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October 23, 2006


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I regret having taught our son how to play the drums. 'Nuff said!


Best bet leg-spreader was male (patnox.com)

Best Man

OTRgirl is correct - Aloysius Snuffleupagus (his full name) was finally "seen" in 1985 when Big Bird was tired of people making fun of him. The reasoning - the Children's Television Workshop decided to finally show him after many news stories of the time regarding child abuse and pedophilia (on 60 Minutes, 20/20, etc.). He's still on the show (as someone else mentioned) but not as often as far as I know. For me, 1985 was the day the Sesame Street died (happens to be when I grew far too old for it, but still!).

The reason for the lack of Kermit? Henson's death and the sale of the Jim Henson's Company first to EM TV (German company) and then to Disney. Jim Henson's and Children's Television Workshop are seperate companies, unfortunately (he was really just a guest star previously). Sad days for the CTW, I'm sure.

Bert and Ernie are friends, just like Sam and Frodo (*cough*).

As requested a video. In this case, a video of a genius dog: http://www.neatorama.com/2006/10/24/skidboot/

Up top, yo!


I thought you enjoyed receiving Peanut's wet willies.


I met Sneezy Guy today at daycare. The elfin's little friend sneezed right in my face as I was leaning over to tie his shoes. I'm guessing I'll be sick within 24 hours. Sheesh!


Mate - I'm just really, really impressed that you dress up for Halloween; getting into costume once a year is just one more thing I miss about the US.
Whatever you decide to wear - you have to post pics.

L.A. Daddy

c) totally gay. I'm somewhat surprised there hasn't been a Pat Robertson evangelical shitstorm over the whole thing...


Here's some video for you.. well really for the Peanut based on B.3



Hey MD, I tired leaving a comment yesterday but it did not take. I too think Joe's Eyebrows are freaky.


Blue's a girl? I had no idea. That changes everything!


1) I think Snuffleufagus was on Sesame Street this morning.
2) Joe's stage-makeup freaks me out, he looks like he has jaundice. Has anyone else noticed that he's gained weight lately? His face has gotten super chubby. Bet those untucked shirts and khakies hide a multitude of sins.
3) My big concern with Blue's Clues is, shouldn't a guy who needs the assistance of toddlers, clocks, and salt and pepper shakers to get through the most minor of tasks have some sort of adult supervision? He shouldn't be living alone!

I think the dogs in Blue's Clues are girls and the cats are boys....

and the bert/ernie/teletubbie thing is just a result of the current culture's homophobia, no brainwashing involved.

the subway leg-spreader has got to be my all-time pet peeve when it comes to subway riders...what are they, marking their territory?

Blue is a girl? Get the f out of here!


I sat next to an older woman on the subway doing the NYT crossword last night. When I took a quick peek, she shot me a nasty look, muttered something under her breath, and covered up her crossword. Fucking freak!


Blue is a girl?
Are you serious?

...I think my mind is blown too.



I like the 85-year-old offering his seat. I've been there. I had a five-day-old, a two-year-old, and my ten-year-old in a medical lab waiting room. I felt a little sheepish taking his seat, but needed to nurse the baby and calm my toddler. I really appreciated a chair!


Joe's freakish caterpillar eyes drive me nuts. And his facial expressions range from puzzled to retarded. I want to punch him hard. Bring back Steve!

I can't help wondering if the guy who does Big Bird's arm is getting tired.

You ever notice the people who bring a six-course meal from Popeyes on the subway? I'm not a fan of that, mostly because it makes me hungry. I also hate the Snapple bottle that rolls back and forth every time the train comes to a station. But I love the people who helpfully point out the stops when someone is squinting at a map, and I LOVE the little asian ladies who walk through with batteries, DVDs, and squeeky toys.

And please, in the name of god, not Michelle Wie. I'm predicting the priest out fit again

Molly Wade Chase

Yeah, my favorite people on the Washington D.C. Metro are definitely sleepy homeless chicken-soup-scented woman and the Washington Nationals Baseball Whack-a-Doo. Every time this guy saw me or my husband coming back from a game, he would chase us down and do a play-by-play review of the game. I loathed that guy.

I didn't teach my son how to do a wet willie, but somehow he knows anyway. Same with bathtub splashing. I'm totally teaching him the high-five "Up top, yo" thing later though.

Queen of Ass

Go as the NASCAR guy! And take photos!


Your fellow transit riders are much more interesting than the ones I encounter in SF. Here, I just get creepy homeless guy who stares at my ass or yuppie scum.


Snuffy has been on Sesame Street all week this week. Someone give his eyelashes a trim! They have gotten a lot longer since his "imaginary" days.

Three words about Bert and Ernie: seperate twin beds.

Alan owns Hooper's, as previously noted, and the actor who plays him is Japanese. A flashback of Mr. Hooper was shown on the 35th anniversary show.

I roared about the Crips and Bloods reference to the Grouchketeers and Birdketeers. Apparently, like all conspiracies, they are both working for the same master, since both Oscar and Big Bird are played by Carroll Spinney - ha ha!

Btw, a new DVD set called "Sesame Street:Old School" is available on Amazon. Volume 1, 1969-1974. It's on my wish list.

The Munchkin does not know Nickelodeon exists - hence, Dora, Blue, and SpongeBob have no meaning or interest here - and I intend to keep it that way, as God is my witness.


I'd like to see photos of you as Elmo smoking a cigarette. I'm sure that would freak out most of the kids in NYC (as well as their parents!) It's like when you go to Disney World and you see Mickey without a head.

creative-type dad

"Gay Redneck Asian Nascar Driver"

O.K....? That's really wild. But it could work.


In order for OG to let us brush her teeth, we use an Elmo toothbrush and say "OK, it is time to look for elmo"...she opens her mouth wide and we "hunt" for elmo in her mouth while brushing saying "I think I see him" or "Elmo, where are you".

We also were looking for houses a few wks ago...we have no stairs in our current house but all of the ones we were looking at DID. OG was mesmerized...the only way I could get her off of the steps and out of the house intot o the car to go to a new house to look was to say "ooh, I think Elmo is outside in the car, lets go look".

we are bad! And I swore I would never lie to my child either. OOPS.

PS. Sorry for any typos...I am at work and trying to do this quickly, I am not going back to spell check. :) ha I know you HATE errors in grammar.

Thank you. It is 5:42 in the mornng (surely Satan's favourite time of day), and I'm holding a fitfully sleeping baby. I'm also laughing, thanks to your musings on "Blue's Clues."


My husband taught our daughter to run around the house, grabbing her ass, and saying, "OH! MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!!" in as many different voices as possible. Pretty funny in an Adam Sandler voice actually.

You made me simultaneously glad that I don't ride the subway, and wish that I rode the subway.


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Sorry I'm so late to the party, but re: Bert and Ernie: http://www.panopticist.com/2006/07/bert_and_ernies_tragic_gay_romance.html

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