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October 10, 2006


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I knew exactly how that licking game was going to end, because we do stupid stuff like that to each other, too. Go Boss Lady!


Can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book, MD! My 8-year old played that game with my husband recently and he fell for it too!

creative type dad

That licking game is cool! I'll have to try that one...

chocolate makes it better

You guys are nuts.

But, that's exactely what the world needs. As long as you keep the nuttiness to a respectable level, you don't want to be going round glad wrapping cats to peoples heads or anything.....that would be just weird.


I spend most of my time not trying to embarrass my wife.

Of course, anything that embarrasses my wife, the kids love. So... Andrea gets embarrassed a lot.


Oh, and Damn you! Now I have the Dukes of Hazzard theme song stuck in my head.

(It was the first TV theme song that came to mind. But now others are coming to mind too! Oh, No, it's the Facts of Life!!! Damn you Metrodad!)

the mad momma

oh but of course you will end up embarassing her. that is what parents do. how else will they fulfill their purpose on earth?!


I try not to embarrass my children. But there is a big difference between being funny as hell and embarrassing. When I was growing up I was many times kind of shamed of my parents. Not for anything terrible they did, mostly because they didn't really fit in. At least not outside our tiny home town. How you raise your child and how you act will depend a lot on how you felt growing up. I try to aplly the things my parents did well and trash the other stuff.



I wish you were my Dad!

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