ;-)


Happy Birthday MD!

I heard some crazy talk recently that Tabasco mixed with some lime juice was magic for a hangover. I've been dying for someone to try it out...


Happy Birthday MetroDad!

Can't help you with the hangover, know the feeling. How did I ever manage to live on beers, whiskey, three hours sleep and no hangover?!

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