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October 20, 2006


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That was such a great game. Sorry about the ticket. Do you get your money back for that?

Who would have thought a rookie picture would catch Beltran with such a nasty curve ball that Beltran couldn't even swing his bat at. Nasty stuff. I'm a Cardinal fan and just knew Beltran was going to hit a grand slam.


Man. That's a bummer. I don't even like the Mets, and I feel for ya.


Yeah, I'll get my money back for the ticket (hopefully---if the Ebay seller hasn't run off to Mexico yet.)

But sadly, my innocence will be lost forever! What a heartbreaking loss. However, I tip my hat to the Cards. I'm glad we lost to them and not the Dodgers.


Wow... now I (almost) feel guilty for being a Cardinal fan and winning the NLCS over the Mets...

Almost.. but not quite.

Though I do feel your pain, having lived through (and being at game 4 of)the '04 Series against the Red Sox.


I STILL BELIEVE!!!! Next year, honey! Next year!!!


It was a great series, MD. Sorry your Mets lost!


Man, that must be brutally painful for you. Holding those World Series tix and watching the Mets lose the NLCS. But as a lifelong Pirates fan, I know how you're feeling.


Brent...you're a Pirates fan? That's awesome. I remember being 11 years old in '79 when the Pirates won the Series. I'll never forget Willie Stargell singlehandedly beating the O's and dancing around in his pimp outfit while singing Sister Sledge's "We Are Family."


Maybe next year the A's and the Mets can meet up and make a World Series worth watching. :sigh:


I know you're probably bummed out right now but I AM a lifelong Cubs fan. This is how I've felt my entire life!

Mr. Nig Dubya

Brent -- the Pirates used to be my NL favorite - and I, too, remember Stargell and Sister Sledge - good times...good times.

And Metro -- Sorry, man. I was looking forward to a Tigers-Mets series - well, actually, I was, a loooong, long time ago hoping for a re-match 20 years later, but well, we all know how that turned out.

Kemp - I hope the Cardinals don't just lie down like they did in '04.


Dear Metro-hyung,

I'm sorry your manager thought he had Kirk Gibson.


Living in the heart of St. Louis, I can't say I'm all that upset.

However, I did moan and hide underneath the covers when Beltran came to the plate. If that's any consolation.


Condolences, mate. I never did understand the appeal of baseball though. Cricket? Now, THAT'S a sport.


I'm 75 years old and am a relatively recent Mets Fan, but I suffer the loss too. Hope I'll be around for next year!


From the heart of Red Sox Nation, I send my empathy. Next year, right?


as a resident of Michigan, GO TIGERS!


Go Lakers! Hope they score lots of touchdowns in their next race. Sorry. Totally not a sports fan, MD.

Beantown Dad

Well, at least the Yankees won't be in the World Series, right?


A CALLED THIRD STRIKE!!!! A called third strike! When I was playing softball (softball!) and my dad was coaching, that would have been grounds for a severe whuppin.

Think about Cub fan though - #1 the Cubs totally suck, #2 the WHITE SOX won the series last year and #3 the Cardinals are in it this year! Doesn't matter though the Tigers are going to win so.

But I feel ya. I am Lion Fan and forever will be, no matter how many 0-5 starts I have to suffer through.


Ouch. And it's raining today...

This post is inspiring me to call my brother (a Mets fan since forever) to see how he's doing.


I can say that "I feel your pain" although I'm only a Red Sox fan on good days. They won their first World Series in 86 years and I was there all along to root for them even if I was a fair-weather fan. Maybe next season Pierre! Anybody except the Yankees and I'm happy.


Aw, I'm sorry, MD! I'm more of a football fan. But while we've won several championships, I know the feeling of a beloved team's frustrating attempts to get to the top. I know it's not the same as the Met's situation but I feel your disappointment!


Aw, I'm feeling bad now for gloating about the Cardinals winning. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, I can't support any NY team, but if I did, it would certainly be the Mets. I don't have the hatred for them that I do for the devil in pinstripes. But I have to admit, I'm looking forward to a midwestern World Series. I think that's a good thing for the country.

Sorry about the tix. Do you at least get your money back?


Leora, you cracked me up.

Sorry MD that you are sad. I don't follow baseball though. You know I heard a funny thing...I think you have to at least have one kidney, so you may want to sell one of yours next year for your ticket. BossLady needs to keep at least one to live.


I started feeling bad for you, but then I remembered that I was a Cubs fan! So, boo hoo! :)

But you can't ask for anything more than that -- bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, Beltran up. Just wasn't meant to be.

Btw, now *that* is an AWSOME wife! Getting you tix to the World Series. Damn. That is worth more than the tix themselves.


Fully agree with you, Baun. My wife rocks the house. She spent ENDLESS hours on EBay, Craigslist & every ticket website in the Western hemisphere to get those tickets.

The best thing involving my wife and baseball though is the fact that we were originally a mixed marriage. I was a Mets fan. She was a Yankee fan. However, after living with me for over 6 years, she's finally fully converted and now roots for the Mets.

You know...for the kid's sake.




Beltran was so clutch for you guys all year too. With all those formers Dogers on that team, I was definitely rooting for your boys. Sorry, Pal. There's always next season.


Dear Metro-hyung,

Maybe it's time to start backing a winnder, like say, the Denver Broncos.

Oh well, I hope you Cal Bears beat UCLA. As far as my alma mater, at least we finally won a game.


Sandy...Mixed bag with all the ex-Dodgers. I LOVE Lo Duca but I see why you guys let Shawn Green go so easily.

Mike...I can't believe how well the Broncos are playing. Shanahan really must be a freaking genius. And if you don't believe so, just ask him! He'll tell you.


Heartbreaking loss, MD. Being a Mets fan, you should be used to them by now. You guys better reload on some pitching or you're going to be in big trouble next year!


Funny you should mention Mr. Shanahan, he lives near my parents. I used to see him at Starbucks every weekend.


Ouch Dub... that hurt...


Sorry, dude.

From a Saint Louisan...

Go Cards! ;)


I felt the same way about the Chicago Cubs when I was at Game Six of the NL Championship (the infamous Bartman Ball incident) in 2003 when they totally blew their chances at a World Series appearance. The Cubs lost and forced game seven (which they also lost). You're right, "close" doesn't count!


I grew up a die-hard Cub Fan and married a life-long Pirate Fan. I really do know your pain.


I'm curious--how much did she get for the naming rights?


Aww, dude. But you're right: there's always next season.


I`m a Red Sox fan...and you just gave me a Bill Buckner flashback.


Thanks a lot, MD!

Seriously -- my condolences.




I wonder when people will start mentioning the Giants when it comes to World Series futility. I mean they haven't won since they were the NEW YORK Giants - 52 years ago.

Better look next year - only 115 more days 'til Catchers and Pitchers report.


Dude - Long-time Cubs fan, so no sympathy, really. I mean, I wish you could have gone to the Series and all, but the Mets? Sorry...


The Cards vs. Tigers in the World Series. Is anyone even watching?


I hate MLB ever since they screwed me by sabatoging the Montreal Expos (yes, I was one of the 15 season ticket holders they had.) Hope Bud Selig burns in infamy!

Queen of Ass

My advice? Take on hockey instead.


My parents are from Ireland, their first "American sports experience" was the '69 Mets..... my mother boasts about ticker-tape parades and throwing toilet paper from her office window.

As a result, we were raised as Mets fans (living in Boston!!!)....

My poor brother went to college and had to suffer through the ridicule and torment.... 'cause let's face it -- the Mets have had some sucky years.

Although I'm a Sox fan now, I feel your pain.... I wanted to see them do it (if only because they aren't the Yankees).


Forget baseball.
Go Bears.


That is the most awesome thing of your wife. And this from a Yankee fan. There's always next year...

Liberal Banana

My BF was so upset by the loss that he wouldn't even talk about it. I thought he was going to CRY.

You know how we did our "sneak preview" of living together recently? Well it was during the playoffs. I came home one night and he was like "Did you bring in the mail?" and I said yes. He looked at me with a wince and said, "We need to put it back. Last night it was out there all night and they won...I'll go put it back." I said, "No - I'll put it back." and a serious look crossed his face and he replied, "Yeah. Yeah. Whoever took it should probably put it back."

Dear. God.

Mets? Do you see what your games do to normal people like me? You turn our otherwise totally normal boyfriends into LUNATICS. Thanks.

I'm glad he's not psycho about the Giants in football that way or I think we might have to break up.

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