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October 25, 2006


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I too like Studio 60. I also Lie to my kid when I need to.

Don't let the boss lady get into Quilting. It is much more expensive than Knitting.


Wow a dad who watched LAGUNA BEACH? Cheese was in my pocket for awhile then I discovered it melted!! I am not into bribing yet as the kid only knows how to say, "NEYYYYYY"


MetroDad, I heart you forever for use of the word "pedantic". My second favorite? "Pejorative".

Anyway, the only thing I disagree with is the Harriet Hayes love; I think she's the weak spot on the show and has zero chemistry with Matthew Perry. Then again, I'm not sure who would have chemistry with Matthew Perry. Also, can't believe you are not watching "Heroes". Any TV with subtitles is a-okay in my book, even if the guy who plays Hiro is channeling Jerry Lewis playing a Japanese salaryman.

I started scrapbooking a few years ago and my husband called it "The Cult." I can totally relate to BossLady on the knitting. Then, I had an epiphany and realized that my son will need a semi to haul all the scrapbooks to college with him if I kept up the pace and had to BACK AWAY FROM THE FANCY SCISSORS before someone got hurt. I'm better now, really.


knitters unite!

A fun project for the Peanut and the Bosslady is dying yarn with Kool-Aid. And then the Bosslady could make it into a scarf for the Peanut.


I love that you love TV as much as I do. And I *love* Studio 60! I've heard it's not doing well, though. And I do agree with the commenter about who doesn't like Harriet Hayes. Blech.

Anyway...haven't watched this week's episode yet so I think I'll do that now!


I had to delurk and tell you that your story about the cheese in your pockets reminds me of back in my pre-child life when I lived in the Slope. I was walking my 2 dogs with my boyfriend (now my husband) and we ran into our lovely Swedish dog walker riding by on her bicycle. The dogs ran up to her to say hello and she pulled 2 whole hot dogs out of her pockets to give to them. I'd say you should rest easy with a little cheese.

alice, uptown

I thought bribery was in every parent's how-to-raise-a-kid manual. Fortunately the Peanut now responds to cheese. Wait until she gets older, and discovers the value of the cash incentive. (My mom tried to use cash on me and on my brother when we were teenagers, but we wouldn't go for the price she was offering.)

Nothing But Bonfires

The fact that you are walking around with cheese in your pocket cracked me up more than I can say. There used to be some European commercial for pasta back in the 90s where the dad was leaving on a business trip and his daughter, who was maybe 5 or 6, put a piece of pasta in his suit jacket as he was on his way out the door to the airport. Once he got to his fancy hotel on the other side of the world. he took his jacket off and happened to reach into the pocket and find the piece of pasta. And thus, we assume, was reminded of the little girl, because he gave a wry smile. (And also then I cried and went out and bought pasta.)

So when the Peanut is old enough, perhaps she'll start putting pasta in your pocket too. And then you can make macaroni and cheese at a moment's notice, should you damn well feel like it.


I have to second the props for The Yarn Co. on 82nd. My friend from Bronx Science quit her job to buy that store. I've always admired her for leaving corporate law for her hobby to make it in the hypercompetitive world of knitting...


I can no longer say that without thinking of Dwight from The Office.
what a great show.
Sleeper Cell, Lost, Prison break, Entourage, Carnival and Huff are all great too.
drag that Huff and Carnival were cancelled.
all the best shows seem to get the axe.


Whoa, you watch "Gilmore Girls" by yourself? Hmmm... My sister just started knitting. Perhaps I can get her to knit a big computer for me or a 6' tall PDA. The BossLady sounds like your perfect match. Is that sweater almost finished?

That was the most amazing, HILARIOUS, articulate, quality post I have read in a REALLY LONG TIME. I'm surprised I can even type at this point after dying of laughter. You made my whole day.. if not week reading your rant. I couldn't agree more. Your writing is beautiful and filled with so much truth! Thank YOU!!


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Linda seems to be arguing that femisinm has lost focus by way of intersectionality — because we’re so busy looking at things like race and class, we’ve forgotten about women. And just .why anyone would ever think that arguing that was a good idea is beyond me.#1 It's not true#2 It's racist, bigoted, etc.And if you are really so privileged that you can't see either of those, you should at least be able to stumble across#3 That is essentially the same argument that faux-progressives make about femisinm in general.Which should make the Linda's of the world pause and think for a second even if nothing else does.


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This matters because current polls show Obama holding a rather narrow lead in the popular vote and a bigger one in the electoral college. Overall, this means that his positions and person are more popular than Romney's.

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They could carry small, medium and huge sizes to support everyone and have enough designs and patterns to fulfill fashion novices and experts.

While I'll have to admit upfront that I tend to avoid the political threads, the ones I've seen haven't been productive. There's rarely any genuine exchange of information, ie "What is so and so's stance on this issue?" or "Who votes this or that way?" When you look past the rhetoric, it seems to largely have become nothing more than a stomping grounds for a liberal vrs. Conservative ideologies, with negatives thrown out against whichever side that person supports, but no real support as to why one should support this or that ideology.

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