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November 08, 2006


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My thirty-month old son and your two-year old daughter sound made for each other, in the way that spoiled children of the European peerage are made for each other. It would require a large personal staff to make it work. Has she got an eharmony profile yet?

In my son's defense, I will say he has taken to telling me "Dank you" when I wipe his ass. That takes a certain amount of class, don't you agree?

Thanks for the G.A. confession. My burden is perceptibly lighter.


When I read this, I thought to myself "How funny, she talks to sandwiches" and then a couple of hourse later caught my own daughter saying, "Hello leaves, I'm going to jump on you now."

Queen of Ass

Mine's "Ankle Grabber."



Our son just entered that phase where he is repulsed if any food, dirt or grease gets on his hands. You think I should get him a pair of those dainty white gloves that you see rich people eat with in the movies?

Yours truly,
Fruit Loop


It looks like I'm the only Fuck Stick around!

samantha Jo Campen

I might be your daughter too, then.


Lisa B

I think my mom is your bio mom and that your daughter is her bio granddaughter.

Just sign me - butt muncher.


My prison name is Bruce. What the heck does that mean?


Jillian, my prison name is Bruce, too. When I put my maiden name in, though, it's Fist Fucker. I think that's the most profoundly grotesque one I've seen so far.


Oh, and MD - as for the Peanut's talkative talkiness, let's remember if we ever introduce her to Bryce, to bring ear plugs. And lots of alcohol. Because oh my god. I don't think they'll ever shut up.

Mitch McDad

Fruit Loop here. That can't be a good thing.

metro mama

You make me laugh!


Queer Johnny


I think our daughters may have been separated at birth. We're going through the same exact phase right now (esp. the farting!)

The One-Eyed Ogre


My PB name: Hung Like a Horse

Yeah, baby!
Does that make you horny baby?


"Ass Master"

But(t) I could have told you that!



OMG...my prison name is Count Suckula. That's hilarious!


Okay, I just put in my married name, and got "Ben Dover."

Will the next name generated be, "Phil McCrevass?"

You know, the gay Scottish twins...?


I was never a pot person but regarding M Diddy...I DID NOT KNOW THAT! Now I want to crash her show in the studio and yell out from the audince and say " HEY M DIDDY! Make me a pie!!"


Yes, I made the Potato cry the other day by opening the wrong door to his daycare. It's good to know I'll have company in the Crappy Parents Nursing Home.








The MOmmy moment theme white is exaclty matching up with your daughter's course and uniform. Galing my college ka na ang layo na ng milestones mo as a mom. Cheers for that!supermommyjem recently posted..


I think you are doing more then your fair share to be a great husband and faehtr. If even half the guys in the world would follow your example this would bring happiness to a lot of unhappy women out there.I suggest at this point you need to confront your wife. Say that this situation cannot go on any longer. You have your green card, you are a citizen, I assume. So now, You can tell your wife that either you go to marriage counseling and try to fix this or you are filling for divorce. Your daughter will survive, it's not the end of the world. If children survived the holocaust in Germany and grew up to be accomplished Doctors, lawyers and business people, not to mention that more then half of marriages end up in divorce. So what? You are still her faehtr and always will be so. You cannot live in an unhappy marriage, because it will end badly anyway. If your wife is unwilling to fix this, You have to think of your and your daughter's future happiness. It's going to be difficult, but better to do in now then live a lifetime of misery. Be brave, and good luck.

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